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Re: Linda Cortile's Open Letter To Carol Rainey

From: Emma Woods <e.woods33.nul>
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 20:37:22 -0700 (PDT)
Archived: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 05:57:31 -0400
Subject: Re: Linda Cortile's Open Letter To Carol Rainey

>From: Kay Wilson <kaywilson.nul
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <post.nul
>Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2011 15:40:49 -0500
>Subject: Linda Cortile's Open Letter To Carol Rainey

>Linda Cortile, the primary subject of Witnessed: The
>True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO Abductions,
>finally breaks her silence and addresses Carol Rainey
>regarding Rainey's criticisms of Linda's character and
>motivations, and Budd Hopkins' investigation of her

My first reaction on reading Linda Cortile's open letter to
Carol Rainey was of surprise at how aggressive it was.

But it also had a familiar ring to it.

It reminded me of the defamatory statement about me that
Elizabeth Smith posted on her blog site, until she removed it
just before Dr. Jacobs published his own defamatory statement
about me on his website.

Linda and Elizabeth are not just similar in that they have, in
my opinion, perpetrated long term hoaxes. They appear similar in
their reactions to those of us on the inside who saw through
them and pointed out what they were doing.

Both Linda and Elizabeth have spun unbelievable tales of mind
boggling events, but simultaneously say that they are just
ordinary wives and mothers.

Linda: "As you know, I'm a simple woman who has tried to live
an ordinary life... Most women and men around the world live a
typical lifestyle like mine... Anyway, there isn't much left to
say except that this American-Italian wife and mother will go
now... There are sweet grandchildren to hug, home-cooked meals
to prepare, and laundry to tend to."

Elizabeth: "I'm a pretty average person with a pretty average
life, for the most part. I'm married with kids, have a dog, a
mortgage, a car payment, numerous PTA meetings, and, in short,
all the standard trappings of your typical middle class

Both avoid addressing any of the substantive allegations against

Linda: "I've been quiet all of this time because my computer
has been down - thankfully.... Now - in response to your
critiques: You have got to be kidding.... I have nothing to
defend... As for the Witnessed case - it stands on its own as it
has for the past 20 years. And me? Quite frankly, it's none of
my business what you think =80=93 nor do I care."

Elizabeth: "She continues to slander me to those who will
listen, and she has now posted libelous comments publicly. I
will not address the comments themselves at this time as blatant
lies do not deserve the time or attention that would entail.

Linda and Elizabeth both try to shift the focus of attention off
themselves and onto Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs respectively
- as Kathy Kasten also noted:


Linda: "... after all, Budd's standing, and the decades of his
investigations are impeccable. Whether you like it or not,
nothing you say or do will ever change that, nor will anyone
fill his shoes."

Elizabeth: "I do wish to state for the record, however, that Dr.
Jacobs has always treated me with the utmost of respect and
professionalism at all times. I do not agree with any of the
libelous charges Ms. Woods has accused him of. I have never seen
him act in any manner even remotely similar to the things she
describes. He is a consummate professional who has worked with
countless people, myself included, in order to help them."

Although Linda and Elizabeth have both, in my opinion, lied
repeatedly, they have aggressively accused those of us who have
tried to expose them (and provided evidence to substantiate our
allegations) of dishonesty.

Linda: "Between your incoherent rants, and extremely
embellished credentials, one has to say that you haven't done
your credibility any favors. The truth could help, but then,
honesty does not fit into your agenda."

Elizabeth: "...blatant lies do not deserve the time or
attention... I have never seen him act in any manner even
remotely similar to the things she describes.... one might
conclude many of the allegations and trauma have been invented
after the fact.... She supports her facts by taking things
severely out of context and disregarding damaging facts and
events altogether."

Both Linda and Elizabeth try to portray those of us who exposed
their frauds as unfulfilled/mentally ill people acting out of
personal problems.

Linda: "I'm going to quickly break the facts down in basic
terms. To sum it all up: You are a disgruntled ex-wife who
refuses to let go. As one hand hangs on by its fingernails, the
other uses people whom Budd cares about - as tools to hurt him -
and that is the crux of the matter. Evidently, you have not gone
on with your life.... Sadly, as it seems, the only light in your
life has come from a computer screen in a small, darkened room -
instead of family, friends or even a career."

Elizabeth: "I formed the opinion that Ms. Woods was most
likely suffering from an as-yet undiagnosed mental condition....
In closing, I only wish to say that I hope Ms. Woods is able to
move on and get the help she seems to need to live a fulfilling
and happy life."

Both Linda and Elizabeth are aggressive, even though they are
the ones who betrayed our trust.

I wonder whether people who perpetrate long term hoaxes like
this have a similar modus operandi. It would be interesting to
work out what the patterns are.

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