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Filers Files #13 - 2004

From: George A. Filer <Majorstar.nul>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 15:04:16 EST
Fwd Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 00:19:13 -0500
Subject: Filers Files #13 - 2004

Filers Files #13 - 2004 Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director MUFON Eastern
March 24, 2004,

Webmaster: Chuck Warren 

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UFO's over Ohio and Mars Similar

Mars UFO Streaks By Over the Ancient Salty Sea, Mars Rock on A
Rock with face, Connecticut - Two Bright Objects Streak, New
York - UFO Photographed plus Flying Triangle, Delaware -Two Very
Fast Lights, Virginia - UFO Videotaped, Georgia - Silver Cigar,
South Carolina - Formation Races Across Sky, Florida - Orange
Sphere and Bouncing Balls, Mississippi "Flying Triangle, Ohio -
 Silver Metallic Cigar and Flying Triangle, Louisiana - Seven
Spheres Become a Triangle, Colorado - Strange Oval, New Mexico -
 Chevron UFO, California - Lights Hovering, Flying Triangle and
Disc, Washington - Fishing Vessels Observe Disc, Canada - Fire
Ball, Peru - Testimony of a Close Encounter, UK/Scotland - Disk,
England - Brilliant Trident Light, United Arab Emirates -
Diamond UFO, and Australia-UFO Hovers.

SETI Institute Uses Carrot-on-stick of Finding ET

Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal
Air Force Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain,

More than 10,000 sightings have been reported, the majority of
which cannot be accounted for by any "scientific" explanation...
I am convinced that these objects do exist and that they are not
manufactured by any nation on Earth. I can therefore see no
alternative to accepting the theory that they come from some
extraterrestrial source. Printed in Sunday Dispatch, London,
July 11, 1954. 

Mars UFO Streaks By

Observing the sky with the green filter of its panoramic camera,
the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit came across a surprise: a
streak across the sky. The streak, seen in the middle of this
mosaic of images taken by the navigation and panoramic cameras,
was probably the brightest object in the sky at the time. Only
Viking 2, has a polar orbit that would fit with the north-south
orientation of the streak. Said Mark Lemmon, a rover team member
from Texas A&M University, Texas, "Is this the first image of a
meteor on Mars, or an image of a spacecraft sent from another
world during the dawn of our robotic space exploration program?
We may never know, but we are still looking for clues."


Thanks to JPL. Notice similarity to Fostoria, Ohio UFO
photographed over frozen lake.

Mars - Salty Sea 'Excellent' Site to Search for Life

JPL/NASA has announced that a salty sea once washed over the
plains of Mars at the Opportunity rover's landing site, creating
a life-friendly environment more earthlike than any known on
another world. Opportunity has found evidence for the shores of
a large body of surface water which left their marks in rocks
that developed at the bottom of the sea. Opportunity found a
distinct chemical makeup in the rocks and unique layering
patterns that must have been generated by slow-moving water in
an evaporating sea, researchers said.

JPL is slow to make announcements but Filer Research Institute
and its supporters are finding strong indications for a history
of life on Mars. In recent days, the images coming from the
Rovers is extremely limited to mostly uninteresting views.
Frankly, there seems to be an effort to not make all information
available because we are finding evidence of an ecosystem on
Mars. It is quite likely living microbes are visible at this
time. Direct sunlight is available as an energy source. Some
Opportunity images indicate the fossil remains of various
crinoids, and small sea animals. Temperatures even now on Mars
are not more severe than Antarctica where life now exists. The
apparent fact that Mars once had a warm sea, indicates fish and
sea animals once existed on Mars in a warm climate. This gives
credence to the finding of symbols and letters on Martian rocks
indicating relatively intelligent humanoids.

Mars Rock on a Rock Near Face?

In examining the Rover images, there is often evidence of an
ecosystem, symbols and letters. The Spirit image shows a rock
laying on top of a rock on Mars. Analysis and color indicates
these are different separate rocks.

