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Re: Jeff Rense

From: Michael M. Hughes <michaelmhughes.nul>
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 12:12:14 -0400
Archived: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 08:37:48 -0400
Subject: Re: Jeff Rense

>From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
>To: <post.nul>
>Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 07:59:54 -0500
>Subject: Re: Jeff Rense

>>From: Michael M. Hughes <michaelmhughes.nul>
>>To: post.nul
>>Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 16:23:19 -0400
>>Subject: Jeff Rense [was: Hudson Valley UFOs]

>>>From: Gregory Boone <evolbaby.nul>
>>>To: post.nul
>>>Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 09:19:29 -0400 (EDT)
>>>Subject: Hudson Valley UFOs

>>>Having done a great bit of growing up in the Hudson Valley, New
>>>York and seen a number of UFOs very close, and have written
>>>about the encounters, talked on radio as well, something dawned
>>>on me after doing a guest spot on Jeff Rense's radio program
>>>with Robert Morningstar of UFO Digest Magazine.


>>Again, I will ask - and hopefully get an answer:

>>Why do Ufologists such as you and Robert Morningstar continue to
>>appear on the Jeff Rense show, when the host is a defender of
>>Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis like Ernst Zundel, publishes
>>anti-Semitic, anti-gay, and other racist materials, and
>>continues to post articles suggesting that Jews are a cancer on
>>the planet and that Judaism is a religion of pornographers,
>>commies, and abortionists intent on enslaving the planet?


>Appreciative of courage, consistency, ethics, and attitude I'm
>very unstintingly pro-Semitic, and have been since I explored my
>own low-voltage bigotry in this regard at college-even producing
>a cited research paper on the subject. Learned discoveries were
>equal parts humiliating and enlightening.

>Now, call it a loss-leader, a duplicitous ruse to appear
>balanced, or a mistake, but Jeff Rense has twice published my
>research paper at Rense.com. He published my paper,
>additionally, while knowing full well that I am a supporter of
>the gay and lesbian communities, minority rights advocate, plus
>an ardent Liberal who is _unfailingly_ progressive.]

He published one of my UFO articles many years ago; I asked him
to remove it after I found the enormous volume of offensive
material on his site and gleaned its quite obvious anti-Jew,
anti-gay, anti-brown people bias. He's not averse to simply
ripping-off material from other sites and publishing it without
informing the author, as happened to me.

>Yes. The content you allude to _is_ horrifying, disappointing,
>toxic, and fascist... but I've known Jeff Rense for over fifteen
>years and he is _none_ of those things. On the contrary, he's an
>educated and intelligent patriot who is reasonable and
>reasoning, dependable, informative, and who supports our
>Republic. Additionally, and this is key, I sense he believes
>that there is no "thing" beyond examination, re-evaluation, or
>review. Sacred cows have to queue up for the acid test along
>with _everything_ else. What we discover then is what we
>discover, then.

I've heard that from many of Jeff's defenders, and, frankly, I
find it hard to believe that he harbors no anti-Semitic and
homophobic sentiments. And I don't buy that he publishes the
Jew-hating material only to bring it to scrutiny. I find it hard
to believe _you_ believe that, because I know you are a smart
guy. The preponderance of anti-Jew screeds he _chooses_ to
publish (and promote widely on his main page) indicates that he
feels the material is important, worthy of a wide audience, and
credible. Let me pose a question: if he chose to publish on the
very front page material that substituted "black" instead of Jew
or Zionist (which, despite its validity, is often used as a
'weasel word' for bad Jew), would you still find it okay to have
your articles presented alongside such material?

No, I'll hesitate to answer. You most certainly wouldn't. But
Rense gets a pass because his not-so-objectionable articles are
about the scheming, Zionist Jews who happen to be acceptable
targets? Oh, but wait, you say =97 he's just "examining" the issue
by posting some of the most virulent anti-Semitic material,
upfront, with garish graphics like a Star of David - emblazoned
octopus choking the globe and an Illuminati eye in pyramid and
the misspelled words Zionsm (sic) dripping with blood. C'mon,
Alfred=97you know he's not posting the material just to be an
exemplar of free speech=97he has an agenda, and it is broadly
spelled out and should be obvious to anyone with even the most
basic understanding of historical anti-Semitism.

>What do I think about the content you allude to? I'm revolted,
>of course... but then I remember that I would not have even seen
>those screeds but that they get a light on them at Rense.com,
>and having seen them I am only further inoculated against most
>of them. Some of them remain to provoke alternative thinking.
>Palestine can't be all _wrong_. Israel can't be all _right_. I
>say this presuming the reader does not confuse global Jewry with
>the nation of Israel. They're not the same thing.

