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From: Scott Corrales <lornis1.nul>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 14:38:56 -0400
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Subject: This Week At INEXPLICATA

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
August 26, 2011

Argentina: The First Multiple Daytime CE-3
By Diego Sanchez, Luis Burgos and FAO Team


Back in 1999, as humanoid activity dwindled in Argentina over
the course of the years, a notable encounter took place in the
territory of Buenos Aires, with two significant distinctions:
the first being that it occurred in *broad daylight* and the
second being the *number of humanoid entities*involved.

Both of these facts are outstanding in the domestic case
histories, or at least that is what emerges from the 4000 cases
in our database (from 1900 to 2008) and we are therefore able to
state that it is the*first daytime humanoid case*, as earlier
cases of this sort showed one, two or three visitors during
daylight hours, no more.

Geographic Location

The exact site of the episode is National Route 5, Kilometer
465, beyond the rail crossing that joins the Pehuelches and La
Zanja stations, both of which are communities of the Trenque
Lauquen borough, located in Western Buenos Aires Province, near
the border of the province of La Pampa, 23 kilometers from the
county seat.

The Events

At 16:30 hours on August 25, 1999, Mr. Carlos Colon, an
automobile mechanic, was driving his 1998 Chevrolet pickup along
the aforementioned route, after having been in a field of the
region. After crossing the train tracks, he began to feel a
buzzing sound on his radio, which was set to an FM station. He
first blamed it on the cellphone he'd connected to the outlet,
but the buzzing became more intense, almost unbearable, and
comparable to "a bunch of mosquitoes in one's ear". He also
thought it could be the vehicle's alternator.

In this state of affairs, and after turning a curve, he
remembers pulling onto the road's shoulder without stopping the
engine. He tried changing frequencies unsuccessfully. He was
intrigued by a movement to his right, and when he raised his
eyes, he saw something between the windshield and the door
window =96 "something" that was heading toward him at high speed.
Instinctively, Colon tried to get out of the pickup truck. At
this point he was looking between the spare tire and the
passenger compartment (sic) when he became aware of five figures
in white...

The Entities

These silhouettes looked like people, but with a very strange
appearance, mainly from the shoulders up. They stood
approximately 2.50 meters tall and their anthropomorphic shape,
similar to that of humans, was not identical. These beings were
contained within a screen (from which they never emerged)
similar to a movie screen or a parabolic screen, perhaps a meter
taller than the figures themselves. Fifty meters away from the
witness, this "screen" slowed down, stopping no more than 15
meters distant from Colon, who was able to make out the height
of the silhouettes, as he had to raise his eyes to see them more

The intruders were all together, standing side by side in line,
with drooping arms and open legs, always sliding within that
"screen". According to the eyewitness, the entities exchanged
glances, making small movements with their heads, and looking at
the protagonist for an instant. He was unable to make out any
noses, mouths or eyes =96 only a black spot where their heads
would have been. Their bodies were white.

The humanoids stood thus for a while, eventually clasping each
others' arms to form a circle, bowing their heads inward, as if
joining them. The "screen" immediately started to shrink,
turning into a dark grey cone. According to Colon, what kept him
from having a perfect view of the situation was a sort of fog in
a whirlwind, as if they were behind some sort of translucent
glass. Everything vanished suddenly after this...it vanished as
though a TV set had been turned off. The witness was left
looking upward, looking to where the visitors had vanished, but
was unable to see anything at all. Only the fields and he


Colon was more than startled when he heard the pickup truck's
radio operating. The truck was on the shoulder and several
meters away. Having no idea of how he got there, Colon found
himself beside the barbed wire fence where the beings had been
stationed. Fear overcame him at that moment. He ran to his
Chevrolet, sat down and made a hasty return to the city of
Trenque Lauquen, looking to one side and another. After having
passed La Zanja, he started to react. He didn't know why he was
driving so fast, as no one pursued him, and he started to feel
an unpleasant sensation of weariness, similar to the ache felt
after the flu. He ascribed it to a spike in blood pressure, but
a doctor would subsequently tell him that it was a result of

According to Colon, the encounter lasted "between two and seven
minutes" judging by the time it takes to cover the distance he
periodically travels to Trenque Lauquen. He reached the clinic
feeling somewhat dizzy and with blurry vision. His blood
pressure was 14.7, when the customary reading is between 16.1 to
18.1. Upon leaving, he headed for his workshop, where employees
noted that he was acting strange, which he explained as malaise.
He immediately crossed the street and went home, telling his
wife about the event and feeling very anxious. He was unable to
dismiss the memory of his experience from his mind.

Two days after the event, he visited his doctor. An EKG was
performed and his blood pressure was checked. Everything in his
body was normal. Therefore, there was only on thing left to do:
return to the encounter site. And so he did. To his surprise, he
found the paperwork of the Chevalier parcel receipt; with the
change he carried within it (sic). Things began to become
clearer for Colon, and he started looking for prints, but found
his own footprints more than anything else.

