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Re: 1947 At Roswell, Corona And Other Places -

From: Stanton Friedman <fsphys.nul>
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 21:39:21 -0400
Fwd Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 13:05:07 -0500
Subject: Re: 1947 At Roswell, Corona And Other Places -

>From: Loren Coleman <lcoleman.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 22:19:40 -0500
>Subject: 1947 At Roswell, Corona And Other Places

>Theo Paijmans writes to a Fortean List (and has given me
>permission to forward his remark and my reply to UFO folks):

>"Roswell? Other than a crash of a Mogul balloon and Goddard's
>early rocket experiments, I can't seem to recall any remarkable
>occurrence that would merit the place being 'notorious for the

Too bad Theo hasn't done his homework. MOGUL doesn't fit at all
(wrong dates... the papers of July 8 say "found last week", the
characteristics don't match at all etc as noted in my 1994 paper
"The Roswell Incident, The USAF, and the NY Times"). I don't
know why any rational person would consider the crash and
retrieval of an alien space craft paranormal-- remarkable yes,
paranormal no.

>Before I get into the heart of this, here's an interesting
>series of photos showing the rural nature of the alleged crash


Sorry but this site is full of nonsense. The Corn Ranch site has
no connection with the Roswell or any other UFO Crash and has
been totally discredited. The Knight family that owned the land
said the only way, in 1947, was by horseback. Frank Kaufmann's
testimony has been shown to be totally worthless as admitted
even by Kevin Randle who touted it so highly for years, despite
there being nothing to support it. The captions say Mac Brazel
led the sherrif to that site, which is nonsense since Brazel led
Marcel and Cavitt to the debris field site many miles away on
the old Foster Ranch... he didn't lead the sheriff anywhere.....

>Without becoming lost in the whole "crashed saucer" debate, I
>think it is worth pointing out that since this discussion is
>about Fortean locations, to be specific, more mystery seems to
>surround what happened at Corona, New Mexico, some 45 miles
>north of Roswell. I really don't have any idea what the
>prevailing Ufological feeling is about the importance of Corona
>versus Roswell. But the "site" of more significance in the
>investigations of the 1947 crash, it seems the crash researchers
>talk about "the unidentified craft" skipping on the ground at
>Roswell and ending up at Corona, true?

No, false. Corona is much more than 45 miles from Roswell. No
skipping. The book by Don Berliner and I: "Crash at Corona: The
Definitive Study of the Roswell Incident" (I still have copies
available) is named that because the crash was much closer to
the tiny (under 1000 pop.) Corona than to the much larger
Roswell (25,000 then) and, of course, the military base was in

>Being more interested in "the locations," what I do see is that
>while Corona is in Lincoln County (!), Roswell is actually in
>Chaves County. From east to west are the counties of Chaves,
>then Lincoln, and finally Socorro. Of course, Socorro County is
>a "hot" location - for more than 1947 UFO reasons. The White
>Sands Missile Range covers the SW corner of Lincoln County, SE
>corner of Soccoro County, and others, such as the eastern edge
>of Otero County, home of Alamogordo, NM. Alamogordo is most
>often associated as being "near" the Trinity Site, the location
>of the first atomic bomb explosion, but it is 85 miles from
>Alamogordo to the Trinity Site and the nearby McDonald ranch

White Sands Missile Range is the alrgest military base in the
USA. Trinity site is on the range. Alamogordo is at the edge.
Holloman AFB is also right there...



>Of note to certain Forteans is these locations being so near 33
>degrees latitude. Even a mainstream online place like CNN
>Interactive enjoys pointing out that, near Soccoro:

>"It was here - 33 degrees, 40 minutes, 31 seconds north
>latitude, 106 degrees, 28 minutes, 29 seconds west longitude -
> where the world changed on July 16, 1945, at 5:29 a.m. Mountain
>War Time." See:


>That JFK would be killed near the Trinity River, on the way to
>the Triple Overpass, at the old Masonic Temple location known as
>Dealey Plaza (on a ley-line, so to speak), ten miles north of 33
>degrees north latitude is chilling to some. Merely an intriguing
>coincidence to others.

>And some people even think that JFK was killed from the Grassy
>Knoll. Okay, hold on. I just had one of those Fortean moments. I
>was concurrently examining the "Timeline of the BTK killings":


>to forward to associates interested in such matters. And what
>did I notice? That the first victims were members of the Otero
>family. I don't recall running across the name "Otero" before
>today, only having see it earlier this evening as the county in
>which Alamogordo is located. Therefore, taking the next step, I
>wanted to see what "Otero" means, via the handy AltaVista Babel
>Translation tool. Well, alright, the word Otero = Knoll.

>Just another evening of Fortean coincidences, I guess. ;-}

>Thanks to Theo for sending me on this little sidetrip.

As I keep telling people there is an awful lot of garbage out
there about the Roswell Incident.

Stan Friedman

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