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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9 Number 19

From: John Hayes <webmaster.nul>
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 15:53:02 +0100
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Subject: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9 Number 19

Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


Volume 9, Number 19
May 12, 2004
Editor: Joseph Trainor

E-mail: Masinaigan.nul
Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


   A Xendra (pronounced Shenn-drah--J.T.), a kind of
inter-dimensional gateway, appeared last week in Carlsbad,
California (population 78,247), an oceanside city on
Highway 521 about 30 miles (50 kilometers) north of San
   The Xendra originally appeared in South America. It
first appeared in 2002 in Los Cipreses National Park near
Rancagua in Chile. Last year (2003), it appeared over the
seaport city of Maceio in Brazil. In South America, the
manifestation appeared as a blue arch, but, in Carlsbad,
it appeared as an amber cube.
   Eyewitness Lee Smythe reported, "Last Saturday (May
1, 2004) I was outside with my cousin, and we were
shooting the breeze (American slang for chatting --J.T.),
and, out of literally mid-air, a strange amber cube
appeared. Then, in a millisecond, the same sort of craft
(UFO) I had seen previously (in December 2003) showed up
in the middle of the cube, and then the cube disappeared,
and the craft began to move from east to west," out over
Carlsbad State Beach and the Pacific Ocean.
   "We called our entire family and watched it for a few
minutes, and it went out of sight. It was the same amber
light I had witnessed before. The first sighting was with
my girlfriend, and other people saw it, too. I live in
San Diego and witnessed it last December. Although this
time it had that odd amber cube around it, which was
hollow, like a cube made from neon lights. This was in
Carlsbad, Calif., far to the north of my original
   "I would like to know if anyone else from the San
Diego area has seen these lights. I can't fathom what is
going on and am wondering if it may be military, since
there are many bases located around here."
   UFOINFO webmaster John Hayes, commenting on the
sighting, said, "I will be interested to know what you
think of this 'cube.' This is not really something I
would think of, but for some reason I am still evidently
thinking about a possible teleportation device. The
'cube' could create a safe area for the UFO to beam into.
Pretty odd thinking for me, but if teleportation is
possible, you need to know exactly where you're going to
end up."
   "The shape is different, and so is the color," UFO
Roundup editor Joseph Trainor added, "But in terms of
manifestation, altitude and duration, the phenomenon in
Carlsbad is the same as the Xendra witnessed by those 24
ufologists in Chile and the people in Maceio, Brazil. Who
knows? Maybe the color is different because this time the
Xendra appeared on a different continent--North America."
(Many thanks to John Hayes for this report. And, for more
on the Xendra's earlier appearances, see UFO Roundup,
volume 7, number 20 for May 14, 2002, "Sixto Paz discusses
the Xendra experience," page 1; and UFO Roundup, volume 8,
number 12 for March 19, 2003, "Xendra appears again, this
time in Brazil," page 1.)