Correlative Ufology

Three events are essential when evaluating this incident:

a. Days later, in a conversation with Mr. Avila, the owner of
the field Colon had departed from prior to the encounter, the
former told him that right after he left, he tried to contact
tractor operators in his area and was unable to do so, as there
was a persistent buzzing on the radio that made communications

b. Peasants from an adjacent field stated that while performing
their duties, the saw a large light stationed in the vicinity,
which later headed south;

c. That same afternoon, at 15:45 hours, that is to say 45
minutes before Colon's encounter with the beings, a trucker and
his companion, headed for Santa Rosa (La Pampa) were able to
make out some glowing objects to the right of the road, facing
the La Zanja station. The trucker ascribed the vision to cereal
railcars lit by the sun. These alleged railcars appeared to be
crossing the road, since they had not yet entered the curve.
After turning the curve, they asked each other: "what happened
to the railcars?" They stopped and looked around. They were all
alone in the field.

Comparative Ufology

The entities described by Colon are reminiscent of the May 29,
1986 case involving Oscar Flores, 28, at the entrance to the Don
Tomas Lagoon in La Pampa. In this case, the witness, who I had
the chance to interview thanks to an excellent interview by
Quique Mario of the CEUFO group, found two visitors within his
house at 00:30 hours. These intruders were also tall, more than
2 meters, and only parts of their faces were visible in their
form-fitting suits. The beings appeared to sport medallions and
belts, elements that Colon did not see. Also in La Pampa, Flores
was able to see the UFO (over the top of some eucalyptus trees)
and a persistent buzzing sound in the air. We managed to cross
paths with Flores in one of the recent UFO conventions organized
by CEUFO. He is in excellent health.

Background on Multiple Encounters

With regard to close encounters involving large numbers of
occupants, the Colon incident can be placed within the top ten
Argentinean events, outdone only by four contact experiences,
and all of these of a nocturnal nature (hence the importance of
this daytime event):

- Azul, Buenos Aires: Ufologists in the nation's capital report
an incident in which several residents of this locality witness
the movement of seven (7) beings corresponding to Type III
(Tall) on the evening of 13 August 1994, near Route 51.

- Laboulaye (Cordoba): Shortly before midnight on 2 December
1991, three youths from that region of Cordoba saw a luminous
object landing a few meters from their home, disgorging 15 small
entities. They walked single-file and appeared to have
"flashlights on their heads" that lit the ground in front of
them. The characters milled around the vicinity of the house for
several hours. We investigated this incident on-site only a few
days after it occurred.

- Pergamino (Bs.As.): This incident was also investigated on-
site in the company of Prof. Jose Marengo, a consultant to FAO
in the 80s. Four young men from the city had reported the
presence of 6 small, strange entities to the police. The beings
in the vicinity of the Club de Viajantes of the Gral. San Mart=EDn
district. Other sightings involving 6 beings also occurred in
the nearby town of Rancagua in late October and early November

- Crotto (Bs.As.): A record-breaking entity case occurred in
this community near Olavarr=EDa, specifically at the Mi Recuerdo
ranch. Around 03:00 hrs. on 17 November 1969, Aquilo Ramon
Acosta had an extraordinary experience when he found 17
mysterious beings, good-sized and wearing reddish outfits,
exploring his property for an extended period of time, bearing
"flashlight-like" devices in their hands, shooting off red beams
of light.

- Olavarr=EDa (Bs.As.): In the early hours of 29 April 1994, Mario
Trevisan managed to photograph over twenty strange entities
walking in front of the dim light outside a house on the
outskirts of the city. The astonishing speed with which they
moved was the most significant aspect of the case. This was a
remarkable visual document that we were able to recover after 14
years of follow-up work. Please see the report and video at
CIENCIA OVNI (www.ciencia-ovni.com.ar)


Colon calmed down some time after his experiences. His blood
pressure stabilized and he had no further arrhythmias. He was
only left with some questions: he is still unsure if the
pickup's engine stalled, or if he was stopped by the entities.
Nor could he remember how he reached the barbed wire fence. He
is certain that he was "controlled" during the duration of the
experience, and the entities simply allowed him to watch the
situation. There is evidently a "missing time" factor that has
still not surfaced in Colon (and which is typical in such

UFO sightings were periodically reported in Trenque Lauquen and
its outlying communities, before and after the events discussed
here. Everything points to the fact that the witness experienced
an extraordinary situation that is full of information for
ufology. Tall humanoids (Type III) returned to Argentina, giving
the small Type I humanoids a break, as these appear to have
"taken over" close encounters of the third kind.

- Sr. Diego Grimberg, Bs. As.

