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Essential Read From Current Encounters List

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Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2011 08:20:38 -0500
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Subject: Essential Read From Current Encounters List

An _essential_ read from posts at:

Francis Ridge's Current Encounters List


From: John W - Sat, 3 Dec 2011

Inside Secret U$ Government Warehouses -UFO documentary

This can be downloaded as a 1hr 27min, 203 Mb, FLV video file.
Very comprehensive documentary.


Jan Aldrich - Sat, 3 Dec 2011

I guess this shows how far we have strayed from real ufology.
UFO fantasy sells better than actual facts. The will to believe
the most outlandish stuff funds such half baked productions.
Doesn't matter how many times hoaxes are exposed, the crowd will
always come back for more. The real disinformation agents, look
in the mirror!


William Shakalis - Sat, 3 Dec 2011

Well said Jan. Too much of that in all kinds of 'UFO circles'...


Jan Aldrich - Sun, 4 Dec 2011

Yes, William, and I am not going to let this go with just one
little comment. The damage this kind of stuff does to our image
is really beyond belief.

Sometimes we do escape! I attended a MUFON Connecticut meeting
in which the press was invited. It was the day before the
release of the high resolution photos of the Face on Mars. And
there was Bleechmen making the most outlandish claims about the
Face on Mars. It went on and on without stopping. Mercifully,
the press did not come to the meeting. The contrast of what was
claimed to the photographs would provide further fodder for
press ridicule! The meeting was for me worthwhile as the WWII
AAF intelligence officer I mentioned at my MUFON Connecticut
presentaion took me aside and told me about the WWII 9th AF Foo
Fighter study which Greenwood later found discussed in a Boston
newspaper article in 1947.

Real ufology is represented by the Minot B-52 investigation,
which took years, thousand of man hours, miles of travel and
great expense.


Almost no comment or discussion on most Lists or Blogs. Too
complicated. Rather, people telling you about hidden alien
artifacts in governemnt warehouses, let's promote this schlock!

Earlier we had a question about UFO sightings at the Woomera
missile base. Keith Basterfield's blog on the subject (follow
the links here for a comprehensive listing of cases) took years
of hard research.


Of course, this is not a subject of over-hyped crank stories. If
I were to design a disinformation program to keep rational
people from looking for UFO evidence, I could have done better
than "Secret U$ Govt Warehouses - documentary".


Steven Kaeser - Sat, 3 Dec 2011

In the past several decades we have created a mythos around
phenomena we can t explain. We ve seen the rise of UFO
Advocates, as opposed to Researchers, and the science isn't the
better for it. And unfortunately, as most researchers spend time
researching old cases and going through archives, Advocates
offer explanations and a view of a future that many people want
to hear. So, their message resonates much better than graphs,
charts and obscure scientific analysis.

The problem is that the genre is being defined by the public and
the Internet, which is both the greatest boon and the greatest
curse to ufology (IMO). I believe the truly scientific side of
this investigation faded into the background almost a decade
ago, and while research still takes place, it remains
unco-ordinated and becomes more of the noise on the Internet
(again, IMO). As researchers pull data from un-vetted sources,
which has become a problem, the scientific foundation of the
entire field begins to weaken.

For a variety of reasons I have become a lurker for the most
part on this List, but I will again promote the ideal that
someone should write a comprehensive look at the evolution of
ufology from the psychological perspective, looking at the
evolution of the research and public/government response to
unknown phenomena. There are aspects of this genre that you
couldn t make up.

I'll add that much has been written about the impact of Star
Trek on people that made it so popular, and one factor is
thought to be the fact that it showed a future. In the 60s, we
were in a very dark time, facing nuclear war, the Viet Nam mess,
racial tension and much more. So, when a new world of the future
was shown on television, showing advances in technology and
racial harmony, that was very attractive to a young audience. I
would suspect that the UFO genre offers that same hope for many,
as we face different stresses in our world today. I believe
there are many who look with hope to some sort of external
salvation from our ills, or would at least like to believe that
if other civilizations survived, there might be hope for us.

Now, this is a lot more than I wanted to type and moved to an
area that is far different than the investigation of lights in
the sky.


Francis Ridge - Tue, 06 Dec 2011


I agree with a lot of what you have to say about the advocates
of Ufology and some of the researchers today. I'm constantly
reminded by friends about what they heard on Coast to Coast or
saw on television. These interpretations of the UFO 'truth' are
very similar to other areas of science throughout history. But
time heals and time resolves issues as investigation and
research (good and bad) continues on.

