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Is ET Filter Affecting Government Decisions?

From: William Treurniet <wtreurniet.nul>
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2011 18:58:52 -0400
Archived: Sat, 20 Aug 2011 09:11:03 -0400
Subject: Is ET Filter Affecting Government Decisions?

[was: UFO files #8 Released By UK National Archives]

>From: Don Ledger<dledger.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 16:02:03 -0300
>Subject: Re: UFO files #8 Released By UK National Archives


>The United States and Canada have done the same and all three
>have parroted one another with the claim that these unidentified
>objects pose no threat to national security.

>On August 4 in Washington, DC two F-16s intercepted a 75 year
>old woman flying a 60 horsepower J-3 Piper Cub (a rag wing as we
>call them) when she drifted into restricted airspace over
>Chicago (she didn't get the NOTAM) because President Obama was
>there for his birthday celebration. The pilot, Myrtle Rose
>thought they flew by to admire her pretty little Cub but she was
>met by the police when she landed.

>Myrtle was no threat to national security either but they chased
>her anyway when NORAD reported her straying into the  Secret
>Service's paranoia zone. The radar signature of a J-3 Cub is
>pretty small. Cars below pass J-3s on the four lane highways.
>Flying close over top of a J-3 with an F-16 would destroy it by
>the way.

>One wonders if Ms Rose was able to suddenly warp away at Mach 15
>in her J-3 Cub, out maneuver her F-16 persuit, avoid being shot
>down would she then NOT be a threat to national security? Would
>it then be classified Top Secret because it is too embarrassing
>to release to the public; claimed not a threat to national
>security; or redacted to the point of un-readability?

>It appears that if these air forces can't catch or out maneuver
>an unidentified flying object then said object is no longer a
>threat to national security. During WWII it was imperative to
>have air superiority over Europe and Japan in order for the
>allies to win.

We've seen that official government motivation for any action or
inaction are not necessarily trustworthy. Consider, for example,
the weapons-of-mass-destruction rationale for starting the Iraq
war. The alternative is for us to work backward from actions in
order to infer motives. To do this we need to make reasonable
assumptions about what we're not being told "for national
security reasons". So we can infer, as Don did, why aircraft
with exceptional capabilities are not considered a threat in

Let's assume that high-level government and military decision
makers know that UFOs can out-maneuver our aircraft. This is a
safe assumption. Why would such people not know what already
seems clear to many of us.  Let's call the assumption that ETs
exist, have "magical" technology, and may not be friendly, the
ET filter. It stands to reason that governments would apply the
ET filter prior to all decisions they make, especially those
related to security and the military. The following gives a
couple of examples where the ET filter helps to make sense out
of government actions.

In the current "Canadian Files - "UFO Found" And Other
Documents" thread, Don Ledger commented that "the (Canadian)
Conservative Government is revitalizing the Royal Canadian Air
Force and the Royal Canadian Navy this year - since '68 they
have just been the Navy and the Air Force."

I'm also a Canadian, and the news that our current government
was putting the word "Royal" back into the military branch names
after a generation had passed, was a puzzle to me. It likely
would hurt the government in Quebec where they are already
weakest. These things are always done for political reasons, so
what reason could there be that makes sense politically?

Perhaps the ET filter can help us out. Paul Hellyer was the
Canadian minister of defense in 1968 when he weakened the
connection with the Brits by removing the 'Royal' designation.
But Hellyer did not fade away forever. He recently began a
speaking tour demanding that the governments of the world, and
particularly the US, disclose the presence of ETs. If his
activities are seen through the ET filter as a threat to
government control, how could Hellyer's credibility be attacked?
Perhaps reversing an important decision he made, calling it a
serious mistake, would do the trick. Why would voters listen to
a man with such poor judgment, especially concerning an alien
presence on earth?

Another puzzle has to do with the Canadian military's decision
to purchase the F-35 jet fighter at a cost of billions of
dollars. There has been an almost complete lack of discussion in
public about scenarios where such an aircraft is needed. Why
would the government press on with such a potentially unpopular
acquisition without offering a believable rationale? Perhaps the
ET filter can provide an answer.

Even if governments know their militaries are out-classed
technologically, they would nevertheless want the best equipment
available. The F-35 is advertised as the latest generation
aircraft. The thinking might be that we want the best flying
machine available in any attempt to defend ourselves against
hostile ETs.

I noticed that the F-35 has a sophisticated infra-red detection
system. Since it appears that cloaked UFOs are still detectable
in the infra-red range, the need for the best infra-red
detection system is obvious. Further, I understand that the F-35
targeting system can aim anywhere around the aircraft, which
would be handy when the target is running circles around you.

So again, the ET filter makes the incomprehensible in politics,
more comprehensible. It leads to the conclusion that the F-35 is
needed to protect the existing power structure from hostile ETs.
But the public can't be told about this filter, because then
they would know that we probably would not be able to win such a
conflict. That also would threaten the government. So other
reasons for such an expensive purchase had to be invented, and
not surprisingly, they are not that convincing.

There are likely many other apparently illogical political
decisions that would be more understandable after applying the
ET filter. Note that the actual existence of ETs is irrelevant.
What matters is what the decision makers believe to be true.


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