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If There's Something Up There We Want To Know

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Subject: If There's Something Up There We Want To Know

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May 14, 2008

If There's Something Up There, We Want To Know
Nick Pope

Conspiracy theorists expecting to find that the Ministry of
Defence has been sitting on some great truth about visiting
extraterrestrials will be hugely disappointed.

There are no aliens in these files - at least, not aside from
what might charitably be called letters from people with
overactive imaginations. Most of the contents of the MoD's newly
released UFO files are mundane and are clearly
misidentifications of ordinary objects and phenomena.

This should not be taken as an indication that these people are
stupid and, indeed, in among the reports from members of the
public are sightings from police officers, pilots and military

Arguably the most interesting thing in the files is what they
show overall, namely that since the 1950s the Ministry of
Defence has tracked UFO sightings, investigated the sighting and
searched its collective soul over what to make of this enigmatic

But why should this be the case? Why, since records began, has
the MoD spent time and money looking at UFOs? The answer has
more to do with Russians than Martians. The MoD and the RAF
naturally keep a close watch on the UK's air defence region,
ever-watchful for signs of intrusion. If there is something in
our skies and it is not ours, we want to know whose it is. I
worked for the MoD for 21 years and, during the early 90s,
worked in a division where my duties included investigating UFO

My brief wasn't to look for aliens, but to look for evidence of
anything of any defence significance - though, interestingly,
this term was never defined. I started my tour of duty as a
sceptic but, after three years of research and investigation,
felt that while I hadn't found ET, I had come across some cases
that made me think twice. UFOs tracked on radar or seen by
military witnesses were particularly interesting to me.

This file release will not resolve the UFO mystery one way or
the other. Sceptics and believers alike will doubtless find
something to back up their case. But what strikes me is the
enduring power of UFOs to fascinate the imagination.

UFOs burst upon the scene in the late 1940s and early 1950s.
They are still here. The debate goes on. Perhaps it is the
implications if - among these tens of thousands of reports -
just one of them turned out to be the real thing.

The question of whether or not we are alone in the Universe is
among the most profound questions that we can ask. The answer to
that question is not in these files. But they do show that
people are still looking up, watching and wondering.

Nick Pope ran the MoD's UFO desk from 1991-94

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