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Re: The Phoenix Lights - Man Made Hoax Devices -

From: Jim Kelly <Azredant.nul>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 13:24:12 EST
Fwd Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 13:57:25 -0500
Subject: Re: The Phoenix Lights - Man Made Hoax Devices -

>From: Stuart Miller <stuart.miller4.nul>
>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 16:55:19 -0000
>Subject: Re: The Phoenix Lights - Man Made Hoax Devices

>The following is a short extract from an interview conducted
>between myself and Dr. Lynne Kitei, author of the book The
>Phoenix Lights, for UFO Review, a new on-line e-zine to be
>launched soon. The full interview will appear in the first
>edition, TBA.

>Interview date: 24th. March 04.

>Time: 11:00 pm GMT.

>SM is Stuart Miller

>LK is Doctor Lynne Kitei.

>SM: What is your reaction these days, now, when you still hear
>the word "flares" mentioned in connection with the lights?

>LK: Oh boy, that does get my ire. First of all, they weren't
>flares! That I know. It's funny you should mention that because
>last night, the three hour show (Coast To Coast 3/24/04) went so
>well and we were getting such wonderful callers, from all over
>the United States. It was just really amazing that all these
>people were up in the middle of the night listening to this and
>it was really comforting. I ve had so much positive
>reinforcement. The last caller though, this guy says, I know you
>were looking south so it must have been flares on the Barry
>Goldwater range .

>Well, besides the fact that if you just look at the data,
>there's no way these were flares because they don't act like
>flares. They defy physics, as we know it, as I've been told by
>numerous optical specialists. Flares cannot stay in a straight
>line, they cannot form formations, for sure, they're very
>erratic, they're white not amber. They have giant slope trails
>and they reflect. That's what they're used for; to reflect light
>on air.

You have got to be kidding me Lynn! Then why did you allow Dr.
Sky, who hosted your book signing event in Scottsdale, AZ,
inform the crowd that the 10:00 PM event was most likely
military flares? I was at that function. Now you are saying that
they could not have been flares?? Which is it?

>This didn't come up until a month after the USA Today article,
>when I know the media was just badgering, as we were, for an
>explanation and so they had to come up with something. The only
>real hard data that they had were the four videos that night of
>us looking south, so whoever thought it up was certainly very
>bright and could make a case because the video itself does not
>do it justice. It does not do it justice at all because they re
>white in the video; they flicker in the video which they do not
>do in real life. They appear smaller as well.

>People that want to feed into that explanation, do. Either
>they're fearful of the real explanation or they just can't deal
>with thinking about it and it's just easier for them to slip
>into a logical explanation. What's funny to me is that if you
>look at the data, there's just no way. It's comical now when
>somebody brings it up and some people are very hard set on it, I
>have to tell you. Like this guy on the radio programme last
>night. I also received an e-mail to that affect from a guy
>that's with the Snowbirds somewhere. These are the people that
>really don't look at the data. They hear an explanation; they
>jump on it and say, That's fine.

Or, they do a complete investigation, utilize facts rather than
what they would like to believe!!! It is interesting that almost
all of your sightings took place in the direction of the
Goldwater Range, where military aircraft come from all over to
perform flare dumping campaigns. Yet, that information was not
in your book!!!

>Well what about the mile long triangular craft that everybody
>saw. What about that phenomena? To me it's just as important if
>not more so because thousands of people saw that as well, or
>lights attached to something, which is very similar to what I
>photographed, obviously.

A good point. _That_ is the real mystery here. A large
Triangular aircraft moving slowly through Phoenix at around 8:30
PM. Not the obvious flare lights at 10:00 PM.

>A number of people saw these orbs detach from the main object
>and go out into the environment, which maybe was what happened
>in 95 to my husband and I, and then re-dock. That we didn't find
>out about until over a year, in December, after the mass
>sighting when I went back to the negatives and tried to find the
>one with four lights, which I realised was actually from 95. It
>shows quite clearly that when the closed orbs were disappearing,
>and when there were three orbs there originally, one on top and
>two underneath, there were six lights in the background. Two of
>them disappeared as the top orb disappeared so that we saw four
>in the background when two were there. Then when there's only
>one orb, there's two in the background. So the same formation in
>the same location, disappearing in the background when we re
>seeing the closed orbs as well. It' s a little too coincidental.

A number of people saw the lights blink out after just a few
minutes. Why isn't that in your book? That is the problem with
witness testimony concerning night-time UFO events. People see
different things, all of our perceptions are different because
human emotions are tied in to them.

You have the credible studies of Tom King and Bruce M. that say
the 10:00 PM event was flares. Yet you dismiss that too?

>I can get into this for a while but the bottom line is it s
>happening world wide and other countries are much more open to
>it as well. The flare theory is frustrating to me only in the
>fact that some people feed into it. That's OK if that gives them
>peace. Everybody in their own time. If that explanation is
>justified in their own mind and they can live with that, OK.
>That's up to them.

You don't think that flare drops are not common worldwide? They
happen on an almost daily occurrence. Just check out Peter
Davenport's website.

Now I will be the first to admit that not all of these sightings
are not flares. Yet, how do you distinguish military flare
lights or a UFO sighting?

Jim Kelly

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