One thing _we_ can truly say is that instead of throwing cases
into the pot and each having his own take and what we want to
believe and don't want to believe, we actually go to the source
and establish what was reported, not what somebody said about
it. Keyhoe or Ruppelt mentioned a case and somebody says it
didn't happen or was exaggerated, we go to the Blue Book
documents and establish what the witness actually reported and
what this implies. We have done this with the cases documented
in the last couple of years and have at least a thousand such
cases that were once questionable or weren't even known about
until we found them, right in the BB records. We can be proud of
what we have accomplished.

The concept that we have been or are being observed is as true
today as it was when Keyhoe used that phrase in the 1950's. The
only difference is it is a lot more complicated now than it was
back then.


Rob Duvall - Tue, 6 Dec 2011


That it is - more complicated.

In the mid to late forties when the bulk of the strong sightings
were related to sensitive military activities and installations,
that was the extent of it.

Since then many other aspects to this phenomena have become
prevalent. It is a simple concept to realize why someone would
focus attention on military and nuclear developments and
activities. But throw in abduction, animal and human mutilation,
crop circles, prominent overt sightings over highly populated
cities, and many other aspects and suddenly it is not so clear
anymore. (I add these without stating a specific relationship)

Yet a relationship may exist and it is extremely difficult to
put them together. Similarly there may be reasons for all of
this activity to relate back to the military and nuclear aspect
that began with during WW2.

I have looked into the possibility of the activity tracking
developments and policy since we began our interest globally in
pursuing nuclear weapons development. It seems that has been
occurring, but what if that assertion is flawed. I don't feel
the need to muddy the waters anymore than they already are. I
used to be adamant about it, but rather than jump into the fray
I chose to wait a while and gain perspective.

I still do strongly believe that much could be gained by
comparative study of our history to these events, but
conclusions and relationships must not be forced. Rather,
incremental steps with solid backing must prevail from certain
sectors of the research community which have established

I will not compromise those who have put much work into solid
structured findings. But you are right, time will resolve many
of the questions and eventually some fragmented picture will
emerge that conveys clues to the meaning of all of this. In the
meantime and since the beginning of this current phase
(historically speaking) of interaction, there has and will
continue to be noise to sort from the signal.

While it frustrates those who put genuine hard effort that is
peer reviewed into solidifying the evidence, the truth is that
once the noise is removed the signal is very strong and will
continue to provide those in the future with strong material to
work with.

The generation that started all of this gave us much to work
with and as time goes on it is up to us to solidify and add to
the meaning for the next generations. That is how the picture
will eventually emerge.


Richard Haines - Tue, 6 Dec 2011

Steven and Fran

I've been following your interesting and timely conversations
concerning the larger and more philosophical picture of ufology
over the decades (e.g., see below) and find myself agreeing with
your basic conclusions.

On a separate topic I'd like to put a plea in for a new focused
research project as follows. The rationale for the proposed
project is to be able to eliminate one of the possible
explanations for many uap sighting reports,viz., unmanned aerial
vehicles (UAV) also called by many other names. We must be able
to show that manmade aero-technology could not have been present
to produce the flight characteristics that were seen at the time
the sighting was made. Thus, a comprehensive catalog is needed
of all unmanned aerial vehicles. We know that this would produce
a truly huge list One place to begin is in Janes-All the World's
Aircraft even though there are likely some highly classified
test flights before publication there. Aerospace America with
the AIAA also periodically publishes a very large listing of UAV
around the world. Serious uap researchers will have to confront
them one way or another from now on!

In NARCAP Tech. Rept. 11 "A Review of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Designs and Operational Characteristics" (2009) T. J. Osborn
concludes by saying,

"These factors, size, performance and EM environment (of UAV)
together, mean that pilots and air traffic controllers will be
exposed to vehicles that seem much more amazing than current
aircraft. Pilots and controllers may also experience unusual
influences from the unique and changing EM environment
associated with UAVs. Observers and investigators of UAPs must
certainly consider these factors carefuly."  www.narcap.org

I personally support his statement and would urge someone (or
some group) to assemble such a comprehensive catalog for the
good of the order. Dr. Osborn and I also prepared a separate
discussion of UAV in section 4.2 in NARCAP's Project Sphere
final report "Spherical UAP and Aviation Safety: A Critical
Review" (April 2010). (NARCAP Tech. Rept. 14) even though our
coverage also included various lighter-than-air craft and
balloons. One of our jobs is to separate the signal from the
noise; UAV constitute part of the noise component in my opinion.

If anyone knows of such a catalog already in existence I would
be very glad to know about it.



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