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Velez On 'Alien' Symbols - Pt. II

From: John Velez <jvelez49.nul>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 06:58:27 -0400
Archived: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 08:04:24 -0400
Subject: Velez On 'Alien' Symbols - Pt. II

Hi All,

As 'threatened', here is Part II on the alleged 'Alien' writing

The Quest For Science!:

A little background if I may....

About a year after Budd began investigating myself and my
family, I received an invitation from him to participate in a
program that NOVA, WGBH, Boston was about to produce taking a
look at the UFO/Alien Abduction phenomenon. After a long family
meeting and with great deliberation and forethought I consented
to participate. That was my introduction to the 'public' side of

My focus from day one in looking into my own experiences has
been to examine it all while maintaining as much objectivity and
sobriety in my own thinking on the subject as I could. I also
wanted to help substantiate and to lend some credence to our
claims. I was telling the truth. I openly invited examination
because I knew had nothing to fear from any tests or
professionals. Simply telling and sticking to the truth was what
allowed me to survive my time in the public arena.

Because of the NOVA segment I was literally thrust into the
middle of a public controversy that raged all over the media and
the Internet. NOVA ended up producing and airing one of the
worst hatchet jobs ever attempted on any subject. We later found
out that the Director/Producer of the program had spent a week
vacationing on the private boat of one Phillip Klass, who
orchestrated the ambush from behind the scenes.

It was no gentle introduction into the public side of ufology.
In fact, it proved to be a concentrated crash course. NOVA
booked Budd and myself to appear on a total of 17 radio and TV
programs (each!) in a one month time period in order to create
viewer interest in the upcoming program. It was scheduled to air
during the ratings frenzy called Sweeps Week and they wanted to
ensure that there would be plenty of asses in the seats when it
aired. I'm sure WGBH wishes it had never filmed the segment. Not
only did it receive the largest public response NOVA ever had,
it received the biggest _negative_ public response any program
had ever garnered. WGBH was forced to add extra security because
of threats they received over that program.

The media ride that ensued as a result of participating in that
segment of NOVA continued non-stop until I hopped off that
merry-go-round nine long years later. But for all nine of those
years I fought hard for an independent scientific investigation
into what was happening to literally thousands of us worldwide.
I nudged Budd at every opportunity to properly catalog all the
raw data he had accumulated and get into the hands of any
academics willing to work with it. I realized very early on that
what was really needed most, was an investigation of this
disturbing subject by serious academics/science professionals.

That entire journey is well documented in the UFO UpDates
archives. I just wanted to provide a premise/background for the
events that transpired regarding the alleged 'Alien' writing

I use the term, 'alleged' because to this day we still do not
know what these symbols mean or what they represent in terms of
evidence. It's a shame. So many answers could be had if only
someone was studying and sifting through all the raw
information/data that investigators like Budd, Dave Jacobs and
John Mack have painstakingly gathered over more than thirty

Not to make excuses for Budd, but a big part of the reason he
didn't do a lot of the grunt work was for the simple reason that
he was way too busy - all the time. The demands on his time was
something quite extraordinary and unique. He wouldn't have been
able to eek out the time even had he wanted to. A simple case
of; not enough hours in a day... nothing sinister or lazy about
it, he simply didn't have the time.

The Sample Study That Never Was:

Getting Budd to turn the samples over to be looked at by
independent professionals was like pulling teeth. I was on his
case about getting those writing samples analyzed constantly.
Budd felt that the writing sample material was among the most
significant and compelling in his possession. He had powerful
reservations about turning that material over to anyone,
scientist or otherwise.

I became so frustrated with his procrastinating that I took
matters into my own hands. I sought out the assistance of Greg
Sandow - who some of you know/are familiar with - to help me
convince Budd to turn the samples over for analysis.

I made some really good friends along the way. One who was also
of my consistently strongest supporters was the late, great
Richard Hall. I had long conversations with Dick about the
writing samples and my frustration with Budd. It was Dick who
recommended I speak to Dr. Stuart Appelle at Cornell University.
Dick contacted Dr. Appelle on my behalf and arranged our first
meeting. I want to mention that this wasn't the only time that
Dick Hall proved to be a dear friend and ally. (I really miss
him a lot.)

My conversations with Dr. Appelle were productive and very
encouraging. He was excited about conducting such a study and he
committed to finding, and rounding up, experts from several
fields; philology, psychology, ancient language specialists,
anyone with a related expertise who was also willing to donate
their time and to sign-off (attach their name) to the study.

Dr. Appelle was also the 'silver bullet' I needed in my gun when
I went after Budd, once again, regarding a study of the writing
samples. I knew that Stuart Appelle, as head of the psychology
dept. at Cornell and publisher of a well respected UFO journal,
would make it very difficult for Budd to say no.

Much to his credit, It was Greg Sandow who finally broke through
Budd's resistance and got him to co-operate with a study by
providing the raw material for it. Budd communicated with Dr,
Appelle and prepared a complete file on the writing samples
which he eventually turned over.

I felt as if something really important had been accomplished
and I bathed, albeit briefly, in the sunshine of success and

Murphy's Law:

"If it can go wrong, it will go wrong!" Long story, short; the
study never happened. Dr. Appelle was unable to even begin the
study because he was in the process of closing out the journal
(no $$$s) and securing experts proved harder than he thought.
Although, he did get three other Professors to commit. It just
never happened. The file that Budd provided is (as far as I
know,) just collecting dust in a file cabinet somewhere.

And some people still ask me why I got out of ufology! Ha!

Just one of many sad ufological stories I have to tell. I hope
this brings everybody up to date regarding the writing samples.
It's a crying shame that the study was never conducted. Having
contributed to the material, I'm really interested to hear what
some experts might think it all means/represents.

With a Heidi-ho and a tip of my hat, I ride off into the

Warmest regards to all my old List-mates,

John Velez,
Battle-Scarred Veteran
Of The UFOlogical Wars

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