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Thirty Years Of Spielberg's UFO Views

From: Giuliano Marinkovic <giuliano.marinkovic.nul>
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 22:58:05 +0000 (GMT)
Archived: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 10:40:05 -0500
Subject: Thirty Years Of Spielberg's UFO Views

Steven Spielberg And 3 Decades Of His Public UFO Views

Dear colleagues,

(for those who will have problems with download from ADRIVE
check the download instructions at the end of this message):

In connection with ngelia Joiner's recent article, Spielberg
Knows What He Saw In UFO documentary available here:


I am sending some additional material that could be of interest
to researchers who are curious about Spielberg's connection with
the UFO field in the past.

For additional reading I also recommend 30 Years of Close
Encounters  by Jennifer Henderson and George M. Eberhart
--International UFO Reporter Volume 31 Number 3)

At first Spielberg's mail to James Fox can sound as nothing
special becuse it is known that Steven is open towards the
subject of UFOs anyway - After all he has directed classic SF
movies Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind and he produced
Taken, the TV series that broke records on Sci-Fi channel.

But the situation is not that simple. In the last 3 decades
Spielberg's public views towards the UFO phenomena have been
mostly revised and changed.

As my university thesis was about George Lucas and creative
managment of Lucasfilm I have besides Ufology a big archive of
documentaries about film history of visual effects where the
central players are of course George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.
I have checked arround 4 hours of different documentaries to
extract relevant clips where we can follow up Spielberg views on
UFOs during last 30 years.

I have uploaded all the relevent clips so let's begin.

Clip 00 - Watch The Skies - Original 1977 Featurette

In this clip you can see original featurette of the 1977 movie
Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind. During the production the
working title of the movie was Watch The Skies - later changed
to Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind.

In the featurette there's a short interview with Dr. J. Allen
Hynek, civilian advisor and investigator for Project Blue Book.
Hynek was also main advisor for the movie.

Hynek explains the Close Encounters terminology. Most debunkers
are using the main argument that some of the UFO Mythology is
based on the Speilberg movies. Just the opposite. Close
Encounters was prepared as a documentary. Most of the data was
from Blue Book archives and Hynek's book The UFO Experience. In
the clip you can also see Spielberg's enthusiasm during the
film's production:


Clip 01 - Introduction To Spielberg's Views Making Of Close
Encounters Of The Third Kind - 1997

This is clip from a documentary made for Laser Disc edition in
1997. Spielberg is vidoed on the set for the movie Saving
Private Ryan that he was just filming at the time. Check the
background where he is giving interview.

Spielberg states that during his younger years he believed that
there was some truth to all UFO sightings - the implication is
that he no longer thinking that. He also recounts an episode
from his youth when his father took him out to watch the night
sky which inspired his immagination and probably lead to ideas
for the Close Encounters movie.

Download link:


Clip 02 - Making Of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind -
          Dr. Allen Hynek, 1997

This is fantastic clip.

You can hear Speilberg's connection with Dr. J. Allen Hynek who
was an inspirational force for the movie.

Other members of the crew also comment:

Actor Bob Balaban - aknown as the director of the NBC cult
sitcom, Seinfeld and Richard Dreyfuss

Download link:


Clip 03 - Previous Versions Of The Close Encounters Screenplay

Steven Spielberg talks about previous versions of the screenplay
which lead to the final version with the central role of a
common man:


Clip 04 - ALIENS & The Making Of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Again most of the debunkers will state that the alleged look of
aliens and UFO abductions are based on Spielberg's Close
Encounters. Completly wrong again. As we can been seen in this
clip the data for the movie was used from known cases and

Production designer Joe Alves talks how he used reports &
articles from people's experiences to create the look of the
aliens during pre-production.

Spielberg also talk's about concept of alien races for the


Clip 05 - Spielberg About His "blind Optimism" During His Youth

Spielberg talks about his disconnect in his youth and how he
was much more optimistic during the era of filming Close
Encounters - which could also be the reason why he is now less open
towards UFOs:


Clip 06 - Revised Spielberg And Hynek Connection

This is the most recent documentary filmed for the Ultimate 30th
Anniversary Edition of Close Encounters in 2007. Again Spielberg
notes how his views on UFOs have been revised and how he is less
open toward UFO sightings. He states that sightings have
"diminished", which is strange for him in this modern era of
hand held cameras.

Again Spielberg is giving more comments about his connection
with dr. J. Allen Hynek:


Clip 07 - Connection Between Close Encounters And E.T.

This is an excerptt from the rare documentary Making Of E.T.,
released on Laser Disc in 1996. This clip is not on the DVD
release of E.T. - you'll find it at:


Spielberg talks about his idea for E.T. (1982) and connection
with previous movie Close Encounters movie

Film producer Kathleen Kennedy talks how she decided to start
her film career after she saw Close Encounters. She talks about
research that Spielberg had done with Dr. J. Allen Hynek.
Spielberg adds how he was very much interested in the
UFO incident that happened on the farm.

I think that Spielberg is probably refering to anthological
Kelly incident. More about Kelly incident here:




Download link:


Clip 08 - Audio - Spielberg Comments On Area 51 And Presidents -
Unknown Source

This audio comes from Grant Cameron's research. Spielberg is
talks about Area 51 and the knowledge of Presidents. Spielberg
adds that he talked with Presidents who told him that they were
not included in the knowledge of hard evidence of that kind
(ET). Of course in that context we also must include the alleged
Shandera story of exchange between Reagan and Spielberg during the
screening of ET at the White House. More about it here:



Also Grant was able to find some updates on that story. CSee here:


Download link for audio:


I am guessing that the source of this audio is also from some
featurette - if anyone knows the source please contact me as I
am interested to find the whole documentary.


So when we look at the Spielberg's revised views on UFOs over
the the past 30 years nd take into account his recent mail to
James Fox - reported by Angelia Joiner - the situation gets very

Maybe Spielberg has again revised his views after James Fox's
amazing documentary I Know What I Saw.

If that is the case then for sure its something that James Fox
can be proud of. And his documentary certainly has the strength
to acomplish that.

Best Wishes to everyone

Giuliano Marinkovic

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