   "It all began a few weeks ago when a young woman left
school" in Justo Daract, a small city in western
Argentina, "at around 11 p.m. and came across someone
described as 'dressed in black, masked, with long (finger)
nails,' who climbed deftly up the flagpole in Pringles
Plaza, causing terror among the students."
   "Almost simultaneously it was said that a person
involved with the Community Watch Program saw the strange
entity in an open field between the Club Pringles futbol
(soccer in the USA--J.T.) field and the barrio Libertario
Ferrari (neighborhood), while others claimed also having
seen it climb trees in the Plaza Juan Esteban Pedernera in
the barrio Viviendas (neighborhood)."
   "Rumors began to spread despite the fact that no
formal complaint had been made, according to officials of
the local sheriff's office. Some locals said that the
authorities had been apprised of the strange phenomenon."
   "Up to this moment, the descriptions of the persons
who claimed having been startled in the dark involved a
somewhat tall person wearing a mask and who appeared to
have horns. Subsequent accounts changed its size,
although descriptions of its agility and movement remained
the same in all accounts."
   "Little by little, the intrigue increased, along with
the collective psychosis, and manifestations of El Unyudo
(Spanish for The Clawed One--J.T.) took place in a variety
of neighborhoods, times and other circumstances and
   "Reliable official sources said that on the evening
of (Monday) April 5 (2004) there were joint operations
involving the police and Community Watch personnel to the
south of the barrio Ilusion and the barrio Libertario
Ferrari, where some claimed having seen the sinister
character near a soccer field."
   "'It jumped over the barbed-wire fence with
remarkable agility and moved with such long strides that
it appeared to be floating on air and was impossible to
reach,' said one witness to the enigmatic apparition,
while adding that the chase and tracking were fruitless."
   "That same night, others claimed having seen the now
'small' character in the barrio Jardin Ferroviario to the
south of the city and in barrio Viviendas to the
   "Tuesday night (April 6, 2004) was restful, but
Wednesday (April 7, 2004) caused the most comment and
terrified many people, unleashing mass hysteria: an 11-
year-old boy from Barrio Norte went into shock" as a
result of meeting "the sinister creature of the night" who
"tapped him on the shoulder and showed his terrifying face
to him."
   "The boy was treated and released from Ernesto Pompeo
Borsani Hospital. But it was primarily this medical
center that became the scene of the rumors, since it is
said that there a nurse, a doctor and an ambulance driver,
along with security personnel at the site, caught a
fleeting glimpse of the night creature, causing panic in
some of the witnesses."
   "The (Argentinian) authorities were informed
immediately, and a patrol car reached the site, but
nothing could be gleaned except for the considerable
fright experienced by some of the witnesses, particularly
the nurse. Another security guard was doing his work when
the event occurred. He said the police had been phoned
and nothing had been found. Further details were
unavailable since 'everyone here was really scared.'"
   "A truck driver living close to the Club Pringles
stadium also claimed having seen the character appear over
the wall of the building and, although this has not yet
been ascertained, he fired some shots against El Unyudo,
who seemed immune. A subsequent inspection of the site
with a flashlight (torch in UK and Australia--J.T.) showed
no signs of the apparition."
   "'It had an ape-like appearance, standing no more
than 1.2 meters (3 feet, 7 inches) and leaves footprints
similar to that of a goat.'"
(Editor's Comment: The truck driver's description sounds
like a Dero, one of a mysterious race of underground
dwellers. A Dero was seen earlier this year near a canal
in Buenos Aires.)
   "There are some who claim to have seen the creature
climbing the flagpole in Pringles Plaza, in the Club
Pringles soccer field and on the cereal silos in the
vicinity of Barrio Norte."
   "The apparition is linked to a young woman who was
riding her bicycle back to her home in Libertario Ferrari
around 3 o'clock in the morning on Friday, April 8 (2004).
She saw a strange character jumping from rooftop to
rooftop in the 331 Viviendas" block.
   "Frightened, the young woman pedaled back to the bus
station some 10 blocks distant, to take the bus and return
home in tears, as was seen by the bus station employees
who attended to the young lady."
   "Large and with a mask and horns; small and apelike,
black or brown, with a nude upper torso and covered with
tattoos; standing upright or on four legs; leaving goat-
shaped footprints; climbing trees, pipelines or metal
silos; jumping over wire fences or small lagoons, swift
and elusive--the descriptions that have been given of El
Unyudo, who has captured the public's attention and caused
fear in most."
   Justo Daract is in Argentina's San Luis province,
located about 600 kilometers (360 miles) west of Buenos
Aires, the national capital. (See the Argentinian
newspaper El Diario de la Republica for April 11, 2004,
"Search for 'the Clawed One' continues." Muchas gracias a
Scott Corrales, Mario Luis Bracamonte y Carlos Iurchuk
para esto articulo de diario. For more on El Unyudo, see
UFO Roundup, volume 9, number 18 for May 5, 2004, "El
Unyudo causes a panic in western Argentina," page 3.)
(Editor's Comment: Madre de Dios! What's next!? El
Unyudo challenging Spider-Man to a battle on the Avenida
Nueve de Julio in Buenos Aires!?)


