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Villifying Vallee Or Stellar Visions?

From: Vince White <Vinceomni.nul>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 15:49:09 EDT
Archived: Tue, 01 Jul 2008 11:05:00 -0400
Subject: Villifying Vallee Or Stellar Visions?

Traffic that has been shouting ETH longer than we have been


To some, it may seem this observer simply is attacking a
research icon in the pursuit of perverse personal vendetta. Why
belabor the critique of this individual, who is in fact, on the
periphery of most debate and dispute, and admits that he has
withdrawn to a great degree from the thick of the fractious
fighting and rough and tumble of our divided quarrelsome ranks.

The answer is on the cover of many a book. When some of the very
best UFO books, such as exquisite chronologies of the subject,
have as preface, this esteemed authors endorsement and
recommend, then the thoughts and arguments that this famed
author is currently cultivating become relevant.

And always the bottom line is the pursuit of truth, undimmed,
untrammeled without detour or foggy obfuscation. Our highest
allegiance not to name or notoriety, but clarity..to. look at
the data straight on, and do this first and foremost.

Is this what Jacques F Vallee does with the data? The Gallic
superstar I will contend is trashing the data, and ignoring the
deep implicate patterns of the data, the tough data, fraught
with methodological delicacy and in some cases simply doing a
lazy avoidance all the data that doesn't lend itself to oracular

The abduction data he sniffs haughtily is corrupt and
contaminated with the prejudices of the key investigative
practitioners. I say he doesn't want to get his hands dirty with
the real life nitty gritty messy sloppy entangled data, that
shows a defacto dialogue takes place between the investigator
 and the abductors.

That these abductors lard and layer their interaction with a
great deal of very calculated noise, screen memories, piled on
screen memories, and refuse almost all direct inquiry. These
same tricksters seem to have locked things, unknown things in
the heads of great numbers of their hapless victims. But are
they victims? Or are they Stellar scouts on incarnative
missions? Did they agree to being here under some other sun
and sky?

Dr. Vallee analytically walks away from this gnarled mess., What
does he do with abductees who wake up, bolt upright, when images
that seem like memories, of double suns, strange stars, deep
space images of thousands of stars through a giant window,
 starship interiors, red gold planet surfaces that match none of
the children of old Sol?

What does he think and say to the many many abductees who are
told that they come from the region of sky where the
constellation of: Cassiopeia is, or Dorado, or Auriga? Is all
this camouflage?

Is the meticulously described and intricately detailed account
of a stellarium that Travis Walton walked into, room dimming and
stars brightening, hand controls for a small hand, and caused
the stars to shine and spin, that this is camouflage and
cardboard deception? C'mon Jacques! Use your logic.

The evidence that most UFOs are space craft is colossal and it
twists reality into a pretzel to think this is all illusion for
our benefit ! what are we to think about the continuum of
action and path of UFOs, streaking into the sky like meteors in
reverse and the oribital zoo of non satellite powered vehicles
seen by the Shuttle in the past - before secure downlinks,
delayed video and astronauts actually mentioning with a grin as
an unidentified light goes by the shuttle, "would you look at

And what is a Fast Walker if not a UFO? A spacecraft by
definition. What does the USSC track from deep space that slows
and enters our atmosphere, is that not a spacecraft?

The ETH needs no wholesale use of Will of Ockham sharp razor.
Yes UFOs may come from other times and dimensions, they may even
come from deep in the earth or sea. But a towering stack of
facts speaks for itself. It speaks of craft that have the power
to streak through our skies and it seems plentifully evident,
that also streak through the deep between the stars, and do this
in ways that would have given Einstein a migraine or had him
more likely yelping in delight discovering the universe was far
more wondrous than he had imagined.

The profile of a true scientists who leaps for joy when empirics
confound shibboleths.

This has been the traffic here for millennia, as likely alien
bases built when Columbus small fleet of sea ships was watched
by UFOs which is actually recorded in Christopher's log books.

Traffic here for millennia, as some aliens masqueraded as
Leprechauns pointing their magic wands at the Irish who were
perhaps told, "Walk sprightly slow human, or I shall use my
magic stick on thee?" which in reality was a standard non lethal
tool that disrupted ADP to ATP Cellular mechanisms in the
voluntary nerve reflexes using a resonance microwave beam, an
old tool of star travelers to defend from hostile natives on a
thousand star systems.

The home address of most UFOs is written in the stars, and
likely the recovered and interpreted databases of multiple
vehicles that had the massed resources of super computers
measured in acres applied to this issue.

The notion that this stellar spreadsheet, that computes to 99
decimal places is mostly calculated confabulation, is possible.
just as it is possible that the mountains of data on UFOs
themselves are all imagination. That thesis demands another.
That is a thesis that the universe is both empty and utterly
mad. I think not. Instead we are the beginner species that is
watched, interfered with, abducted by, over flown by, and
prepared for, a a day when our connections to a big busy galaxy
will no longer be a matter of dispute.

This galactic traffic has been shouting ETH longer than we have
been here.

Vince White

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