Again, really? Provoke alternative thinking? I suppose the Nazis
did an excellent job provoking alternative thinking as well. The
Klan provoked alternative thinking. So did Father Coughlin's
poisonous radio broadcasts. And despite Rense's protestations
that he's not anti-Jew, only anti-Zionist or anti-Israel, the
site is rife with articles about, and links to sites that
promote, the visceral hatred of Jews (among others). On the
Professor Pan site, there's a side-by-side comparison of a Nazi
screed against Jews as pornographers, abortionists, homosexuals,
treasonous, soulless monsters, and an article published by Rense
saying _exactly_ the same thing. There's an article comparing
American Jewry to a cancer that should be excised. I'm all for
criticism of the Israeli government. If that was his intent, I'd
support him wholeheartedly. But it's not his intent. Anyone who
spends more than 5 minutes examining the content of his site
will discover his true intentions. It's unavoidable, unless, for
some reason, you don't want to acknowledge it.

>It is argued that such a production is an offense to the senses
>and our humanity... but we are not improved in a censorship of
>the subjects, to the contrary: intelligence is insulted and we
>are put in harms way as a result. Ignorance provides for that
>kind of harm because, Mr. Hughes, nothing is as it appears. No.

Nonsense. I'm not for censorship of any sort. I abhor
censorship. I support the right of hate groups to spread their
message. But would I allow something I wrote to be featured on a
Klan-supporting website? Hell no. Freedom of speech means we
have the freedom to _choose_ what we publish, and also who we
allow to publish our material. Rense chooses to publish some of
the most hateful and ugly speech, to feature it upfront, with a
clear intent and agenda. He doesn't say, "Look at this hateful
material." He doesn't show it in context =97 how messages with the
exact content and arguments as those he chooses to publish led
to the gassing of millions of human beings as "parasites". In
fact, to make matters even worse, he casts doubt on the
Holocaust itself, and presents those who mock the deaths of
those millions (such as his pal Ernst Zundel), and the untold
suffering of millions more, as heroes of free speech. Zundel,
admirer of Hitler and the Nazis, gets his own special section,
in fact.

So, yes, Alfred, some things are exactly what they appear to be.
The type of sentiment that casts whole groups of people as
parasitical monsters=97worthy of extermination=97is alive and well,
and propagated quite cleverly by your "educated and intelligent

>On the subject of "laughable disclaimers" I can only remind that
>while disclaimers _can_ be laughable and made a point of
>justified derision, I offer that you can take Jeff Rense at his
>word in the first place, and that Noam Chomsky is spot on in the
>second: "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people
>we despise, we don't believe in it at all."

Oh, I take his word =97 or, rather, the accumulation of the words
he publishes. Again, I'm all for Rense publishing calls for the
extermination of Jews, gays, brown people, or whomever he thinks
should be cut from the human fabric. I'm all for his comparisons
of Jews to lice and other vermin, or making them responsible for
blood libel and infanticide and turning our children into
queers. He can even lay blame for global destruction to a secret
cabal of Jewish bankers, using the long-discredited Protocols of
the Elders of Zion (which also gets its special section on the
main page, by the way). Go for it, Jeff. I wish he would be a
little more honest about it, instead of using UFOs and other
topics as a honeypot, and claiming to only be anti-Zionist and
not anti-Jew. But he's sly. And intelligent, as you've pointed

But otherwise good and decent people like yourself associating
with him and allowing their articles to lure people into that
cesspool? You're throwing your integrity out the window to get a
few more readers? Is it worth it, Alfred?

Let me tell you a personal story. A woman writer =97 a kind,
decent, intelligent woman I had corresponded with for many years
=97 wrote a book about her entity encounters, and she was invited
to discuss her experiences on Rense's show. She became an
occasional guest as well. Something started changing, however,
over the course of a few years as she grew closer to him. She
began embracing some of the darker, anti-Jewish conspiracy
theories peddled by Rense and his guests. Before long, she was
questioning not just the _numbers_ of Holocaust victims, but
suggesting that the Jews brought it on themselves. She started
to believe that a specific branch of Judaism was intent on
turning the US into a communist country. The bad Jews were
turning children into homosexuals and leading them away from
God, the Republic, and, in particular, Jesus, who those bad Jews
mocked and ridiculed. Her life, and the existence of her
country, were threatened by a shadowy, secretive, manipulative,
and greedy group of inhuman monsters.

In short, Alfred, she began believing the _very_same_ myths that
allowed Hitler and his pals, with the complicity of an entire
nation, to herd millions of people into ovens.

And now, as global economies are collapsing, aren't a lot of
angry people looking, once again, for a scapegoat?

You can go on associating with Jeff Rense, the "educated and
intelligent patriot who is reasonable and reasoning, dependable,
informative, and who supports our Republic". If you can sleep
well, knowing your articles are published alongside such
vitriolic and hateful and decidedly _inhuman_ diatribes, I will,
sadly, have lost a considerable bit of respect for you. I'm not
Jewish, but one of my relatives worked for the Holocaust Tracing
Center of the Red Cross, so I've met more than a few survivors
of Hitler's death camps and heard their stories firsthand. If
you're A-okay with working alongside a man who mocks and
denigrates them, and promotes fans of Herr Adolf who deny their
experiences entirely and label them liars, well, that is your
choice, sir.

But the rest of you?


Michael M. Hughes

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