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Human Space-Travel Long Ago?

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 21:09:45 +0100
Archived: Sun, 19 Sep 2010 08:24:57 -0400
Subject: Human Space-Travel Long Ago?

Hello List,

Recently been checking the 'Tuatha De Danann', the Irish name for
the 'People of Dana' (maybe their Goddess?), although they seem
to have lived many places, Europe, N. Africa and Asia and maybe
even further afield.

Some links at:


From reading Ian Wilson's Before The Flood, a book about the
Black Sea flooding and all that preceded and succeeded it and
from further research, it seems those people went through stages
leading to relatively 'high civilization' from 8,000 to maybe 4
or 5,000 years ago.

During that time they began erecting huge megalithic buildings
around the world, mostly astronomically aligned, and seemed to
have mastered complex mathematics and astronomy - some gold
'wizards hats' found in Northern Europe have a logarithmic code
of the Metonic Cycle embossed on them, enabling the 'wizard' to
calculate Sun, Moon, Earth alignments way ahead of time. Wherever
they lived they left behind legends of 'giants' (although they
were normal-sized) and of 'magicians'.

By the way, unlike all historical societies since (say from Sumer
and Babylon onwards through Classical times to today), the
'Tuatha De Danann' were peaceful, wherever they lived around the
world. From accumulating evidence, not least in Anatolia and the
Indus Valley, they had no castles or forts, no palaces, no
barracks, and no prisons. What they did have was excellent
plumbing, running water to all homes even in large towns, and a
uniformly high standard of housing and accomodation. I.e. they
were egalitarian - and efficient.

The big mystery is - where did they go?

They seem to have gone away en-masse, leaving only a few off-
shoots in Morocco - now the Berbers/Tuaregs - and maybe in the
Canary Islands.

So, considering that we 'modern humans' have gone from horse'n
cart to rockets in a few hundred years, what might the 'Tuatha De
Danann' have accomplished by (and since) the time they
disappeared about 5,000 years ago?

There's two obvious alternatives. They left Earth by going up
into space. Or, they left Earth by going underground.


Ray D

BTW - strangely enough, the Pictish/Irish explanation was a legend
of their 'Tuatha De Danann', the magicians, literally deciding to
live underground.

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