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No Need To Feel Alienated

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Subject: No Need To Feel Alienated

Source: The Portland Tribune - Oregon, USA


May 22, 2008

On The Rocks =95 Seen A UFO? No Need To Feel Alienated
By Anne Marie Distefano

Anyone who studies UFOs will tell you that the mainstream media
is not to be trusted.

So I have to hand it to the members of the Oregon chapter of the
Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network (MUFON) for welcoming
me to their monthly meeting, and speaking to me candidly about
their beliefs.

On Tuesday, May 13, in a bunkerlike conference room in the
basement of an obscure office park, about 20 people gathered to
discuss UFOs. They are part of a international network that has
been investigating lights in the sky since 1969.

The theme tonight is the Trent case. It's one of the most famous
UFO sightings of all time, and it took place here in Oregon, on
a farm outside of McMinnville.

On a spring day in 1950, Evelyn Trent went outside to check on
the rabbit hutch, and saw a saucer-shaped, metallic object in
the sky. Her husband snapped two photos, which eventually made
their way into Life magazine.

A short film about the Trents is the centerpiece of tonight's
meeting, but for most of the people here, the story is old hat -
and besides, they have experiences even closer to home to

"I've had a number of sightings," affirms Keith Rowell, Oregon
MUFON's assistant state director. He adds, "As far as I know,
I'm only involved in the phenomenon in a sort of an intellectual

In other words, he's seeking out the phenomenon, rather than
vice versa. That's not always the case, he says; sometimes
researchers are drawn to UFOs, only to uncover their own hidden
memories of encounters or abductions.

Rowell got interested in UFOs while working as a library clerk
for Portland Public Schools. A spate of books on the subject
passed through his hands, "some of them," he says, "by people
that, if they weren't talking about UFOs, you would believe
them. And that got me going.

"I was a college-educated guy," Rowell continues. "I knew a
little bit about what science is and I knew a little bit about
what scholarship is... I certainly thought that as far as the
physical world goes, the world of establishment science was it -
 that it described what was really going on. I don't believe
that today."

As a certified MUFON investigator, Rowell did full
investigations on several of his own sightings.

He also reports tonight on his investigation of a sighting that
occurred in George Rogers Park, in Lake Oswego, in February
1977. A young couple (now married) recently contacted MUFON
through its Web site (oregonmufon.com).

During their courtship, they had a close encounter while walking
in the park one night. A saucer-shaped object appeared about 300
feet from where they were standing.

The man claims to have had telepathic communication with the

The saucer, Rowell reports, told the man that it was here, "To
witness the second coming of Christ."

Some MUFON members chuckle at this, but Rowell notes that the
man became a practicing Christian beginning at that time. It's
the only tangible result left from this incident, although at
the time, the man also developed something like a slight
sunburn, he says.

Why would he lie? The credibility of firsthand accounts is
ground zero for the battle between UFO researchers and UFO

At the scene of a car accident or robbery, I don't think any
reporter would hesitate to treat the men and women in this room
as eyewitnesses. I know I wouldn't. But instead, the woman
sitting next to me tells me about an unexplainable object that
she saw in the sky over Plano, Texas, in 1975.

She was a grade school teacher at the time. She was with about
12 other people who were on their way into a PTA meeting, she
says, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"All of us knew it was something we had not seen before," she

It was shaped like the object in the Trent photos, she recalls,
but she could see pulsing lights, and something like windows,
very close together, wrapping all the way around.

After watching the object, the group, none of whom knew one
another, scattered. As far as my source knows, none of them ever
spoke to one another again.

"I just never talked about it," she says, "because I was
teaching school and it wasn't a wise thing to do... You just
didn't talk about it - I didn't."

There's a stigma attached to believing in UFOs. That is why,
although MUFON is primarily a research organization, it doubles
as a support group.

"We need to treat the witnesses with respect," explains Tom
Bowden, Oregon MUFON's state director, and, by day, a computer
analyst for the banking business.

"The opportunity for them to be ridiculed by other people is
certainly there," he says, "and they definitely do not need that
from us.... We want them to feel that it's perfectly reasonable
to talk about the subject and that ridicule is unreasonable."

Some people join MUFON because they've read extensively about
UFOs, and want to discuss the literature. Some join because they
need a safe haven where they can talk about something they have

During the meeting, one man says: "It gives me a nice, warm
feeling to be around people who believe in UFOs.... Here, I can
talk if I want to, and I don't get that Spock thing" - referring
to the skeptically raised eyebrow of "Star Trek's" Mr. Spock.

Of course everyone knows who Spock is - he's the embodiment of
all that's logical and scientific. And yet, if he were real, he
surely wouldn't doubt the existence of aliens, being one

[Lead from Stuart Miller @ http://www.alienworldsmag.com]

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