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Re: MoD File Release

From: Don Ledger <dledger.nul>
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 15:14:32 -0300
Archived: Tue, 20 May 2008 06:42:09 -0400
Subject: Re: MoD File Release

>From: Joe McGonagle <joe.mcgonagle.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 13:08:49 +0100
>Subject: Re: MoD File Release

>By now, most people should have had the opportunity to conduct at
>least a cursory look through all of the released files. Has
>no-one spotted anything of interest?

>I think a lot of people are disappointed because quite apart
>from the lack of a 'smoking gun', there is ample evidence the
>the MoD hardly carried out _any_ investigation at all.

I've been disappointed since the Codign Report. Condum Report
would have made more sense since it seemed to be a preventive
measure as far as getting at any truth to the subject.

>This is
>what I have been saying for years, but people preferred to
>believe Nick Pope, commander-in-chief of the enormous 'UFO
>Project'. He led people by the nose, claiming that there are all
>sorts of wonderfully investigated cases in the files, which
>served to convince him that UFOs represent a real threat to
>national security.

Nick, Nick, Nick... Jeezus.

>So why has Nick been keeping his head down on this List? well,
>there are 3 reasons;

>1) He is too busy trying to 'cash in' on the current publicity.
>Well, that seems to have died down a little, so he should have
>some more time available.

>2) His nose is out of joint - if he directs people to The
>National Archives, who he claims to have 'helped' identify
>interesting reports for media consumption, he can't avoid
>highlighting Dave Clarke's activities, who _really_ helped them.
>He spent in the order of 2 weeks at TNA full time, produced the
>National Archives briefing document covering the files held at
>TNA, and was provided with private office facilities at TNA for
>the week of the release. Once again, Pope is hanging on to
>Clarke's coat-tails and not giving him any credit, just as with
>the FSWP, Rendlesham, and Condign releases.

>3) He's trying to work out how to spin this so that his previous
>exaggerations are less obvious and to cover his embarrassment.

>I haven't seen anything from Nick on this List.

>The rest of ufology appears to be at a loss

Yeah, where did you hear that? We've got enough to deal with over
here without worrying about the MOD's thin reports and pablum

>as to what to do
>with disclosure now that it has arrived (at least in the UK).
>Some claim that there must be another, super-secret section
>dealing with the _really_ interesting stuff. If that is so, how
>do witnesses, the CAA, the Police, and the military know when
>and how to make a report to them? Where do the secret squirrels
>get their radar data from - have they got their own independent
>radar network?

>Others grudgingly acknowledge that the MoD don't know any more
>- in fact they know less - about UFOs than ufologists do. Many
>fail to see the potential value in the files in terms of
>statistical analysis as well.

See below.

>There are a lot more files to come, and there will be more
>interesting reports amongst them, and in a few cases, the MoD
>will have carried out superficial investigations (the Cosford
>case is a good example). There is no 'secret squirrel' section,
>no smoking gun, no positive evidence of ET visitation. Get used
>to it, and decide what you want to do to make the best use out
>of 'disclosure' - it's arrived.

Ah cut the crap, Joe. The conspiracy side is getting a little
tired. You wouldn't know in any event if there was anything they
wanted to keep out of the public eye. You state with authority,
"There is no 'secret squirrel' section, no smoking gun, no
positive evidence of ET visitation."

Why the hell would they tell you? Do you really think you are in
the loop? There are plenty of things the government keeps secret
that have nothing to do with UFOs that you will never be privy
to. They have become masters at it over many centuries.

The Canadian government UFO files have been avaiable for 15 or
20 years, even copies of the 16mm copies have been available
from the National Archives through the library loaner system
_and_ with a lot more detail than is evidenced in the MOD
released files, i.e. RCMP reports of their investigations. But
there are more there that we can't get at for whatever reason
they are holding them back.

The Blue Book files have been around for a couple of dozen years
as well. Not sure about all of the hype about the MOD files
other than they are remarkable for the MOD lying about not
having them in the first place and then releasing them bit by
bit as if they are the be all and end all of UFO reports. They
for the most part are disturbingly amateurish.

Was this the last final release of reports - other than the
continuation of the most recent - or will their be more do you

As for Nick, if he was commenting more on the most recently
released files you would babbling on about him trying to steal
some thunder from you and the others. Which way do you want it,
Joe... make up your mind.

Nick worked there. You and the others are just nibbling around
the edges.

Don Ledger

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