How likely during an explosive blast from an asteroid would a
rock land on another rock? To the right of the rock is an
apparent face laying in the sand? On its left sideof the double
rock is a white symbol 'P.' To the left is a rock chisel like
tool, that could have made the symbol.

JPL images divided the rock in half. The two large rocks
are the same rock with different views. see:


These anomalies are difficult to explain unless alien
intelligence was present to move the rock, and make carvings.
What do you think?

Connecticut - Two Bright Objects Streak

WILLINGTON - The witness saw two circular objects streak across
the sky at 7 PM on March 15, 2004. He says, "I don't know if I
saw a craft, but they were larger and brighter than shooting
stars and they moved across the sky together and then one seemed
to disappear while the other continued on straight across the
sky until I could no longer see it through the trees. The two
objects were a bright, white, yellow in color. Thanks to Peter
Davenport UFOcenter

New York - UFO Photographed plus Flying Triangle

WANTAGH - The photographer had been taking picture of the
sunset.  When developing the pictures, he saw a white sphere in
the background & enlarged it showing what appears to be a UFO at
5 PM on March 14, 2004. The white color was shaped like a sphere
but had something white spilling from underneath in the center
dropping like a tear drop. The sun was already setting well
below the object leaving it against a dark blue backdrop.

LAKE GROVE - The observer went out to bring his SUV into the
garage and saw a flying dark triangular shaped object in the
western sky at 6:23 PM on March 16, 2004. He states, =98It moved
like no man made object I have ever seen with blue lights at the
corners, and it was spinning in a circular motion. Then it flew
north and just hovered there for a few minutes, then it just
took off like a flash disappearing from sight not to return
again. I was speechless! Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Delaware -Two Very Fast Lights

NEW CASTLE   Two round white lights were seen moving very fast
horizontally across the sky at 7:30 PM on March 15, 2004. All of
a sudden one just disappeared and the other shot off in a 90
degree angle and accelerated very quickly and disappeared. A
similar report from Rhode Island for the same time and date.
PD)) UFOcenter

Virginia - UFO Videotaped

WILLIAMSBURG - Two witnesses were able to video an object that
was changing color, shape, and size. There were many lights
around the spaceship looking object with one larger brighter
light in the center. It hovered for at least two hours, but
moved slowly. At times it would move quickly and seem to
camouflage itself by getting much larger.  This siting occured
on March 12, 2004, for two hours and thirty minutes. It spun and
changed colors. One of the observers is employed by a security
department and twenty years service and I feel very trustworthy.
I feel myself to be a very honest person. Thanks to Peter
Davenport UFOcenter

Georgia - Silver Cigar

MARIETTA - On March 10, 2004 a couple was driving north on
Johnson Ferry Road at about 2:20 PM, and looked east out the
window into the clear blue sky and due east was a silver
airplane with no wings. The sky around it shimmered in kind of a
circular pattern. It didn't seem to be moving at all, and there
was no sound. After watching a couple of minutes, I wondered why
I couldn't see the wings. I'm slightly nearsighted (20/40) so I
put on my glasses to see it better. It looked the same - still
no wings. I watched about another 30 seconds or so; then it
disappeared as I watched. It didn't get smaller like it was
going away, nor did it go behind a cloud. It just kind of
clicked off. I told my husband that I think I just saw a UFO. We
got home about five minutes later and heard jets overhead.
Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

South Carolina - Formation Races Across Sky

MOUNT PLEASANT   Three amber objects in a "V" formation, one
slightly out of formation, approached from the southwest at
midnight on March 17, 2004, with a cloud ceiling at 10,000 feet.
I saw them at about 30 degrees above the horizon. They were
above the ceiling for at times and one would disappear behind a
cloud. They raced overhead to the northeast where I lost sight
at about 25 degrees above the neighbor's trees. They covered
what I would estimate 120 degrees of visible sky in about 6
seconds. Not a sound was heard. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Florida - 0range Sphere and Bouncing Balls

