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Abductees Share Stories

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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 23:45:04 -0500
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Subject: Abductees Share Stories

Source: Cibola County News - Grants, New Mexico

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Abductees Share Stories

An alien abduction night held at Double Six Gallery in Grants
last month featured spaceship paintings, glow-in-the-dark
jewelry and a sense of light-hearted fun. The second meeting
last Thursday had a slightly different tone.

The gathering was small - only about 10 people - but the
geographical areas represented at the gallery event were large.
Cars in the parking lot showed owners from Arizona, Colorado,
North Dakota and New Mexico. Residents of the star Zeta Articuli
were the main (serious) topic of conversation.

Three people in the group claimed to have met the aliens before.
Former Grants resident Robert Allen said he has seen the star
travelers many times, and has been abducted several times as
well. Gil Riggs claimed to have seen aliens since 1951, when he
was in the Coast Guard in Alaska. A woman who refused to
identify herself said aliens attempted to abduct her but she
refused to go.


Allen said he was first abducted in 1990 while living in Grants.
"They came through the walls and took me," he explained. The
spacemen reportedly told him, "We love you," at the time of his

Allen has since made it his mission to educate the world about
our brothers from space by selling videotapes, giving talks
about alien descriptions in the Bible and interpreting
petroglyphs that show 1,200-year-old drawings of star travelers
riding on disks. He believes crop circles, cattle mutilations
and alien pregnancies are all the work of spiny gray people from
outer space.

"I'm amazed people are talking of this openly," Allen said.
"Many people are afraid to speak out because of ridicule."

Allen believes the Earth is about to experience a massive
spiritual change as aliens try to change human DNA and help
earthlings avoid a nuclear-related disaster like "The Grays"
experienced in the past. "We have a mission to make them feel

Allen said he thinks "We are interplanetary beings ourselves"
who were brought here from outer space, and that the aliens like
us because the Earth is so beautiful from space.

He advised audience members to carry a camera everywhere they
go, even though he said he has never succeeded in getting a
picture of an alien.

Allen believes aliens don't show themselves openly because the
U.S. military wants to use their technology for military
purposes. He named President Dwight D. Eisenhower, President
George W. Bush and former Fuhrer Adolph Hitler as famous UFO
sighters. Hitler shot down a UFO in Germany during World War II,
according to Allen.

"Grants needs to go out and reach everyone on the subject," he


Gil Riggs said the aliens are nitrogen-based life forms who were
created in a laboratory and cannot reproduce on their own. That
is why they keep trying to get Earth women pregnant - so they
can remove the alien baby before it is born, "without scars or
anything." He said the aliens are also concerned about humans
blowing themselves up with atomic bombs, and that they remove
gold from the earth with lasers.

Riggs claimed that UFOs are so common that the US and USSR
signed agreements during the Cold War to hold off on launching
nuclear bombs until after they had verified that no UFOs were
involved. Airline pilots and stewardesses have been told to keep
their mouths shut about UFO sightings, he added, and military
pilots can be court-martialed if they talk.

Riggs claimed to have seen half-mile-long mother ships while UFO
watching in Laguna and San Diego. Some answered questions by
blinking their lights.

He talked of earthly astronauts who believe in little gray men
from space, and of how those little visitors follow him around.
He also believes in reincarnation, and that people from Atlantis
had space travel.

Other audience members

A woman who refused to identify herself, but who said she is a
psychiatric nurse, had her own memories of an attempted
abduction that she refused to participate in. She felt there are
several kinds of aliens with different missions concerning
Earth, and that they can be divided into "Good Guys" and "Bad
Guys." The woman said her boss is a psychiatrist who treats
abductees' psychological problems, and that the U.S. government
is trying to cover up proof of alien visits. Allen agreed.
"There's lots of secret stuff the government doesn't want us to

Even local residents got into the act. Janice Derrick didn't
make any comments about her own beliefs, but noted that UFO
sightings are a rural phenomena and that people often saw lights
in the sky when she was a girl growing up in Oklahoma. "Every
country on earth has encountered this problem," she said.

Artist Dennis Black said he attended a UFO conference in
Stockton Pass, Arizona, and that the area is sometimes called a
"portal" for space visitors. "All things are possible," he said.
Of course, Black also wore a t-shirt that stated, "You have the
right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted, and
then used against you."

The next Alien Abduction Night is planned for 6 p.m. on April 27
at the Double Six Gallery. For more information, call 287-7311
or stop by 117 N. First Street in Grants.  - Marian Hamilton

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