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Re: BBC Article On UFOs

From: Dave Haith <visions1.nul>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 16:16:10 +0100
Archived: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 14:01:28 -0400
Subject: Re: BBC Article On UFOs

>From: Roy Hale <roy.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates <post.nul>
>Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 13:12:03 +0100
>Subject: BBC Article On UFOs

>Having read this article on UFOs and the Rendelsham Forest
>incident I thought I should drop it on UpDates for your


>The UK media never cease to amaze me with their official
>skepticism on the subject of UFOs and how this article only
>refers to the work of Mr. Ridpath on this case.

>A quote from the article:

>"Mystery explained. It was an easy mistake for young Americans a
>long way from home to make."


This is a pathetic piece of journalism in which BBC anchor man
Evan Davis and the astronomer Ian Ridpath make complete arrogant
fools of themselves.

Davis is one of the leading lights on the BBC and it's totally
appalling that he and Ridpath dismiss the whole Rendlesham thing
as a lighthouse without a moment's acknowledgement or
consideration of the whole library of investigation of this

Mirage Men author Mark Pilkington, who knows the complexity of
this incident, simply pleases the empty-headed Davis by claiming
all UFOs are intelligence services propaganda.

I have been discussing this with Rendlesham participant James
Penniston on his Facebook page.

Remember he's the guy who claims to have actually touched the
landed craft.

See an interview with him about this here:


Commenting on the BBC program with David and Redpath on Facebook,
Jim says:


David, I will post what I posted on the Justice for Bentwaters
Site in response to this crazy thing.

Thanks for the info on the "fringe" Rendlesham debunkers. I am
not sure what the motivation is. Can't they get on TV or do a
radio show on anything other than Rendlesham. Well I believe
that they concentrate on Rendlesham, because after ...30 years
of scrutiny and debunking they still cant disprove it. You would
think a debunker worth his salt, could put this to rest and
disprove the evidence which has been released. Maybe they need
more time, how about another thirty years!

Even the United State Air Force has not discredited or debunked
this case, and people should ask why they haven’t, they (the
USAF) has readily gone after the rest, including Roswell, but,
not Rendlesham. Why would that be?? Myself and the other
witnesses have repeatedly offered to debate debunkers on

They all have responded with deaf ears and silence. After all it
would be safe for them to do that, would it not? The burden of
proof is on us, not them. With that said, I would have no
problem going one on one with them. Or maybe it is just a waste
of time to do even that.

I suggest, they can't handle the overwhelming evidence in that
type of forum. Instead they have taken a sliver of information
and have tailored it to meet their needs. If they only knew what
those Top Secret United States documents said. Then that would
be the end of that!

The answers to Rendlesham don't lay in the UK, they clearly lay
in the United States. This is re-enforced since all the MOD
documents have been released, none of them amounting much more
than UK Secret, I might add. The US, treated the MOD with
courtesy information only. After all they were the lease holders
for the base. This according to the USAF was clearly an American
issue, not British, the British did not think of it as a defense
issue anyway, how wrong could you get. Some British military
knew differently, such as Lord Hill-Norton. For every bit of
information that was shared with the MOD, on a good day, this
only amounted to 10 percent of the information about the
incident (an estimate).

Rendlesham has always been an issue with the MOD, they did want
to be in charge, and to their embarrassment to the rest of the
world, they were not. Of course I am only basing this on the Top
Secret information I was privy to in my classified meetings
following the incident. Those meetings were only for US ears

I find it rather humorous that a grown man would spend so many
of his nights in a forest. Do you suppose he secretly thinks
they might come back? And if he does, why would he think that
when he has made it clear, that it was all a mistake by young
Americans, far, far, from home.

Additionally, I am also preplexed and am not sure why he thinks
Rendlesham is about alien UFO’s? Why would we call them a craft-
of-unknown-origin?, that simply means we were unable to identify
the craft based on our expertise with known aircraft at the
time. So please debunkers, (I wonder what education and
experience it takes to be a debunker) don’t interject any false
information, such as claiming these are alien UFO’s, and in the
same breath claim it was Orford Light house three miles away in
the opposite direction. None of the witnesses who were in the
know, have ever claimed that alien UFO's were landed in the
forest adjacent the east gate.


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