ST. PETERSBURG   Mary Margaret Zimmer, MUFON State Section
Director is investigating a report, that at about 11 PM, on
March 14, 2004, the witness went out on her third floor balcony
and noticed a somewhat hazy night sky. She saw a sudden fuzzy
light about the size of a basketball that appeared above the
tree tops and seemed to be bouncing ping pong fashion in a
straight line from the south towards the north and was quickly
followed by two more similar lights that also flew in this
bouncing manner. She followed the three lights until they could
no longer be seen because a nearby building blocked her view.
She ran to another window but they had disappeared. Thanks to
Mary Margaret Zimmer, MUFON SSD FL, ASD

WINTER SPRINGS/OVIEDO - The witness saw a round orange sphere
that looked like a meteor moving into the atmosphere at a very
low speed, without a tail. The sphere moved very slow and made a
U shaped turn after which it faded away slowly in over ten
seconds. The object completely disappeared at 12:45 AM, on March
12, 2004. It blinked bright orange one more time then vanished,
but fifteen seconds later it reappeared but looked dim like a
star. Then, it was no longer orange colored but, we knew it
wasn't a star because it was moving until it disappeared past
the roof of an adjacent apartment building. Thanks to Peter
Davenport UFOcenter

Mississippi - Flying Triangle

MERIDIAN   Chris Shelton a teacher writes, "The last encounter
was on Thursday, February 19, 2004, when I was heading home to
Toomsuba. I live on a country road called Smith Spur. I was
coming to the end of Will Garret Rd., when I noticed up in the
sky there was this mysterious triangular shaped vessel hovering
at tree top level. I pulled over on the side of the road and
watched for five minutes as the vessel just sat there taking no
notice as I watched through the windshield of my car. It was a
solid black flying triangle and it stood out against the bright
night sky with three white lights underneath near each point. In
the center of this triangle of lights was a red flashing light.
The vessel was hovering over a small pond at 6:45 PM. I didn't
think much else of it, so I started the car and left as I wanted
to get home. Thanks to Chris Shelton

Ohio - Silver Metallic Cigar and Flying Triangle

LYNDHURST   In bright sunlight, driving north on Brainard road,
just before Mayfield on February 11, 2004, at 8:22 AM., I
noticed a long, silver object to left center, about 50 degrees
above horizon. I stopped at the traffic light and saw the object
had no wings or tail assembly. It was 1/2 inch in length at
arm's length. It had high reflectivity with one dark spot midway
on the body. The object kept a constant side on view, rapidly
receded away to the north in less than 5 seconds and
disappeared. It did not bank and turn, there was no vapor trail,
and I heard no sound.

Fostoria UFO video taped on February 28, 2004, by George Ritter.
Note ice on pond eliminating possibility of insects. Similar to
photo taken over Mars by Rover.

FOSTORIA - The witness was talking to his brother on the phone
and as he walked outside at 6:23 PM, he saw a triangle shaped
object flying slowly over his house on March 16, 2004. It flew
only as high as the tree tops and had pale yellow lights at each
triangle tip and a red light in the middle of the craft. All
lights were underneath the craft and it made absolutely no sound
and left no trail of any kind. It flew from the southeast to the
northwest over the city. I live on the east side of the city. I
watched it as far as I could see it. I was describing the whole
event to my brother on the phone. What could this have been? I
have never seen anything like it. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Louisiana - Seven Spheres Become a Triangle

NEW ORLEANS   At approximately 9:15 PM on March 16, 2004, the
witness was walking his dog in River Ridge, a suburb of New
Orleans and glanced up to see a group of grayish white spheres
traveling through the sky. They were silent, and fast as the
whole event took less than ten seconds. He watched them fly
overhead, and just as they did, the line broke formation and
formed a triangle with one sphere in the middle. I noticed as
they moved they sort of fluttered, not much though, as if they
were being knocked by slight currents in the air. They appeared
small to me, and I probably wouldn't have noticed them had there
not been so many of them. I will admit that I have never
believed in these sorts of things. I am not a sci-fi fan or
anything like that. I am still skeptical of what I saw, but I
will certainly never forget it. One more fact to add to my
skepticism, I live within 10 miles of the New Orleans
International Airport. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Colorado - Strange Oval

