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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9 Number 13

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Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 20:12:20 +0100
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Subject: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9 Number 13

Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


Volume 9, Number 13
March 31, 2004
Editor: Joseph Trainor

E-mail: Masinaigan.nul
Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      "A salty sea once existed on the surface of Mars, an
environment that could have supported early life on the
Red Planet, NASA scientists announced Tuesday," March 23,
      "'We think (the rover) Opportunity is now parked on
the shoreline of a salty sea on Mars,' says Steve Squyres
of Cornell University, lead scientist of NASA's twin-rover
Mars mission."
      "The Opportunity rover uncovered evidence of the
ancient body of water in a bedrock outcrop surrounding its
landing site in a crater."
      "Uneven deposits of salts in the outcrop and 'cross-
bedding' of rock layers unmistakably show water currents--
gentle one-mile-per hour ones--laid down the bedrock
layers at an undetermined point in Mars' past, Squyres
      "The rover team had reported three weeks ago that
water once saturated the bedrock, but scientists had not
been certain until now that open water once existed at the
crater.  'This dramatic confirmation of standing water in
Mars' history builds on a progression of discoveries about
that most Earth-like of alien planets,' says Ed Weller,
NASA space science chief."
      "'This result gives us impetus to expand our
ambitious program of exploring Mars to learn whether
microbes have ever lived there and, ultimately, whether we
      "Opportunity and its twin sister, Spirit, which is on
the other side of the planet, landed in January (2004).
The $820 million rovers were sent to look for clues in
rocks and soil to the Martian history of water.  Water is
thought to be necessary for life to have ever existed on
      "Mars is a desert planet.  It is notable for dust
storms, freezing temperatures and a thin carbon dioxide
      "But the mission's findings thus far suggest that
billions of years ago, water flowed on the then-young
planet.  This could have given microbial life a chance to
arise, some scientists say."
      "The team delayed its latest results by two weeks so
that six outside scientists could review the findings."
      "'I'm convinced.  It's very compelling geologic
evidence,' says Melissa Lane of the Planetary Science
Institute in Tucson," Arizona, "an outside scientist who
was not part of the NASA review team."
      "The rovers' instruments detect traces of iron in
their search for minerals rusted by water.  Neither rover
can detect organic materials or microbe fossils left
behind by living organisms."
      "Opportunity left its crater on Monday," March 22,
2004 "to explore the Meridiani Planum plain, overcoming
slippery sand to make its exit."  (See USA Today for March
24, 2004, "Traces of long-lost 'salty sea' found on Mars,"
page 1A.)
(Editor's Comment: UFO Roundup would like to offer a
posthumous Nostradamus Award to science-fiction author Lin
Carter (1930-1988).  Lin predicted the existence of
prehistoric seas on Mars in his 1967 novel, The Flame of