   "An Arborg cattle farmer made a horrific discovery
Monday," April 26, 2004, "when he found the partially
skinned remains of one of his animals that was missing its
tongue and apparently drained of its blood."
   "'The whole thing has turned out to be more sinister
than I thought,' said Yvonne, a neighbour who examined the
mutilated animal. She asked not to have her name used to
protect her family."
   "'What sort of weirdos have we got travelling in our
   "Gordon, who would only allow the Sun to print his
first name, said he discovered the carcass on his farm
Monday afternoon."
   "'I don't really want to speculate on what happened.
I know what I saw,' he said, adding that he is still
shaken up by the find."
   Located in Canada's Manitoba province, Arborg
(population 1,012) "is 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of
   "The mutilation happened Saturday or Sunday night
(April 24 or 25, 2004), Gordon said. No one heard
   "He's heard of several cow mutilations in the area
over the past few years, Gordon said."
   "He called the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police--
J.T.), reporting that the animal had been attacked by a
predator. He has since changed his mind about the cause."
   "'It was definitely a sharp object used,' he said."
   "Acting RCMP Corporal Glenn Syme said he has never
investigated an instance of cattle mutilation. The RCMP
did take a call this week about a cow being attacked by a
predator, likely from Gordon."
   "The animal was found with an incision under its
chin. The skin had been pulled from the face, exposing
the teeth."
   "'It's not the gore, we've seen that before. It's
the evil behind it,' Yvonne said."
   "The tip of the animal's tongue, cut from its root,
was placed in the mouth, she said."
   "'There's not a drop of blood in the animal. The
only way you can drain an animal of blood is (to cut into
it--R.F.) with the heart still pumping,' Yvonne said."
   "The cuts were very precise, as if made by a surgeon,
she said."
   "'You don't know who you're dealing with...the
average wild and wooly neighbourhood brat wouldn't be
capable of doing it,' she said."
   "Gordon and Yvonne called Fern Belzil, an Alberta-
based investigator of unexplained deaths who has been
studying cow mutilations for five years, for help. Belzil
has studied 100 cases, two-thirds of which remain
   "'I'm not saying it's aliens...a lot points toward
aliens, but there is no proof,' he said."
   "Belzil said he has never encountered any evidence
pointing to who or what is likely the cause."
   "'It's a real mystery,' he said." (See the Winnipeg
Sun for April 29, 2004, "Cow cut, drained in Arborg."
Many thanks to Robert Fischer for this newspaper article.)


   "More colorful unidentified flying objects have been
spotted" in Iran "beaming out green, red, blue and purple
lights in the Caspian Sea region of Golestan."
   Iranian newspapers "reported hundreds of people
running out into the streets on the evening of Tuesday,
April 27, 2004, to catch a glimpse of the bright
extraterrestrial light."
   Eight towns in Golestan reported UFO overflights that
evening, according to IRNA, the official Iranian news
   "People on the ground saw the brilliant object
dipping in and out of clouds," Iranian ufologist Kufa
Yildaz reported.
   "An (Iranian) Air Force officer of the Revolutionary
Guards was quoted in the newspaper Vagha-ye Etefaghiyeh as
saying Iran's Supreme National Security Council should
investigate whether these visitors from afar have hostile
   "Sadollah Nasiri-Qeydari, head of the Astronomical
Society of Iran, said the stories were 'unfounded.'"
   "'In my opinion, flying saucers do not exist,' he
said, insisting that his telescope would have picked up
invaders from outer space."
   "'The people who have seen these things are not
experts--farmers, villagers and pilots,' he added."
   "He said what people reported are consistent with the
planet Venus, whose intense light in its current position
would be giving off different hues by filtering through
the atmosphere." (See the Iranian newspaper Vagha-ye
Etefaghiyeh for April 28, 2004, "Strange lights seen over
Golestan." Many thanks to Ayesha al-Khatabi, UFO
Roundup's Middle East correspondent, for this newspaper


   More UFOs were reported in Sydney, New South Wales,
the largest city in Australia, last week.
   On Sunday, May 2, 2004, at 12:30 p.m., eyewitness
J.F. saw what "at first we thought appeared to be a star,
but at around 12 o'clock in the arvo (nearly directly
overhead--J.T.). Then my friend saw a red light next to
it but further behind. They hovered for about 60 seconds,
then took off in a northwesterly direction."
   The witnesses were outdoors in Lalor Park, in
Sydney's western suburbs.
   J.F. added, "All the rest that followed were white
lights. Some coming from what looked like the back of the
sun, some from all directions. Some were alone; others in
clusters. I shit you not...there were at least 15 to 20
of them, and I have three witnesses to the account."
   "One (UFO) took over three seconds to complete a span
of the sky, which is pretty (expletive) fast in my books.
I thought we were being raided right then and there."
(Email Form Report)