DENVER   On Tuesday, March 9th, and at 4:15 PM in the vicinity
of 32nd and Federal the witness was walking his dog and almost
directly overhead spotted a round gray object moving to the
northeast at a fairly high speed. The object was the size of a
BB at arm's length. To the northeast there were five similar
objects that were silent and flying in a loose formation at less
than 5,000 feet.

The pilot of a light plane flying south might have seen these
craft if he were looking up. I believe the objects were At 4:45
PM, I spotted a black cylindrical object with a white tail below
it hanging motionless about 30 degrees in the sky. Looking at it
through my binoculars it appeared like a cluster of orange
balloons with red lights on them. The white tail appeared rigid.
I watched for about five minutes as the object began to rise
higher in the sky. I am a MUFON member and watch the sky quite a
bit. The 6 objects I saw did not appear any different than ones
I have seen in UFO films and videos shot worldwide over the
years. Witness is MUFON member in Colorado. Thanks to Peter
Davenport UFOcenter

New Mexico - Chevron UFO

ALBUQUERQUE - There was a sighting at 8:08 PM on March 16, 2004,
in what appeared to be a chevron shaped formation of eight
diamond lights flying overhead. The size was that of three
Airbus 300 aircraft flying in tight formation, and not a sound
was herd. I would gage the speed of the craft at or clots to
300knts. Altitude around 800/1000 feet. I could clearly see the
diamond shaped lights and could make out the reflective shape of
what I would call the leading edge. The fly by lasted only 25
seconds no course changes were seen. Thanks to Peter Davenport

California - Lights Hovering, Flying Triangle and Disc

VALENCIA - The observer spotted an unusual hovering object in
the distance at 10 PM on March 14, 2004. The shape was somewhat
difficult to see, as it was far away, and high, in a dark sky.
However, three lights, in a horizontal row, each light seemingly
was multicolored with white, pink, and green. It stayed in the
same position until I went to bed and could have been a possible
blimp? The husband is an astrogeophysicist and said that it was
the closest thing he's ever seen to a UFO.

LOS ANGELES - The witness saw a flying triangle with unfamiliar
red, green, and blue light patterns. The object had an abnormal
flight path at 8 PM on March 8, 2004 and flew low, then high
over the area. The lights changed from white to colored lights.
We've been seeing this thing for a couple of weeks. It was very
strange and didn't look like a police helicopter because it flew
too high for that.

R. David Anderson writes, "I have been seeing these UFO's while
working on a sunroom addition on our house. I noticed one twice
last week while I was working and on March 22, 2004. I finished
up around 4 PM, and rested with my new 4.3 digital camera
nearby. After about 35 minutes, I saw the UFO to the north
flying at about 30 mph and was probably about at least 250 feet
high. It's direction of travel was toward the Southeast. I
picked up the camera and began to take pictures, following it's
movement as it went from the northern sky to the eastern sky in
about 45 seconds. It went behind a large tree. When it came back
into my view it had climbed much higher and began to dim as it
moved farther away. R. David Anderson.  My seven year old
daughter also saw this UFO. Thanks to R. David Anderson

Washington - Fishing Vessels Observe Disc

NEAH BAY - Four fishing vessels 50 to 60 miles off the west coast of Neah=
 Bay watched a disc for half an hour. What appeared to be a discus shaped=
 large object with very bright lights was seen at 6:23 PM on March 16, 2004.=
 The object had mostly white lights, but there were also red and green=
 lights that seemed to be mimicking the vessels running lights for=
 navigational purposes. The object would move at extreme rates of speed back=
 and forth in a horizontal direction. Then, occasionally at a high rate of=
 speed it flew straight up into the sky. The object seemed to hover above=
 one of the vessels in particular and then flew straight up into the sky and=
 was gone. I was told this by several of the eye witnesses.