      "Ellen Pfeiffer of Ironwood (population 6,293)," in
Michigan's Upper Peninsula, "called the Globe to say she
and a friend had seen the bright light reported by a
Kimball, Wisconsin man as an unidentified flying object
Sunday evening," March 21, 2004.
      "Pfeiffer said she and Darlene Korhonen were coming
out of the Pioneer Park Apartments around 6:15 p.m. when
they saw something in the sky that was neither a star nor
an airplane."
      "'It was absolutely awesome,' Pfeiffer said, 'I never
saw anything so bright.  We couldn't figure out what it
      "Forrest Wiedbrauk of Kimball, Wisconsin told the
Iron County Sheriff's Department that he had seen 12
bright lights over his house.  The lights turned orange,
and the craft took off over the house, according to the
      On Friday, March 12, 2004, eyewitness M.N. "was
driving eastward on Wellington Street in Sault Sainte
Marie, Ontario, Canada," at the southeastern end of Lake
Superior.  "As I came to the central part of the city
(known to us residents of the Lake Superior region as
"Soo, Canada"--J.T.), I noticed a straight beam of light
hovering in the early morning sky" around 4 a.m. "from the
top of the hill that was on my northern side."
      "My vehicle came to a complete stop at a cross
street, and I looked all the way down to the end of the
street (7 blocks away--M.N.) because the street ends at
the base of the hill and has a metal stairwell leading to
McDonald Avenue."
      "Although being 7 blocks away, my eyes were able to
focus on a little dark figure that was standing very
still.  This caught my curiosity, and, as I slowly drove
towards it, it started moving from side to side with fluid
movements, as if it was hovering in mid-air.  It moved as
if it was confused, or afraid, and didn't know what to
      "As I got closer, the figure's appearance seemed to
have metamorphosed into a transparent, shadow-like entity
that very swiftly flew up the stairs.  To my astonishment,
the beam of light that I had seen in the sky a few minutes
ago, and a couple of miles away, was now at the top of the
hill, only about 100 feet (30 meters) away."
      "With my heart racing and blood pumping, I drove as
fast as I could eastward along the base of the hill until
I came to the nearest hill street and drove up McDonald
Avenue to see what was happening.  In a matter of seconds,
travelling from the bottom to the top of the hill, I
arrived at the top of the steps only to find three circle-
shaped burn markings on the pavement of the street."
      "Approximately 10 seconds later, I heard a very weird
kind of gunshot sound, looked up to the sky and saw a
bright light shooting up into the stars.  As I was
watching the spectacle, a surreal kind of peaceful feeling
came upon me, and it felt as if every hair on my body were
standing on end.  The feeling only lasted for what felt
like 30 seconds, but when I looked at my watch, it was a
good 40 minutes later."
      "I drove home in astonishment and only told a very
few good friends.  Since that night, I have heard other
accounts of some kind of bright light hovering across the
summit of that hill very slowly, with a beam of light
shining down from it."  (See the Ironwood, Mich. Globe for
March 24, 2004, "A confirmation on the UFO."  Many thanks
to Jim Hickman for this newspaper article.  The Soo
encounter was an Email Form Report.)


      On Thursday, March 11, 2004, a witness in Clifton,
Ohio "reported a high 'star-like' object that had unusual
brightness, thought at first to be a satellite traversing
a good portion of the sky at a routine clip until the
object undertook a 90-degree banking maneuver.  Size of
the object was 'star-like.'  No sound heard.  Viewed about
straight overhead," and its final direction of departure
was to the northwest.
      "The object was seen near the intersection of Vestry
and Straight Streets near the Deaconness Hospital" in
      On Wednesday, March 17, 2004, at 7:02 p.m., the
witness was outdoors in Dillonvale, Ohio (population 781),
a town on Route 152 about 15 miles (25 kilometers) north
of Wheeling, West Virginia, when he saw a UFO.  He
reported, "I, my son and a friend witnessed a very large
black object hovering in the eastern sky, approximately 45
degrees due east.  The object was at 2,000 to 3,000 feet
(600 to 900 meters)" in altitude, "hovering still with the
breaks in the passing low-level clouds we had last night.
For about two minutes in duration, the object was
perfectly still (as I could see the passing clouds
moving), and then it slowly moved due east and, within 30
seconds, disappeared into the clouds around 30 degrees
above the horizon.  There were no lights whatsoever on the
object, and the object made no sound."
      "Judging from where I was viewing the object," the
witness added, "I would guesstimate that it was directly
over the Kenwood Mall/Madeira area and moved due east
after that."  (Many thanks to Ohio ufologist Kenny Young
for these reports.)


      On Friday, March 19, 2004, at 11:45 p.m., eyewitness
R.A. was outdoors in Codicote, Hertfordshire, UK when she
saw "three UFOs hovering in the same area.  There were
three objects in the sky" with an "oval shape and silver
colour.  One object was circling, and the other two were
sort of chasing each other."
      "The one that was circling was not moving very fast,
but the two that were chasing each other were moving
fairly fast.  I observed these objects for 10 to 15
minutes.  The sighting took place in the village of
Codicote, and the objects stayed in the same area."
      "When I first saw these objects, I thought they might
be the lights of a car reflecting in the sky, but, when no
car went past, I thought it strange.  So I ignored it.
When I looked, I believed it to be a strobe light, but
there was not a beam coming from the ground."
      "I asked my boss to take a look, and he agreed with
me that it was not a strobe light or car lights.  We
looked for a little while longer and then went home.  He
got his daughter to take a look.  He also got his video
camera and took a recording, but because the camera is
old," the image "has not come out that well."  (Many
thanks to Canadian ufologist Brian Vike for this report.)


