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Stop Blaming The Government For UFOs!

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Date: Sat, 03 May 2008 08:40:00 -0400
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Subject: Stop Blaming The Government For UFOs!

Source: Lisa Shiel's BackyardPhenomena Blog


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Stop Blaming The Government For UFOs!
Lisa A. Shiel

In the last 20 years, one theory about UFOs seems to have gained
momentum and become the favorite among ufologists. Of which
theory do I speak? The one which states that many (even most)
UFOs represent secret government projects.

I have one comment on this theory=97gimme a break!

My father served in the Air Force for 20 years. Then he worked
in the defense industry for about the same length of time. I
spent many years on Air Force bases, and living in the vicinity
of secret government projects. My father, Walt Shiel, worked on
the B-2 stealth bomber during its black-project days. While he
remains a skeptic about UFOs, he has told me several times that
the secret project theory is ludicrous. No government entity
would test super-secret aircraft over populated areas! Northrop,
which built the B-2, maintained a complex at Palmdale, on the
edge of the Mojave Desert near Edwards Air Force Base, a major
test facility. Let me tell you, Edwards sits way out there in
the desert. Few people live anywhere near it.

When my dad worked for Northrop, we lived about 12 miles from
the main gate at Edwards. We could see nothing of the base.
Despite the flat landscape and lack of trees or other
obstructions, the base itself remained out of sight for us. The
main gate lay miles from the heart of the base.

Edwards is a remote installation. That's where secret planes get
tested=97not over interstate highways or the city of Phoenix,

The military has no need to test its secret aircraft over
populated areas. They have vast sections of airspace which they
can essentially cordon off to nonmilitary air traffic in order
to perform their tests. A continuous band of restricted airspace
extends from Point Mugu (just outside Oxnard, CA) northeast
across the state, through the Mojave Desert past Edwards AFB and
the China Lake Naval Weapons Center. Then, the restricted zone
crosses into Nevada where it encompasses Nellis AFB and Tonopah
(north of Las Vegas) before cutting across the border into Utah
to cover the airspace over Wendover, home to several military
testing grounds. The restricted corridor covers a vast amount of

So why would the military test secret aircraft over populated
areas? They wouldn't. They'd use the restricted airspace they've
got. The F-117 was tested near Tonopah. The project was not
acknowledged until an F-117 crashed in the mountains west of
Edwards AFB. Classified projects fly out of the north base at
Edwards, far from populated areas. In the entire time I lived
near Edwards, I never heard of rashes of UFO sightings. Yet, if
most UFOs represent secret aircraft, then I should've heard
about lots of sightings during the B-2 years. I did not.

The military prints maps which show all the restricted airspace
across the country, as well as the normal hours during which the
military uses that airspace. Anyone can get one of these maps.
If you really want to prove UFOs are secret government projects,
then you ought to get a copy of that map and correlate UFO
sightings to the restricted airspace. I've looked and looked but
can find no evidence that anyone has made these correlations.
Perhaps I'll take up the challenge=97to see if a correlation in
fact exists. I would expect at least a few sightings to line up
with the restricted airspace. But I'll stick my neck out here
and predict that few of the thousands of sightings gathered thus
far will correlate with the locations and hours of use for the
restricted areas.

The military can and does use the restricted airspace at times
not listed on the maps. However, you can call the FAA to find
out if the restricted airspace was active during the period when
a UFO sighting occurred. A little legwork can help demystify the
secret project theory. The military uses the restricted airspace
available to it. They only go outside that airspace when
absolutely necessary; even then, however, they fly their secret
aircraft at high altitude to prevent civilians from spotting
them. The SR-71, when it needed to fly over populated areas,
flew at 100,000 feet where no one could see it. The sound of its
sonic booms didn't make it to the ground.

That's how you operate secret aircraft... in secret!

[Thanks to 'The Norm' for the lead]

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