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Newspaper Editor 'believes In Alien Life'

From: Dave Haith <visions1.nul>
Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 22:10:48 +0100
Archived: Tue, 20 May 2008 09:35:44 -0400
Subject: Newspaper Editor 'believes In Alien Life'

Could constant pressure by UFO researchers ever force just a
tiny crack in the seemingly immoveable status quo ediface
engraved with  'All UFOs Are Bunk"?

Take my local newspaper here in Dorset, UK - the Daily Echo in

The main report on the Ministry of Defence UFO documents
released a few days ago was a trite inaccurate and prompted me
to fire off a letter published today in their columns.

It would be nice to think that this had a small part to play in
a column by the paper's editor actually coming out as a
'believer' in aliens!

My letter - greatly shortened by the paper - read:

"Your report by Emma Joseph headlined the claim that newly
released Ministry of Defence UFO files 'prove there are no
UFOs'. (Daily Echo, May 15)

This is not so - several cases in the release remained
'unexplained' by the Ministry, so hence are still by definition,

That fact is that the Ministry carried out little or no
investigation into any of the cases on file, admitting they were
only considered at all to make sure no enemy aircraft had
illegally entered British airspace - critical during the Cold
War. When will mainstream newspapers begin treating this subject
with the seriousness it deserves?

In Thursday's Echo Opinion, Ed Perkins "admires the courage" of
UFO witnesses but makes light of the whole issue with jokes
about little green men.

That attitude perpetuates the giggle factor and does more than
anything else to prevent the kind of courage Ed claims to

It's amazing in view of this lampooning that people like 77 year
old Poole man Ron Lucas are still willing to publicly discuss
the cigar shaped sky object and three discs which shot away from
it he saw along with six others, in 1956."

The same edition contains the column by the newspaper's
editor Neal Butterworth alongside a sketch of a flying
saucer from the Government files.

Mr Butterworth's piece is headlined "The truth is never the best
policy" It begins with a quote from the authorities: "The
Ministry of Defence does not deny there are strange things to
see in the sky. But it certainly has no evidence that alien
spacecraft have landed on this planet"

The Editor goes on "So the Government doesn't believe in little
green men and who are we to disbelieve an organisation with such
an unblemished record in telling the truth?

Files detailing hundreds of of sightings of unexplained objects
in the skies above Britain have now been opened and while there
is no evidence of alien existence, the information was
considered sufficiently important for a form to be produced
which is kept by police stations and airbases to record details
of such reports.

But the Ministry of Defence was not investigating the
possibility of visitors from outer space making a stop at Earth,
but were more interested in checking that UFOs were not signs of
earthly covert spying missions by other countries.

I grew up in a generation fascinated by space - whether it was
the Cold War black and white films of the 50s and 60s or men
landing on the moon - and I'm a great believer in the existence
of alien life across the vast swathes of space.

In fact that belief is probably fuelled by the sheer arrogance
of our race believing we the the only intelligent life forms in
the galaxies."

The editor's article adds: "Our basic evolution is likely to
have been far surpassed by civilisations hundreds of thousands
of years ahead of us."

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