   On Tuesday, March 23, 2004, at 12:35 p.m., Peter B.
Grant spotted "a shadow on my house in Brooklands,
Manchester, England. This phenomenon had occurred at
several times in the past, and I had the (video) camera in
operation, looking out into the sky from my bedroom."
   "On viewing" the videotape "later that day, "there
was a definite black rectangle which is clearer when
magnified. The tape has been returned to me from MADIT,
whereupon they concluded that it was a UFO. Also, a
letter had been posted to me saying that other anomalous
objects had also been recorded on the videotape."
   "The reason I collect so many is because it's my
hobby. I have also been featured a couple of times in UFO
Magazine." (Email Form Report)


   On Sunday, May 2, 2004, at 11:05 p.m., "a resident of
the barrio Las Gemelas (neighborhood) in Capilla del
Monte," Argentina, "contacted (the UFO group) Proyecto
Catent to report the transit of a yellow light that was
reflected on the treetops and travelling in an east-west
direction, that is to say, from the Sierras toward Dique
El Cajon, at an estimated elevation of 150 meters (500
feet) above ground and not making any noise whatsoever.
The caller's parents were also witnesses to this event."
   "Last week, on Wednesday," April 28, 2004,
"researcher Hector Picco revealed that he had seen a small
white light coming from the Sierras and vanishing into the
rocky floor of an abandoned piece of property adjacent to
his home."
   "A local fisherman said that in the year 1993, while
on a fishing trip with his friends in Dique Los Alzanes
(in the region of La Toma--S.C.) he had seen a UFO with
several lights that went below mountain level between the
Uritorco and the Overo hills." (Muchas gracias a Scott
Corrales y Proyecto Catent para esto informe.)


   On Tuesday, April 27, 2004, at 11:35 p.m., Kevin
Delgado reported, "It was a clear night. I was walking my
dog" in Varnville, South Carolina (population 2,074)
"when, all of a sudden, these lights started blinking at a
distance. It looked like it was stopping in the air.
But, all of a sudden, it started to move east very slowly.
The two lights in front of the object were green and red."
   "When it passed almost directly over me, it looked
like three white lights on the bottom, almost forming a
triangular shape. I could not see the lights on the
bottom until it had actually passed by. Then it looked
like it went to the side for a little bit, then back to
the normal position. It kept traveling east very slowly."
   "I could not tell what shape it was. It was a good
500 yards (450 meters) away. It had three white lights on
the bottom of it. It was moving at about 30 to 45 miles
per hour (50 to 72 kilometers per hour--J.T.)."
   Varnville, S.C. is on Route 68 approximately 44 miles
(70 kilometers) north of Savannah, Georgia. (Email Form


   "Wowzers!" exclaimed eyewitness Lisa McDaniel, "I was
checking out the WAPT-TV Weather Cam" in Jackson,
Mississippi (population 184,256) "and I saw this UFO. I
had saved the two pics but unfortunately you can't do that
with a Webcam shot without it automatically refreshing
itself. I have already contacted the (TV) station to see
if they have the still shots, by any chance."
   "At any rate, at 12:15 p.m., (Monday) May 3, 2004,
there was a silver disk over Jackson, Miss., just to the
left of the Standard Life Building (the tallest building
in the pic--L.M.) and about midway up. The second one
(image) was dated 12:21 p.m., so just minutes later, it
was gone. It is a gorgeous, sunny, clear day and not a
cloud in the sky and no rain whatsoever."
   Lisa estimated that the UFO remained hovering for
about six minutes but was unhappy with the fact that she'd
been unable to save the images. "I'm just really
disappointed about this!"
   Jackson is the state capital of Mississippi. (Email
Form Report)


   "A group of workers made a strange discovery as they
came across three carcasses of a strange animal while they
worked on a house located on the Calle Condell (street) in
the commune of Providencia" in Chile.
   "The three skeletons at first report were reminiscent
of the feared Chupacabra."
   "'All three were the same, without any front legs.
We were told to dispose of them, but we were stunned and
are still confused. They can't be rabbits by their shape,
the teeth, the long legs, and the fact that they lock
hands,'" the workers told Chilevision Noticias."
   "The animals have skulls similar to a cat's, 15 ribs,
huge fangs separated by a one-centimeter (0.4-inch) gap
and only two hind legs."
   "'We'd all like this to be a Chupacabra or the
offspring of a Chupacabra. I'll be famous, but I don't
know if that would be the case,' the worker said."
   "The skeletons will be examined by veterinarians of
the University of Chile." (See the Chilean newspaper La
Tercera for April 30, 2004, "Chupacabras in Providencia?"
Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria Coluchi para esto
articulo de diario.)