- Supplement: "Cronica del Fenomeno OVNI" N=BA 93, Bs. As.

- Alejandro Vignati, revista "2001", Bs. As.

- Oscar "Quique" Mario (CEUFO)

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to
Guillermo Gimenez)


Mexico: A UFO Over Tlalnepantla? (2008)

Mexico's El Universal newspaper presents an interesting account
in its "Society" section: an article by reporter Denise
Mackenzie dated August 26, 2011 that suggests that a UFO flew
over the pyramid of Santa Cecilia at the end of musical

"Local residents have apparently experienced sightings of
unidentified flying object -- better known as UFOs -- and these
witnesses have uploaded videos to the YouTube network," she

One of these images was taken in the spring of 2008 (April 10,
to be specific)and presents an object flying over the ancient
structure during a performance by Jorge Reyes, acclaimed for his
performances of pre-Hispanic music.

"The unidentified flying object distracts some of the
concertgoers," continues Mackenzie, "and the spider-like
formation moves around the Tlalnepantla pyramid in a unique
manner, maintaining a constant speed, eventually vanishing from
the lens of the camera that recorded it.

The video can be seen at:



Cryptozoology: Giant Squid Found Dead

Source: Criptozoolog=EDa en Espana
Date: 23 August 2011

Spain: Giant Squid Found Dead South of Tenerife
By Javier Resines

A camera crew recording the dolphin colony that occupies the
waters to the south of Tenerife (Canary Islands) has located the
remains of a giant squid floating some two miles from the shore.

The specimen of Architheuthis was found facing the cliff known
as Los Gigantes by a camera crew making a documentary on warm-
water dolphins, according to Rafa Herrero with the Aquawork
corporation, which specializes in the filming and study of the
seas in the Canary Islands. The animal was well-preserved in
spite of missing part of its tentacles and eyes, but retained
its original pigmentation.

Professor Angel Guerra of the Spanish Oceanography Institute
believes that it may be an adult female measuring 8 meters long
(26.5 feet) if its tentacles were intact. "A female
Architheuthis may measure two and a half meters in its hood,
which would suggest a total length of 18 to 20 meters (59-65
ft.). Its eye is the largest in the animal kingdom, resembling a
handball," adds Herrero.

The unexpected encounter took place last month, when the camera
crew found several pardelas (shearwaters, puffinus griseus)
flying over the open sea, a sign that there are dolphins or
other creatures present, or some food floating on the surface.
When approaching the site, they found the birds were pecking
away at the remains of a large carcass belonging to a giant
squid, an animal that is also an occasional prey to the tropical
dolphin (grampus griseus).

Specialists collected samples of the suckers and the beak to
send to the Society for Cetacean Studies in the Canarian
Archipelago (SECAC). The team is filming a 55 minute documentary
funded by the Mapfre Guanarteme Foundation on the tropical
dolphins of southwestern Tenerife, a project that commenced last
February and will continue until June 2012.

The depth of the water at Los Gigantes, where the squid was
found, is between 800 and 1200 meters, which allows the tropical
dolphins to descend constantly to feed. This is an area rich in
marine life, especially cephalopods, which form part of the food
chain of large marine mammals, including the cachalot whale.

(Translation (c) 2011, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to
Javier Resines)


Mexico: Sighting Reported Via Facebook

Source: www.analuisacid.com

Date: 11 August 2011

Mexico: Three Luminous Objects and The Moon
By Ana Luisa Cid

A photo taken by Mario Enrique Gonzalez

Eyewitness reported the sighting on Facebook as the event was
taking place; another person also wrote that they were also
seeing the phenomenon.

This is what Mr. Mario Enrique Gonzalez told me: "That evening,
while listening to Victor Camacho's radio program ("Los
Desvelados"=96 the night owls), I looked through my window and
noticed the presence of three objects near the Moon. I had my
cellphone handy, listening to the radio over it, so the first
thing I did was activate the photo function, as I didn't want to
stop listening to the show. I took several photos, but only the
first one turned out well. At that time my adult nephew went
out, and ask me what [those things] were. He only got to see two
of them =96 one had already gone away. They became tiny, reddish,
then boom! They were gone. No detonation or sound whatsoever
could be heard. We could only hear dogs barking; they were very
upset. That's how it happened, professor. I'm telling it to you
in broad strokes. It was on Thursday, 11 August at 1:38 a.m. in
Villa de Jilotzingo."

Mr. Gonzalez is a renowned skywatcher. He has documented the
phenomenon on several occasions, mainly in communities of
eastern Morelos State, such as Tepoztlan and Cuernavaca.

