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UFO Sighting Or Just A Prank?

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Date: Thu, 01 May 2008 20:20:00 -0400
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Subject: UFO Sighting Or Just A Prank?

Source: The Reporter-Herald - Loveland, Colorado, USA



UFO Sighting Or Just A Prank?
No one knows what woman saw flying over city

By Sarah Bultema
The Reporter-Herald

Mary Aldrich still is hoping to find an explanation for the
bright red orbs she spotted in the sky Sunday night.

She would love to hear they were a balloon or a flare or even
just a prank.

But so far, no one can tell her exactly what the strange lights

For Aldrich, they remain unidentified flying objects.

"I would love an explanation," the 61-year-old said. "But I
don=92t have any hopes of getting one."

Aldrich was getting her mail at her south Loveland home about
8:45 Sunday night when she glanced into the night sky and saw
something strange: two red lights floating side-by-side.

Bright as halogen lights, the orbs were diamond-shaped, although
she couldn=92t see any shape beyond the vibrant light.

Watching the objects intently, Aldrich saw the two orbs begin to
glide in unison, staying perfectly spaced.

"It looked very foreign to me," she said.

"There was no sound, no smoke, no trail =97 there was nothing.
They didn=92t belong there."

She grabbed a friend =97 who wished not to be identified =97 and
they watched as two more orbs joined the group and began gliding
in unison.

Another pair followed, making a perfectly spaced cluster of six.

Aldrich had been watching them for about 13 minutes when a
single light swept near the group.

The entire cluster quickly moved from the northwest to

Then they disappeared.

"Right away you think of a government explanation," Aldrich

"But my mouth was dry and my heart was pounding the whole time,
because you have this feeling you=92re witnessing something that
you=92ve never seen before.

"Since then, I=92ve just been trying to make sense of it."

Larry Mack, operations manager of the Fort Collins-Loveland
Municipal Airport, said he has no idea what the lights might
have been.

"I haven=92t heard anything from our pilots who fly around," he

Mack did note that there have been a lot of helicopters flying
to and from Loveland=92s hospitals.

They travel about 500 feet above the ground and use lots of
lights at night, he said.

"But what she described," he added, "I have no idea."

After witnessing the unexplained spectacle in the sky, Aldrich
couldn=92t sleep.

Early the next morning she began researching what she=92d seen, to
try to find some kind of answer.

On a UFO sightings Web site, www.ufoinfo.com, she found a report
that seemed eerily similar.

According to the report, an unnamed air traffic controller from
Loveland spotted two orbs floating in the night sky last June.

The description almost perfectly matched what Aldrich had seen:
lights brighter than stars moving in perfect unison before
disappearing into the sky.

The only difference was that those orbs were white, and there
were only two.

Loveland residents aren=92t the only witnesses to these strange
floating lights, said Peter Davenport, director of the National
UFO Reporting Center.

In fact, similar sightings have been reported from Arizona to
New Jersey. Just last week, Davenport took a report of the same
description from a person in California.

However, even with multiple sightings, he has no idea what the
lights could be.

"What the objects were we almost certainly will never know," he
said, noting that unless the government or another party comes
forward with an explanation, scientists would have to find the
source of the light to make any sense of it.

"All we can do is receive the information and ... scratch our
heads and wonder what in God=92s name is going on."

Whatever it may be, Davenport thinks Aldrich=92s report was the
real deal =97 a rarity when it comes to UFO sightings.

Only about 10 percent of the stories he hears are legitimate,
explained Davenport, who has been taking reports for 14 years.

But because of her attention to detail and critical thinking, he
said Aldrich=92s report was genuine.

"This woman in Loveland had, in my opinion, almost certainly had
a very, very interesting sight," he said.

He recommended that anyone who saw similar objects Sunday night
report it to the National UFO Reporting Center=92s Web site,
www.nuforc.org, or call the hot line at 206-722-3000.

Aldrich, too, would love to hear if anyone else saw what she

"When I tell people, I don=92t want to have to convince them. I
didn=92t ask to see this," she said.

Aldrich never had much of an opinion about UFOs before.

But after this, she said, "You have to believe in it."

"I like to be comfortable. I want anything like that to be far,
far away," she said.

"Unless someone can give me some kind of explanation, ..." she
trailed off. "There was just some feeling about it that I can=92t

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