   Another miniature submarine has disappeared at sea
under mysterious circumstances.
   "The U.S. Navy has called off the search for a
miniature unmanned submarine that vanished during tests
off Norway a week ago, the Norwegian military said
Friday," May 7, 2004.
   "The 11-foot (3.3-meter) long mini-sub, known as a
Battlespace Preparation Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, is
programmed before being launched to search for mines and,
if necessary, to destroy them."
   The BPAUV "did not surface as expected while being
tested during a military exercise last week off Norway,
leadings its mother ship, the USS Swift, to break off from
maneuvers and launch an extensive search."
   Like the similar incident in the Pacific Ocean a few
months ago, the loss of the BPAUV has ufologists wondering
if the mini-sub was destroyed or captured underwater by an
Unidentified Submerged Object (USO). (See the
Minneapolis, Minn. Star-Tribune for May 8, 2004, "Navy
ends search for missing mini-submarine," page 18-A.)


   "Perched on the edge of a 430-foot (130-meter) wide
crater, the Mars rover Opportunity has spied a new
treasure trove of rocks that promise to tell a richer,
deeper story of the planet's geological past."
   "At a news conference Thursday," May 6, 2004, "at
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California,
Steven Squyres, the mission's principal investigator,
called a high-resolution color panorama of the crater
'surely the most spectacular image yet from this
   "The photograph of the crater, named Endurance after
Ernest Shackleton's ship in the 1914 expedition to
Antarctica is spectacular not just for 'sheer scenic
grandeur,' Squyres said, but 'also for the scientific
potential that it offers.'"
   "Opportunity will spend several weeks circling the
outside of Endurance as mission managers try to figure out
whether the rover can safely enter it and, more uncertain,
make its way out again."
   "The crater is up to 60 feet (18 meters) deep with
slopes of 20 degrees and steeper. But Squyres said it was
conceivable that Opportunity would be sent in even if the
mission managers were convinced it would be a one-way
   "The scientists want to examine the crater's bedrock
closeup with a suite of instruments on the rover. The
$835 million mission of Opportunity and Spirit, its twin
on the other side of Mars, is to look for signs that the
planet was once much warmer and wetter than it is today,
perhaps even an environment amenable to life. Both rovers
are able to operate through at least September (2004)."
   "Based on the analysis of bedrock of the small crater
that it landed in, Opportunity has already discovered
compelling evidence that the vast, flat plain known as
Meridiani Planum was once.
   "Opportunity crawled out of the first crater, Eagle,
in March (2004), headed east toward Endurance Crater,
almost half a mile away. It arrived last Friday," May 7,
2004. "Since then, the rover, sitting a foot and a half
from the rim, has been taking photographs and other
   "The Endurance crater exposes the same bedrock layers
seen previously, but also reveals deeper layers. 'We see
enormous outcrops,' Squyres said, 'much bigger than
anything we've seen before of layered rock.'"
   "The mineralogy of the lower rock layers appears
markedly different, Squyres said, rich in basalt and
lacking the sulfates seen in the upper layers, and there
are hints in the photographs of large angled layers that
might be the remains of (prehistoric) sand dunes that
turned to stone."
   "'We're going to be looking for evidence of a beach
environment--was there something like that going on?'
Squyres said." (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for
May 7, 2004, "Mars rover considers exploring vast crater,"
page 5A.)

 From the UFO Files...


