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Trindade 'Negative Witness' Found

From: Kentaro Mori <kentaro.mori.nul>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 10:30:51 -0300
Archived: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 11:09:51 -0400
Subject: Trindade 'Negative Witness' Found

In the end of 2009, from the ship's log obtained by friend and
collaborator Rodrigo Moura Visoni at the Navy Documentation
Service in Rio de Janeiro, we located several of the names of
the people aboard the Almirante Saldanha ship at the moment of
the alleged sighting.

From there and a little research, we obtained the contact
information for most of them. Unfortunately most of the ones we
succeeded to find were already deceased. Fortunately, we found
one surviving eyewitness.

Edson Jansen Ferreira, who spent six months in Trindade Island
helping to build the Oceanographic Post, and who embarked in his
return trip home in the Almirante Saldanha in January 15, 1958,
therefore before the famous UFO event. From the ship's log we
can establish he was definitely onboard -- all those embarking
and disembarking were recorded in the log.

75 years-old at the time we interviewed him several times, 23 at
the time of the alleged UFO event, he was still very lucid and
confirmed, from his own personal diary, details of how he was
indeed there. On the beggining of December I recorded one of the
interviews I did with him. We also shared this discovery with
other researchers and collaborators, including Jeferson
Martinho, who also managed to record an interview with him.

I'm still to publish my interview, and many other details and
findings of Trindade case, but as you can see it's been over a
year since we made this find. Friend Jeferson Martinho then has
kindly publicized today a summary of most of our findings,
including details and an audio of his own interview with Jansen.

The information can be read on Martinho's "Vigilia" UFO website:


And now, to the information most will be probably anxious to
read: Jansen was very clear in that he didn't see a thing. As
Martinho was talking with Jansen for the n-th time -- before it
Visoni and I had talked with him almost a dozen times -- when he
asked again if Jansen was actually on deck at the moment of the
sighting, Jansen answers that he doesn't know, but from the
context, he was actually referring to the fact he didn't know
exactly at what time did the commotion occur.

In Martinho's own interview, later on, one can hear Jansen refer
to the fact he did see the commotion of people pointing to the
sky, and the fact that he, despite having perfect vision,
couldn't see a thing.

In my own recorded interview before that, I asked Jansen where
he was at the moment of the sighting: if on the deck, on the
cabins or anywhere else. He answered:

"Well, everyone while in the sea doing nothing, usually rests,
lying in the deck's floor... at the time there was no air
conditioner [laughs]. Then they started to say they were seeing
[something], as I told [your researcher friend] Rodrigo
[Visoni]. Everyone saw it. But my vision was 20/20. I could see
everything. And I didn't see anything. 'It's there!' [they
said]. 'But where?' [I asked]. I didn't see a thing. I didn't
see nothing. Nobody could have seen something if I didn't see
it. Look, to me this is bollocks ["conversa fiada"]."

I asked if those who claimed to see something were civilians or
if there was some officer among them:

"No, no, there were only sailors. And some civilian that was
there, you know, returning home, photographers. And that's it. I
never saw it."

Asked how many people were there, if fifty, a hundred, perhaps

"No, no, what, fifty! No, there were around 13, 15, people that
strolls around [the deck], you know?"

Note that Commander Paulo de Castro Moreira e Silva, when asked
how many people saw the UFO, answered that "perhaps eight". All
very different from the numbers quoted among Ufologists, of 48
or even 150, all of which have as their source none other than
Barauna himself.

Jansen also added:

"That's why I tell you: I don't know what made everyone see --
or better yet, [not everyone], because I was part of everyone
[there], and I didn't see. The guys called attention to
something, blah, blah, blah... I think all were induced. (...)
They were induced to see something. But I wasn't."

When I told him that the photographer claimed that 150 people
saw the UFO, Jansen was firm:

"Lie. That's a lie. [laughs] I say that's a lie. There. It's my
word against his".

Jansen clarified he didn't know Almiro Barauna. He also didn't
know that Barauna had passed away since. Unfortunately, all the
people he knew on Trindade and on the ship have also already
passed away. But fortunately, more than five decades after the
event, we could record his story to help consider the Trindade
Island UFO case.

It's an important testimonial evidence, but there's also a lot
of clear evidence on the photos themselves that they were
hoaxed. There's also plenty of evidence to put in question many
of the other tenets of the case that have been repeated by
Ufologists without proper research for more than half a century,
which in sum present strong evidence that the case was a hoax
that lasted for so long because of an initial struck of luck by
the hoaxer, and then improper research, that actually was never

The audio interview I recorded with Jansen, along with more
evidence and findings, will be published soon, but for now, and
again, I recommend the excellent reference provided by Jeferson
Martinho, one of the researchers who collaborated with us in
this almost decade-long effort to finally investigate this
famous Brazilian case:


I must also note, as Martinho also emphasized, that when last
year, the Fantastico TV show aired the interview with Barauna's
friend, Emilia Bittencourt, claiming to have heard from him that
he did hoax the photos, the show's producers were aware of our
findings, and that they have also collaborated with our efforts
to investigate this case. This is one of the reasons we so
eagerly considered Bittencourt's claims. They were only part of
a mountain of independent evidence pointing to one clear
direction. More recently, through Alexandre Borge's efforts,
Barauna's nephew also claimed that Barauna admitted the hoax to

The direction is clear.


Kentaro Mori

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