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A List Of Ships But No Llandovery Castle

From: Terry W. Colvin <fortean1.nul>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 12:52:19 -0700
Fwd Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 19:37:52 -0500
Subject: A List Of Ships But No Llandovery Castle

Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 14:02:57 +0000 (GMT)
From: Lawrie Williams <lawrie_williams.nul>
To: forteana.nul
Subj: FWD [forteana] A list of ships but no Llandovery Castle


This might be of interest. In a lot of accounts of paranormal
events a ship is involved. Here is a web page with long lists of
old ships. I have just been looking for the Llandovery Castle,
but no dice, alas.

Here are the old items that most relate to this:

Llandovery Castle Cigar Ship Close Encounter - July 1 1947


"Many students of such matters are convinced that the earth has
been under systematic and intensive surveillence for a long
time. Numerous scientists, both in and out of government, have
hinted at this. Let us consider one of the major pieces of

"The steamship Llandovery Castle left Mombasa on the last day of
June, 1947, bound for Cape Town. On the night of July 1, the
ship was passing through the Straits of Madagascar. The time was
about 11 pm, when the lookout and some of the passengers noticed
a brilliant light approaching rapidly, overtaking the ship and
losing altitude as it did so. The light lost speed and descended
to within fifty feet of the water. Then the light turned
downward, a brilliant search-beam that cast a diminishing circle
on the surface of the sea as the object matched its speed with
that of the ship. Suddenly the searchlight beam went out - and
then the object itself became visible.

"All aboard the vessel who saw the thing agreed that it was a
gigantic cylindrical craft of some sort, apparently metallic and
about five times as long as its diameter. It looked, said the
witnesses, like a huge steel cigar with the end clipped. No
windows or portholes could be seen; but from the ease and
precision with which it matched its speed to that of the ship
and the use of the searchlight, it was quite apparent that the
craft was under intelligent control of some sort. The size of
the craft was nothing less than gigantic; for the witnesses,
including some of the ship's officers, estimated that the thing
that paced them was three to four times as long as the steamship
- which meant that it would have been in excess of one thousand
feet long and about two hundred feet in diameter.

"After cruising along beside the Llandovery Castle for perhaps a
minute, the gigantic structure began to rise silently until it
was about a thousand feet above the water, then great orange
streamers of flame shot from the rear of the craft and it leapt
forward, rising rapidly to lose itself in the night skies. The
incident was duly recorded in the ship's log, and promptly
forgotten except by those who saw it."


Frank Edwards "Strange World" Ace Books Inc 1120 Avenue
of the Americas New York N.Y. 10036 1964

Keyed in from an age-browned paper back book March 31 2001 by
Lawrie Williams who notes that this was the day b4 Roswell

"Air Progress" (October 1967) reported:

"7,000 mph at 25,000 ft has been confirmed by radar. Silent
flight has been observed by credible witnesses. High-G
acceleration after long periods of hovering is witnessed almost
every day.....there seem to be three basic shapes, Discs,
spheres and cigars.....the discs vary from a few feet to more
than 200 ft across. Those seen in daylight are almost always
described as looking metallic; frequently details such as ports,
domes and projections are seen......The disc shape....offers
great poss- ibilities for high strength-to-weight, low drag and
extreme maneuverability."

I have a copy of this publication and can vouch for its

Lawrie Williams