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Flatwoods Monster Meets With Mothman At UFO

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Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 08:11:56 -0400
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Subject: Flatwoods Monster Meets With Mothman At UFO

Source: The Beckley Register-Herald - West Virginia, USA


May 18, 2008 10:54 pm

Flatwoods Monster Meets With Mothman At UFO extravaganza

By Mannix Porterfield
Register-Herald Reporter

Consider the show's title for a moment.

If you've lived long enough, it revives memories of those old
1950s-era sci-fi flicks, back when outrageous monsters from
other planets, or long submerged in the depths of an ocean,
tromped awkwardly across the silver screen to do combat with one
another or any earthling that stood in their paths.

Actually, there's to be no rivalry when the Flatwoods Monster
teams up with Mothman in late summer in the Kanawha Valley.

What is happening merely is a second running of a UFO
extravaganza, one that attracts the true believers from one
coast to another, as well as some foreign disciples to boot.

"Everybody is going to think it's Godzilla meets Mothra," show
promoter Larry Bailey quipped, recalling the Japanese take on
American-made monster flicks popular decades ago.

In reality, the Sept. 12-13 event, planned at the new Alban Art
Conference Center in St. Albans, is designed to pay homage to
West Virginia's two most famous oddities - the Flatwoods Monster
that disrupted the pastoral setting of Braxton County in 1952
and the bird-like creature known as Mothman, whose eerie arrival
preceded the deadly Silver Bridge collapse in 1967.

While the two were never known to compete, it's indisputable
they have been rivals for media attention for many years.

Mothman inspired a spate of books and magazine articles, not to
mention a Richard Gere film titled The Mothman Prophecies.

Arriving on a summer night in 1952 and thought by one writer to
be part of a convoy of alien spaceships engaged by the U.S. Air
Force in a spirited battle off the Atlantic Coast, the Flatwoods
Monster has garnered its share of notoriety. In particular, he
has been the subject of three books by author-illustrator Frank

His latest effort, titled The Flatwoods Monster - Myth To
Reality, is the result of painstaking research the past 17 years
in which the Florida resident takes a chronological view of the
first sighting and a floodtide of reports and newspaper articles
that followed its brief visit to the hills of West Virginia.

Feschino's first book on the subject explored the basic facts,
but in a more pointed follow-up, "Shoot Them Down," the
Floridian went to lengths to show the "monster" was in fact an
extraterrestrial warrior sidelined when his ship was knocked out
of combat in a savage 1952 air battle.

Now, in his third offering, Feschino is letting the full string
run out on the Flatwoods incident that put the little hamlet on
the map after a bizarre, robot-like entity that first
mesmerized, then frightened away, a gaggle of youths playing
football and three adults who accompanied them up a steep hill
overlooking their playground. Witnesses remembered a sound that
resembled bacon frying in a pan and a stifling, sulfur odor
emanating from the 'alien'.

"I go back to the very first day and I have information from the
day the event took place from all the reporters, investigators
and newspaper accounts from around the world in a chronological,
straight order and bring the original investigators into it,"
the writer explained.

"And then I bring it right up to modern times."

Feschino left no known stone unturned in quest of the truth of a
subject that has haunted since he first learned of it while
attending an aunt's funeral in the area nearly two decades ago.

"Basically, it's like a courtroom layout," he says.

"It's a fun book. It's a really good read, an easy read. It's
chock full of information that nobody has ever seen. I've been
putting this stuff away for years. A 12-year-old kid could read
this book. Every step of the story is basically a segment of the
Flatwoods story in a chapter. Then I use all of the original
investigators' comments, tie them in with a section of the
story, then I pull out all the reporters from the 1960s. And I
have the interviews with the witnesses."

To learn as much as possible, Feschino contacted reporters who
handled the "Flatwoods Monster" phenomenon, among them Skip
Johnson, formerly an outdoor columnist with The Charleston

Feschino has come to be identified so closely with the Flatwoods
Monster that Kathleen May, one of the adult witnesses, has
jokingly referred to him as her third son. While back in West
Virginia, he hopes to drum up support for a proposed museum
housing not only UFO memorabilia but that of the space industry
as well.

Joining the author at the St. Albans event will be Stanton
Friedman, a nuclear physicist and UFO author, generally
recognized as the world's foremost authority on the subject;
Jeff Wamsley, paranormal investigator and curator of the Mothman
Museum in Point Pleasant; Chad Lambert, author of "Return to
Point Pleasant"; John Ventri, MUFON director in Pennsylvania and
West Virginia; and Alfred Lehmberg, UFO Magazine columnist and

"I told the story like I'm the ninth person there," Feschino
said of the Flatwoods incident.

St. Albans Mayor Dick Callaway takes an objective, neutral
position on UFOs, but is glad to see Feschino and Friedman co-
hosting the second such UFO summit in his town.

"I won't say I believe in them," Callaway cautioned an

"I will say there's a possibility, simply because they can't
prove or disprove. They have a body of evidence, but there's no
jury returning a verdict on that yet."

Bailey worked with Wamsley, and the Mothman Museum curator
agreed it would be a novel idea to have both curiosities
spotlighted at the 2008 summit.

"We had a good turnout last year, considering the Marshall-WVU
football game was on Saturday," he said.

"We're getting calls already. One man in California has called.
He drives cross-country every year for something. He's 70 years
old. This year, it's going to be our show."

Football might not be a distraction this time around, but Bailey
conceded the rising gasoline prices could affect attendance.

At least for those piloting human-made vehicles.

No one has yet ascertained how many miles per gallon one can log
with a spaceship. Or just what it costs at the pumps at outer
space stations.

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