Photos can be seen at: http://analuisacid.com/?p=3D10390

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Prof.
Ana Luisa Cid)


Mexico: 19th Century Mysteries

In the late 19th century, Mexico emerged from a turbulent
seventy year period of warfare, civil disturbance and foreign
occupation to become a well-ordered, prosperous nation under the
firm hand of the dictator Porfirio D=EDaz. In the nearly three
decades that D=EDaz ruled Mexico, his country rubbed shoulders
economically with France and Germany, although his centralized
policies created unrest and discontent that would eventually
lead to the 1911 revolution. Growth was not restricted to
industry and finance; the sciences and arts prospered as well.
Interest in the supernatural was also to be found, mainly among
the well-read leisure classes. The first "sociedades esp=EDritas"
(spiritist lodges) had opened their doors by 1870, and a
"spiritist newspaper" had been established in 1868 in the city
of Guadalajara by a former general, Refugio Gonzalez.
Ironically, Francisco I. Madero, the president elected after
Porfirio D=EDaz, was an avowed spiritist who'd benefitted from the
openess of his predecessor's tenure, who had also been a
Freemason. A portrait of D=EDaz in masonic gear hangs in
Alexandria's National Masonic Temple =96 proof perhaps of the
questing intellectual and metaphysical spirit of the times.

Astronomer Morris K. Jessup, whose study of strange crater-like
formations in Mexico formed part of his interest in the UFO
phenomenon, characterized the final decades of the 19th century
as the "Incredible Decade" due to the heightened amount of UFO
activity world-wide during this point in time. Renowned Mexican
Fortean researcher Dr. Rafael A. Lara has carefully chronicled
some of the strange phenomena which occurred in Mexico during
the same period of time chronicled by Jessup.

On March 5, 1871, the state of Oaxaca, was puzzled by the
appearance of "a burst of light followed by a clap of thunder."
Since it occurred in the early morning hours (11:30 a.m.), the
sun should have outshone it, yet it was so readily visible that
its size was calculated at two and a half rods long by one rod
in diameter. "The frequency with which these incidents have
taken place in the past year is truly remarkable," reads the
entry in the almanac known asCalendario Galvan del Mas Antiguo.

In the wake of a heavy rainstorm on January 19, 1873, red stains
were found both on the grass and rocks in Papantla, Veracruz.
This has been attributed to the fact that water raining down was
actually red in color. Ten days later, on January 29, there was
a shower of mercury over the village of San Ignacio in Sinaloa.
Samples of the material, allegedly collected for posterity, were
lost in the turmoil of the revolutionary war.

Three months later, on March 27, 1873, a meteor passed over the
city of Queretaro between 6 and 7 p.m., leaving a glowing wake
that issued sparks and roiled into twin clouds which later
exploded like a bomb, scattering fiery fragments in every
direction. An entry for November 7, 1878 states that for ten
days, the town of Tula de Tamaulipas has witnessed "the passage
of an infinite number of flies from noon until five o'clock in
the evening." According to the almanac, the flies' shape was
very strange and they dropped strands of material resembling

More strange phenomena troubled Mexico as it entered into the
1880's. On September 2, 1881, a brilliant meteor crossed the
skies from one end to another, traversing the Veracruz meridian.
Its light was greenish and its wake formed a white "head". Green
meteors or fireballs would fall in the American Southwest during
the 1950's leading many to associate them with the UFO

Three different kinds of hailstone fell over Zongolica, Veracruz
on May 9, 1883: one shaped like stars, others square, still
other rounded like peaches and with a hole in the middle...the
hailstorm over Oaxaca was notable for the fall of several chunks
of extraordinary shapes, larger than has ever been seen before.

Jose Vasconcelos -- father of the "indigenismo" movement and
author of the landmark La raza cosmica =96 was one of those
landmark figures that the 19th century appeared to produce with
ease in every single country. This philosopher and
metaphysician, equally at home in Washington D.C. or in Paris,
where he spent his exile, retold an unusual experience in his
1935 autobiography Ulises criollo (A Creole Ulysses). Raised in
Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Vasconcelos attended school in
neighboring Eagle Pass, Texas, and the transnational,
transcultural atmosphere permeated his work and thoughts. Among
his experiences at an early age was an encounter in 1890 with
something seemingly out of this world. One morning, while
returning from Texas across the Rio Grande, young Vasconcelos
and his parents and siblings were startled by the sight of
points of light that became larger and wider as they approached,
turning into disks with a reddish golden hue. He thought at
first that the objects were simply an aftereffect of being
blinded by sun, emerging from the dense morning fog. All five
witnesses agreed that the disks spun and turned into "orbs of
light, rising and falling over the plain," adding: "It made us
shout for joy, as those who looked upon a revelation."

On November 9, 1894, the townsfolk of Zacatlan, Puebla were
distressed by the appearance of a tremendously large bird that
which had been reported elsewhere in the area. The almanac
further indicates that "a hurricane blew a multitude of never-
seen-before birds from the unexplored Chila Mountains, it is not
impossible that some monster, such as the one being seen these
days, should figure among their number."

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