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Hastings On 'Roswell FBI Memo: Baloney Or Hogwash?'

From: Robert Hastings <ufohastings.nul>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 00:56:42 -0400 (EDT)
Archived: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 07:32:37 -0400
Subject: Hastings On 'Roswell FBI Memo: Baloney Or Hogwash?'


Christian Scienc Monitor


Yes, the recent furor over the March 22, 1950 FBI memo is almost
certainly much ado about nothing. Ben Radford, the managing
editor of Skeptical Inquirer, published by the Committee for
Skeptical Inquiry, is correct about that much at least. However,
over the years, CSI (and its earlier incarnation, CSICOP) has
gotten almost everything they've published about UFOs wrong.
(And those pesky, almost completely unpublicized links between
some of its leading members and the U.S. government's nuclear
weapons program are, uh, interesting.)


Ironically, it was an article in the Christian Science Monitor,
on Dec. 5, 1973, that provided one of the first glimpses into
the UFO phenomenon's link with nuclear weapons. Raymond Fowler,
a Minuteman missile project supervisor working for Sylvania
Corporation, was the focus of the piece:

Air Force Denies UFO Incident

A United States missile program supervisor claims that
mysterious unidentified flying objects have seriously imperiled
national security. The Air Force denies it. Raymond E. Fowler,
project supervisor on a Minuteman missile program near Boston,
asserts that [UFOs] have penetrated the restricted air space
above America's missile sites, jamming vital electronic
equipment. He also says the objects eluded fighter aircraft
scrambled to intercept them...Specifically, Mr. Fowler says he
talked with an Air Force officer who had been in one of the
subterranean Launch Control Facilities [LCFs] of a North Dakota
Minuteman site on August 24, 1966, when radar operators picked
up a UFO maneuvering over the base at 100,000 feet. The officer
declared that the LCF's sophisticated radio equipment, that
enables it to receive firing instructions from coordinating
centers and transmit them to the silo Launch Facilities [LFs]
was blocked out by static when the UFO hovered directly over it.
Mr. Fowler recalls the officer saying that he could conceive of
"nothing on earth" that could caused the equipment to
malfunction from such an altitude, emphasizing that it was
working perfectly before the object appeared overhead and after
it left.

Asked to comment on Mr. Fowler's allegations, an Air Force
spokesman in Washington declared that SAC, that operates the
site, "could find nothing in its unit histories to confirm the
presence of unidentified flying objects over it or indeed
malfunctions in its equipment on the date mentioned."

Despite the Air Force's denial Dr. [J. Allen] Hynek insists that
the base was buzzed by a UFO. "I went there as the Air Force
representative and talked to the people concerned after it
happened," he says. Dr. Hynek was at that time acting as
scientific consultant to Project Bluebook. Mr. Fowler says he
was told that communications between land strike-teams [armed
jeep patrols] dispatched to a spot where the first UFO appeared
to land and intercepting aircraft were completely jammed by
strong radio interference. Moreover, he says, missile site
control found intense static disrupting communications with its

After UFOs had streaked away, Mr. Fowler claims that Air Force
Intelligence teams, descended on the base telling those who had
seen or heard anything to keep quiet... He cites a Joint Chiefs
of Staff regulation last updated in 1966, that establishes a
system for reporting UFO sightings to the Aerospace Defense
Command at Colorado Springs... and imposes penalties for the
unauthorized disclosure of UFO information. But says an Air
Force spokesman:

"We're out of the UFO business."


On September 27, 2010, I co-sponsored the UFO-Nukes Connection
press conference in Washington D.C., which CNN streamed live, at
which seven former or retired USAF personnel discussed their
direct or indirect involvement in UFO incidents at nuclear
weapons sites. A video of the event, with subtitles, is at:


The sworn affidavits of the participants, as well as a small
cross-section of declassified documents relating to UFO
incidents at nukes sites--including the one mentioned in the CSM
article above--may be found at:


An article regarding certain key CSICOP/CSI members'
professional links to the U.S. government's nuclear weapons
program, titled Reporter Duped By UFO Debunkers, may be found
at my website.

Things are not always as they seem folks. Do your homework.

--Robert Hastings

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