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Time Running/Run Out?

From: Ray Dickenson <ray.dickenson.nul>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 13:59:56 +0000
Fwd Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 11:02:38 -0500
Subject: Time Running/Run Out?

Einstein Podolsky & Rosen set up an experiment aimed at
clarifying 'quantum mystery' of entanglement. But it didn't. So
Bell, a Scot, worked out the theoretical framework needed for
verification or otherwise, and Aspect (French) later did the
actual experiments.

Maybe reluctantly Einstein said "It is possible that there exist
emanations that are still unknown to us. Do you remember how
electrical currents and unseen waves were laughed at?"


From Aspect himself "Instantaneous change! Faster than light

Review at:


"1. They link events at separate locations without known fields
or matter."

"2. They do not diminish with distance; a million miles is the
same as an inch."

"3. They appear to act with speed greater than light."

Apparent conclusion #1 -
* there is a force acting on quantum level (on particles) which
is instantaneous over arbitrary distances *

Strangely the establishment let the dust gather over this

Later: Allais Effect


"The result obtained by Allais (1954) concerning the shift of
the oscillation plane of the pendulum during eclipse was
observed again by G. Jeverdan in 1961 and then later in 1970 was
observed again by Allen and Saxl (1971)."

In 1999 NASA noisily previewed test of "Allais Effect" - of total
eclipses on Foucault pendulums.


"Noever [NASA] doesn't expect to find proof to support Allais,
but believes such a theory must be investigated."

Note - NASA commonly announces "mysteries" they can later debunk
with mundane causes. Didn't seem to work in this case!

In correspondence - with Noever - I recommended using gyroscopes
instead of pendula (more sensitive) but NASA's protocols seemed
'conservative' - i.e. not aimed at best detection of anomalies:


After the eclipse - which also 'produced/caused' waves of
earthquakes from Greece, Turkey to Taiwan, Japan with thousands
of fatalities - there was one 'wait and see' article from NASA:


then deafening silence!

Think we can ignore subsequent claims of "atmospheric cooling =
gravity change" and "ground cooling = tilt" 'cos either would
take much too long (not instantaneous) and produce only tiny
effects - nowhere near actual results.

Apparent conclusion #2 - * there is a force acting on macro
level (on gyroscopes, pendula and whole continents) which is
instantaneous over astronomical distances - and theoretically
'universal' *

By definition all advanced beings in Galaxy/Universe should know
this force and be modulating it for real-time comms - as we
modulate e.m.r for 'slow radio/TV' - and be manipulating it for
their own purposes (as we manipulate nuclear for propulsion &
energy etc).

More importantly, _all_ advanced beings using that force would
have instantaneously been made aware of an anomalous "blip" -
among constant beacons and data streams - at 5:29:45am on July
16, 1945, from Trinity Site in New Mexico, U.S.A - later to be
followed by others.

This fact is likely not news to some powerful agencies - maybe
for decades


Find "Eisenhower"


Ray D

"Perceptions" http://www.perceptions.couk.com

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