   "The rugged eastern mountain ranges of Queensland,"
in Australia, "extending from the Lamington Plateau and
McPherson ranges in the south-eastern border country all
the way up to Cape York, still contain many vast regions
of inaccessible forest, seldom if ever visited by many."
   These jungles are the home of the Yowie, the
Australian creature that closely approximates North
America's Bigfoot or the Yeti of the Himalayas.
   "It is from these high, imposing, rain-forest-covered
peaks and deep valleys--the fringes of which only hardy
timber-cutters (loggers in the USA--J.T.) and other
bushmen dare to penetrate--that eerie stories of
mysterious manlike giants have been emerging since the
early years of European settlement" in the Nineteenth
   "Old timers of the Tully district" in the early 1900s
"used to warn travellers not to enter the Cardwell range,
inland from the town, because of the 'great hairy men'
that roamed the mountain country thereabouts."
   "Further south, and north of Townsville on the coast,
lies the town of Innisfail, many of whose inhabitants of
the last 100 years or so have believed in the 'Milla Milla
Monster'--giant hairy hominids that Aborigines and early
settlers alike believed inhabited the rain forests and
mountains of the region."
   "The 'hairy men' of the Innisfail district have been
known collectively as the Milla Milla Monster since the
many reports of their activities were rife" in the latter
part of the Nineteenth Century.
   "During 1990, two campers found huge footprints of
one of these monstrous man-beasts near Milla Milla, for a
time reviving many of the old stories."
   "Earlier, in July 1973, Innisfail residents were
alarmed when Bill Towns, a bushwalker, and 'Mark,' a mate,
sighted a group of primitive-looking hominids comprising a
small male, a larger seven-foot (2.3-meter) male, as well
as a small female and a larger, seven-foot female moving
through a rain forest late one afternoon."
   "This is what happened in Bill's own words:"
   "'We were hiking through forest on the edge of a
sugar-cane field above an embankment next to a creek.
Mark suddenly stopped me. 'Quick, ahead of you,' he
   "'There was something moving in the bushes near us
next to the track ( trail in the USA--J.T.). Then, barely
a few feet away, a large hairy male creature emerged onto
the track, pushing aside the foliage on either side as it
did so.'"
   "'We were terrified and stood fixed to the spot as
the creature, a seven-foot male with large genitals
visible, looked at us, then slid down the embankment and
into the creek. As it stood in the creek, it let out a
loud howling sound towards the forest behind us.'"
   "'As he did so, a smaller male appeared of about five
foot (1.3 meters) height and then a female of about seven
feet (2.3 meters), and a smaller five-foot female, all of
whom assembled on the opposite bank of the creek, looked
up at us, then ran off up the bank and into forest cover.
The adult and smaller males then re-appeared and began
screeching at us.'"
   "'By now we were looking about us for some large
pieces of wood with which to defend ourselves. The big
muscular male was by now screeching all the more and
shaking a tree with rage. He then dashed back along the
creek towards us, and we ran off in terror. However, he
may have only wanted to frighten us off, as he did not
climb the embankment.'"
   "Freshly-made footprints of immense size were claimed
found in the forest on the edge of Tully township on
numerous occasions throughout the 1960s and the 1970s."
   "But then, hairy man-beasts are nothing new to the
local residents. Back in 1876, a two-legged, five-foot-
tall manlike creature approached a survey party outside
Tully and roared at them. The incident was the subject of
an official report." (See the book Mysterious Australia
by Rex Gilroy, NEXUS Publishing, Mapleton, Queensland,
Australia, 1995, pages 224 to 227.)

Report From the Editor:
   On Sunday, May 9, 2004, I took a break from writing
this week's issue and journeyed to Mariner Mall in
Superior, Wisconsin to catch the new horror-adventure
movie Van Helsing. I thought, Sunday afternoon, the
matinee show, I'd have the theater to myself. Boy, was I
wrong! I got there twenty minutes before showtime, and
the seats were already 75 percent full.
   And no wonder! This movie is just as good as last
year's X2: The X-Men United. The film features three of
Universal's most famous monsters--Count Dracula, the
Wolfman and Frankenstein--all pitted against filmdom's
latest hero, vampire hunter Gabriel Van Helsing. The
action and pacing never let up, and the computer-generated
imagery will boggle the mind.
   Just a couple of comments.
   To parents of our youngest readers: the CGI-images of
the werewolves and Count Dracula and his brides in their
Nosferatu form are extremely realistic and may trigger
nightmares. So check it out yourself before you let the
under-10s go.
   To the film's editors: Nice scene of the count
romancing Gypsy princess Anna Valerious at the masked ball
in Budapest. Unfortunately, later on in the film, it's
revealed that Dracula is a son of the House of Valerious.
Which means he was dirty-dancing with his umpty-times-
great-niece. Ooops!
   If this is an example of what's coming, we're going
to have a great sci-fi summer movie season.

   And we'll be back next week with more UFO, Fortean
and paranormal news from around the planet Earth--and
occasionally, Mars--brought to you by "the paper that goes
home--UFO Roundup." See you next time!

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