SEATTLE - The observer was driving south on I-5 and noticed a
jet flying east across the sky when another jet appeared without
wings at 1 PM on March 8, 2004. As I watched it more, there was
no jet, and the trail wasn't getting any longer. It was
completely horizontal and fairly high in the sky, and as I
looked at it more over a period of about a minute, I swear it
looked like a perfect row of small windows going down the length
of it. It also seemed to have a perfect, long, cylindrical
shape, with the windows going down the middle. I could tell it
was cylindrical because the top and bottom kind of faded as if
there was some roundness to the object. I couldn't tell how high
it was in the sky, but the object looked enormous. After about
two minutes of watching, the object performed a four second fade
out from being completely visible to disappearing completely.
I've never witnessed the trail of a jet disappear that quick
after being visible for that long. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Canada - Fire Ball

ONION LAKE, SASKATCHEWAN - On the evening of March 21, 2004 at
about 8:00 or 8:30 as I was sitting in my car, I saw what looked
like a comet as it appeared within seconds at first it looked
blue and then turned to a yellow orangey color and then it
disappeared. It came from the east . I am in Onion Lake
Saskatchewan located 30 minutes south of Lloydminster. HBBC UFO
Research would like to point out that what the witness saw was a
Fireball. Many folks saw the same object that evening. Thanks to
Brian Vike, Director 250 845 2189 email: hbccufo.nul

Website: http://www.hbccufo.com

Peru - Testimony of a Close Encounter

LIMA - Ricardo Gonzalez writes, The Air Forces of several
countries like Chile, Uruguay and Pera have created specialized
UFO military research departments. In Pera, the former hub of
the Inca Empire, close encounters have been recorded on numerous
occasions. The question is: Why are they observing us? I was 14
in 1988, when I saw a luminous object shaped like a drop of
water that moved silently west towards the Pacific Ocean. The
press and TV carried it and I became more interested. I was sure
these had a direct connection with extraterrestrial
intelligences. I did possess that unexplainable certainty but
had to wait for another five years to confirm these sensations.
In October 1993, I was enrolled in marketing and administration
courses at the Instituto Peruano de Marketing, and closing my
eyes and settled myself in the chair when a strange voice in my
head said, "Don't stop seeking, we are extraterrestrial beings
and are coming in contact with you,. "You will undergo a
preparation that will lead you to get to know us physically. At
that point I said: "I need proof to know that this is true. And
the "voice responded by suggesting: "Go up to the roof and
there you will see us=A6My younger brother Pepe came up with me
and shouted.

A UFO! A UFO! That light is moving! And, indeed, a concentrated
or solid point of red light appeared that was shaped like a
boomerang. For some instants it remained above us. Then, it
returned traveling east towards the Andes mountains. Upon
listening to my brother's screams, my parents and sister
Mariella, also came up to observe it slowly leave in a silent
manner. In that moment I "heard the voice telling me something
like: "We come with good intentions. Just as we have proceeded
today with you, we have done so with others and we'll continue
doing so in the future so that you can (collectively) gradually
become aware of our presence. You will not only be in contact
with us. You will also be in contact with other beings that are
waiting for you. I wondered what they were trying to tell me
with this. Then, there was silence and the UFO was gone. This
was the beginning of the contact and as the years went by I was
able to understand. Everything would be different after this
unique experience. To be continued. Translated by Giorgio

England - Brilliant Trident Light and Diamond

EAST LONDON   This trident shaped light hung in the West-North-
West sky which we, my wife and 2 children, at 6:23 PM on March
16, 2004, observed returning home from Heathrow, a distance of
25 miles. No stars where visible at the time, although the moon
was full in the East. I have observed an object exactly the same
in appearance last year in the morning sky which was seen by a
dozen other people waiting on the train platform with me.

