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UFO News March 2004 (Australia)

From: Sheryl Gottschall <gottscha.nul>
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 13:48:10 +1000
Fwd Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 07:43:54 -0500
Subject: UFO News March 2004 (Australia)

UFO News   March 2004   (Australia)
A report on the activities of UFO Research Queensland Inc.
Brisbane, Australia. www.uforq.asn.au

Since our last e-newsletter in November 2003 we have received 21
reports of UFOs. Some of the sightings occurred as far north as
Bundaberg, as far west as Perth, as far south as Tasmania and as
far away as Stockholme. It's amazing how people find us.

Here's some of what has been reported:

A large bat shape with outstretched wings gliding slowly and
silently over the nearby power lines, a solid silver metallic
crescent disappearing into a black rain cloud, seven reddish-
pink stars moving erratically in a group across the sky for
eleven minutes, a bright blue fluorescent golfball-sized light
with a tail streaking behind it moving low over mud flats before
shooting off, two green lights the colour of traffic signals
shining on the doors of a house on a rural property and a
further two in the bush outside, a shooting star with a blue
aura and a tail that lit up the witness's surroundings as well
as inside his home, a 30ft disk shape with two oblong portholes
moving about 300ft above the ground letting off a white vapour
before disappearing in a shower of red and green sparks.

Close Encounters:

Reports of close encounters with greys and other strange beings,
missing time, the appearance of unexplained marks on the body
and bizarre dreams of humans on spacecraft in beds lined up like
dominos continue to trickle into our association at a slow but
consistent rate. So what does it all mean? Although reports
continue to flow, the collective UFO community has still to set
rigorous protocols, develop procedures and then actually apply
them to research in this area. Until such time expect confusion
to continue to reign on this subject.


Radio 4BC

The Paranormal Panel show has lately been evolving into
discussions of broader subjects from what's new in space
exploration to earthquakes, sleep paralysis, exorcism, ghost
reports and of course UFO sightings. One of the UFO reports that
flowed over the airways recently was that of a man who was
taking the washing in late at night when he heard a buzzing
sound. What he then observed was a 100ft dome-shaped object over
his neighbours house emitting blue and white lights through a
very low cloud cover. This occurred in 1988 and he had not
reported it, again demonstrating that people still very much
feel the need to keep the lid on their experiences.

Listen to the show every Friday 9pm Qld time on Radio 4BC
(1116 on the AM dial) or via streaming audio at:



UFO Encounter Journal (February/March 2004)

Members will find the latest issue of UFO Encounter in their
mailboxes within the next few days. In this issue we step
bravely out into that dark and eerie land known as "the fringe
of Ufology" as we don our explorers outfits, mosquito repellent
and sit with backs to campfires while we percolate over the
following articles in the flickering light:

The Little People
Strangely bizarre and drawing you in the more you read, this is
a first hand account of a Gold Coast woman's fantastic
encounters with small beings who fit the folkloric description
of "gnomes" or "dwarfs". About 2 1/2 to 3ft tall these beings
were described by the woman as "cold, cruel and dispassionate",
far from the usual friendly wee folk of lore, and the disturbing
experiences with them led both her and her daughter to
eventually question their own sanity.

Tutankhamen's Skull
Could the strange cube shape within Pharaoh Tut's skull reveal
that he and his ancestors were genetically engineered alien
hominid entities? Why does this concept upset Egyptologists to
the point of howling from the rooftops. With the bitter feud
among Egyptologists will we ever get any clear answers on
anything Egyptian?

The Underground People
How would you feel about being the descendant of small ugly
creatures with eyes like demons who lived underground and
regularly disturbed the dead? It's something you might not want
to advertise but could old Germanic tales of underground people
be providing a snapshot of our family history?

Timeslips and Portals
Have you ever felt disoriented? Well if you were on a
kaleidoscopic time trip you might just have reason to be.
Slipping from the Palace of Versails to Suffolk in England then
through Haiti and the Bermuda Triangle while moving backwards in
time can certainly take one to dizzying heights. Reports of time
slips have occurred throughout the ages and have been reported
from many places across the globe.

The Phoenix Lights
Can the notion that people and events are put into our paths for
specific purposes extend to UFO sightings and ET encounters? If
so what does that mean? In 1997 lights were seen in the sky over
Phoenix, Arizona that, among other things, had an uncanny
transformational effect on the lives of those who saw them.
Could there be a strange metaphysical connection between UFOs
and humans that challenges us to dig deeper into our very souls
and ask - what's this all about, really?

Living Within The Questions
Do questions about outer space have an effect on our inner
space? If so, what are the questions we are asking and where
might they lead us?


Membership to UFO Research Qld

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monthly journal UFO Encounter; a discount entry fee to our
monthly public meetings, conferences & seminars; and access to
our vast lending library complete with books, local and
international exchange publications as well as plenty of videos.

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