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Radio Show Airs Alien Encounters

From: Frank Warren <frank-warren.nul>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 08:42:09 -0800
Fwd Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 10:42:45 -0500
Subject: Radio Show Airs Alien Encounters

Source: The Palm Beach Post


March 31, 2004

Radio show airs alien encounters

By Eliot Kleinberg, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

The caller was a pilot 30,000 feet over Area 51, the mysterious
Nevada military base that allegedly holds crashed UFOs. The
radio host urged him to turn back. The pilot reported an F-16
military jet was heading his way.

"It looks like some kind of ray gun is coming up from the
ground. It has a weird-looking barrel, like a light. Oh, God.
They're shooting at me. I'm going in."

Then dead air.

Did it happen?

Debunkers to the contrary, millions of people listen to Coast to
Coast AM, a syndicated radio program that airs on some 500
stations in North America. It's broadcast in the dead of night,
for the people who believe, and the people who maybe wonder just
a little, and the people who just can't get to sleep.

Listeners are linked in a worldwide electronic slumber party,
complete with ghost tales and psychics and angel sightings and
aliens over the World Trade Center.

On one recent show:

=95 A man identified at least three "portals" to other dimensions
and times -- two in California and one in Arizona -- but gave no
exact locations. At one, he said, "I could have sworn I saw
sandal feet there, and then I heard a voice saying, -- almost
right behind me, made me jump -- 'Do you want to come through?'
I said, no I didn't."

=95 An e-mailer saw ghosts in the basement of his grandfather's
St. Louis house and later awoke to find them encircling his bed;
in the morning, he said, his mirror was cracked, and "I had
scratch marks all over my arms in the shape of human

=95 And a lady in Winnipeg, Canada, had a girlfriend who regularly
talks to the dead, by appointment, explaining, "She'll tell you
something only the two of you would have done together."

Host plays along

Host George Noory often grills callers for more details and
clucks in amazement at their stories, offering "my gosh,"
"that's weird" and "what an unbelievable story."

What you won't hear him say is, "You're nuts."

"It's not my responsibility," Noory said in a telephone

"Do I believe every story that comes into Coast to Coast? No,"
he said. "When you listen to some of these stories, a lot of
them could be concocted, far-fetched. But a lot of them also
give you that ability to just doubt."

If someone calls to say he's captured an alien, Noory said: "I
tell him, 'Send me the picture.' I've never gotten a picture.
But I'm not going to belittle him on the air."

Noory, a broadcaster for 33 years, replaced Art Bell, who
created the show in 1993. It was Bell, who lives within sight of
Area 51, who fielded the call from the alleged ill-fated
interloper. Bell mysteriously left the show for two weeks in
1998; he later revealed his 16-year-old son had been kidnapped
and raped in 1997 by a substitute teacher. He then left again
briefly in 2000 after being falsely accused of child
molestation. When Bell retired for good in January 2003, Noory,
a late-night talk host in St. Louis and Bell's backup since
April 2001, took over. He does the show from Southern
California. Bell still hosts weekend shows from Nevada.

The show's Web site is loaded with material from its guests and
supporters, and contains much of the usual paranormal bulletin-
board items:

A "Dr. Joseph M" got his hands on an alleged "Top Secret" CIA
memo that says the "problem of death and dying has been
conquered permanently." An X-ray of a spine showed the ghostly
image of an alien's face. And a mysterious glow was reported in
the Topanga Canyon near Los Angeles (others later wrote in that
it was the launch of a Minuteman missile from nearby Vandenburg
Air Force Base).

One entry showed what the correspondent said was a mysterious
flying object he saw attached to a commercial jet flying over
West Palm Beach on Dec. 15, 2002. The entry said that "local
news made a small blurb about it," but a check has found no
published reports. An e-mail to the correspondent bounced back,
and his name was not found on a national database.

The show publishes a newsletter called After Dark that it says
"satisfies seekers of the weird, the unexplainable and the
supernatural -- in even more detail than the radio show. Plus,
After Dark dares to explore, in-depth, today's alternative
worlds of health, medicine, and spirituality. And much, much

Order the newsletter for a year for $40 and get a CD of
interviews with, and a four-page biography of, Malachi Martin, a
former Jesuit priest and a prominent exorcist who died in 1999
and whose writings suggested the Vatican had become either a
corporate stooge of Communists or a cohort of Satan.

'They believe everything'

Noory, raised a Catholic, said he questions the mysteries of the
universe and believes the paranormal and religion coexist. He
also said he believes in many of the subjects his callers cover
-- including conspiracies.

"There's no question in my mind that there's a manipulation
worldwide. Who are they? I don't know."

Noory said he censors no one. He said he has had callers
challenge others, and his show has invited debunkers, including
the South Florida-based James Randi; Randi turned down the

Noory also doesn't judge his listeners. "There's some people
that listen to it for pure entertainment value," he said.
"There's people that listen to it because they believe

Noory said his goal isn't to give people the creeps.

"When people call and say, 'There's a ghost in my room, what do
I do?', I say, 'Turn on the lights,' " Noory said. But he said
his show succeeds because listeners listen in the dark, maybe a
little scared to peek out the window.

"It would not work at 10 o'clock in the morning," he said. "It
would lose the mystery."

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