      "An unidentified flying object was reported this
morning," Saturday, March 27, 2004, "in the vicinity of
the coastal highway" near Buenos Aires, the capital of
      "Several eyewitnesses claim having seen a luminous
object that changed colors incessantly and flew slowly
over the Rio de la Plata," a broad estuary between Buenos
Aires and Montevideo, the capital of neighboring Uruguay.
      "Subsequently, a witness claimed having seen it over
the town of Morin" in eastern Argentina.
      Earlier in the week, on Monday, March 22, 2004, "an
unidentified flying object that 'shone and swirled'
hovered for a few minutes over the waters of the Rio de la
Plata not far from the shoreline of Buenos Aires,
according to the Fuerzas Aereas Argentineras (FAA or
Argentinian Air Force--J.T.), which received several
accounts from eyewitnesses who phoned in their reports."
      "Air Commodore Guillermo Losada, press officer for
the FAA, confirmed that 'several phone calls' were
received, which alerted them to the presence of the UFO.
He added that their existence could not be officially
confirmed 'through the air traffic controllers or through
any pilot testimony' since there were no flights in the
vicinity at the time."
      "'There has apparently been some sort of sighting,
but we cannot confirm the type of object seen,' added
Losada."  (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria
Coluchi para estas noticias.)


      "Several groups of dead hens were bled dry in the
backyard of the Rodriguez household."
      "A nocturnal Chupacabra attack took place last
Tuesday night," March 16, 2004, "in a chicken coop owned
by Gonzalo Rodriguez of barrio San Juan (neighborhood) of
San Ramon, Ajuela province, Costa Rica."
      "Nearly 20 beautiful plump hens--the type that take
pride in laying large eggs--were found dead and without a
trace of blood, bearing twin puncture marks on their
backs.  The birds were completely dry."
      "It was late at night when Rodriguez heard strange
noises and a ruckus coming from the henhouse on his
property--a commotion that was far from being normal.  He
decided to send his son to check with a flashlight (torch
in UK and Australia--J.T.), to make sure chicken thieves
weren't at work."
      "The youth obeyed his father and, flashlight in hand,
approached the huge henhouse stealthily, becoming
terrified upon seeing a strange black animal some 40
centimeters (15 inches) tall and resembling a small dog
with a long tail and standing on two legs.  He recalls,
from what little he was able to see through the
flashlight's beam, that the animal had a very long tongue.
Upon seeing the light, the creature fled into the
vegetation, skillfully leaping over a wall."
      "An investigation of the henhouse revealed that 20
hens had been slain.  Police authorities of the nearby
town of San Ramon were notified, and Officer Marcos
Hernandez reported to the scene to corroborate not only
Gonzalo Rodriguez's account but the testimony of
frightened neighbors."
      "The officer was able to ascertain that several
'bunches' of dead hens lay near the property's fence.  The
birds were whole, and the only sign of damage to them was
two small holes on the back, through which is presumed
that the strange assailant drove its fangs to remove or
suck their blood."
      "Witnesses immediately ascribed the blame for the
chicken slayings to the legendary, sinister and mysterious
creature known throughout Central America as the
      "What occurred two nights ago at the Rodriguez
household was immediately associated with an earlier,
similar event, in which dead sheep have been found with
the same characteristics: twin puncture marks on their
necks or back and not a single drop of blood."
      "Neighbors have rejected the possibility that a
weasel, a wolf or a hen-killing predator such as a fox
could be considered.  What startled them most is that
formerly one or two hens would vanish--now 20 did so at
the same time."  (See the newspaper Extra of San Jose de
Costa Rica for March 18, 2004, "Chupacabra exanguinates
hens in San Ramon."  Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y
Gloria Coluchi para esto articulo de diario.)

      Well, that's it for this week.  Join us in seven days
for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the
planet Earth--nd occasionally, Mars--brought to you by
"the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup."  See you then.

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