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Canadian Files - "UFO Found" And Other Documents

From: Isaac Koi <isaackoi.nul>
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 22:22:36 +0100
Archived: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 06:42:18 -0400
Subject: Canadian Files - "UFO Found" And Other Documents

Some of you will be aware that thousands of pages of official
Canadian documents regarding UFOs were made available online a
few years ago, but it was time consuming to download all the
relevant documents.

I have outlined a relatively quick way to download the bulk of
the Canadian documents in Section 2 of a post at the link below:


Other sections of that post include some highlights from the

Most of the highlights will be familiar to many members of this
List, particularly the documents relating to Falcon Lake
incident (Section 4) and Shag Harbour (Section 5).

However, I don't recall seeing any discussion in UFO books or on
this List of the documents and photos I highlight in Section 3
of that post. That section relates to a memo dated 14 November
1968 from the F Division of “CIB” (presumably the “Criminal
Investigation Branch” of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
entitled “UFO Found in Northern Saskatchewan” which referred to
a metal fragment, examination of which “revealed the exhibit had
likely formed part of a vehicle that travelled in outer space”.
That memo attached photographs of the relevant metal fragment.
My post includes some samples of those photographs and
additional details from the relevant documents, including a
chemical analysis of the fragment and various memos discussing
potential explanations - particularly reentry debris from (a)
"Courier" satellite launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in
the USA, (b) a satellite launched from the USSR, or (c) part of
the protective jacket in which the Canadian satellites "
Allouette I and II" were launched.

The Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies has a webpage
which “lists the major pieces of recovered debris from space
hardware reentries over the years”. That chronological list does
not appear to include the debris found in Canada referred to
above. Since that webpage asks readers to email with a
description of recovered debris not appearing on that webpage, I
have contacted the Center and it is looking into this debris. I
have also been in contact with Jim Oberg.

Since I know that there are quite a few Canadian's on this List,
I thought some of you might be interested.

I haven't duplicated most of the content of my post in this
email, but Errol and others should of course feel free to repost
on this List any material they find interesting.

Anyone interested in downloading all (or almost all) of the
documents released in Canada should note that the collaborative
efforts that have followed my post on the abovetopsecret.com
forum have resulted in several additions to the blocks of URLs
identified in Section 2 of my post. An updated list is given

(*) from /e/e110/e002744278.jpg to /e/e110/e002749999.jpg

(*) from /e/e111/e002750000.jpg to /e/e111/e002750209.jpg :Posted
by freelance_zenarchist

(*) from /e/e111/e002750306.jpg to /e/e111/e002751233.jpg

(*) from /e112/e002799600.jpg to /e112/e002799811.jpg :Posted by

(*) from /e/e120/e002996914.jpg to /e/e120/e002996931.jpg

(*) from /e/e120/e002997366.jpg to /e/e120/e002997414.jpg :Posted
by ArMaP

(*) from /e/e120/e002997420.jpg to /e/e120/e002997675.jpg :Posted
by freelance_zenarchist

(*) from /e/e120/e002999664.jpg to /e/e120/e002999999.jpg

(*) from /e/e121/e003000000.jpg to /e/e121/e003001631.jpg

All the best,


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