NOTTINGHAM - On February 25, 2004, at 11:20 PM, the witness was
having a cigarette and noticed a very bright light that looked
like a diamond shape with the bright light at the front, at the
top was a green light but that was not flashing. Then, at the
bottom there was an orange light, which was also not flashing.
The back light was flashing that was white but not as bright as
the front light. The lights on it must have been bright because
I saw the wings of the craft outlined by the light. The wings
were a very sharp triangle with a haze around it. The movements
were just too fast to have been any of our aircraft. It must
have seen something I wasn't supposed to have seen.

BLACKPOOL - I got off a bus and saw a gold object moving across
the sky on February 29, 2004, at 4 PM, with no lights or wings.
The object was cartwheeling slowly across sky. (Rolling across
sky looked kind of like this!  > 8 0 8 0 8 0, first two balloon
shapes but as it spun you saw one balloon shape then two...) It
went slowly across the sky. I was near home, so I wanted to get
witnesses, but as I ran stuff fell out of my bag in the street,
and I lost sight of the object. It made no sound and left no
trails. I took photos with my rubbish camera, but only one
picture revealed the object. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

United Arab Emirates - Diamond UFO

DUBAI - The observer spotted a clear diamond shape thing with
blue and orange light that came close to landing, but did not
land at 2 AM, on March 16, 2004. The light was true and real
bright blue orange light, then the shape of the ship started to
appear like a diamond. It started to close down to the face of
the earth, and suddenly disappeared away like lightning.

Australia - UFO Hovers

PERTH - A disc shaped object flew from a nearby hill then
overhead in a =98V' formation. It hovered for about three minutes,
then flew over our heads in a suburban area in daylight at 12:24
PM on March 14, 2004. It flew at aslow pace then sped off
extremely fast.


BORDENTOWN, Days Inn on March 27 & 28, 2004. There is a great
line-up of speakers: Dr. Michael Salla, Kenn Thomas, Rosemary
Guiley, Tom Van Flandern, Ray Cecot, Dr. T. Peter Park, A. & L.
Volpe, and Jay Solomon Contactee. For full information, visit

SETI Institute Uses Carrot-on-stick of Finding ET 

BOSTON   Author, publisher and UFO/ET reality proponent,
Claude DiDomenica of claudescommentary.com, submitted an open
letter to Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. The letter was
prompted by a March 21, 2004 article in The Sydney Morning
Herald in which the Paul G. Allen Foundations donated $13.5
million to the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
Institute towards construction of the Allen Telescope Array or
ATA. This brings Mr. Allen's total donations to SETI to a
whopping $25 million for this project. So, what is the big
concern about funding for a radio telescope?  DiDomenica
explains. "I'm concerned that the SETI Institute is using the
carrot-on-stick scenario of finding radio signals from
extraterrestrial civilizations. "At the sametime, SETI maintains
that '...the lack of credible physical evidence has made it
difficult for serious scientists to believe that UFOs have
anything to do with extraterrestrial visitors.'" DiDomenica
disputes this statement as absurd and untrue. In fact, he has
compiled a list of credentialed UFO/ET reality proponents.
These scientists include such people as:  * Dr. Edgar
Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut * Dr. Bruce Maccabee, physicist

"The DiDomenica Equation" disputes Frank Drake of SETI, who
promotes the belief that the best chance for making contact
with extra-solar intelligent beings is via radio telescopes.
 "The DiDomenica Equation," DiDomenica quotes a March 1, 2004
 Wisconsin Technology Network article that states:  "According
to Drake, it is possible to send a 60-second telegram at the
speed of light to the far side of the galaxy for only a
 dollar's worth of energy."  DiDomenica points out by rough
calculation "Drake's telegram will take 75,000 years to reach
its intended recipient. Therefore, it would take 150,000 years
round trip to get a reply!" He finds it absurd that some
scientists still cling to the notion that the vastness of space
prohibits interstellar travel, thus making radio signals the
best way of finding ET life in the cosmos. DiDomenica points
out, "It is obvious the ET beings visiting us circumvent the
too long a time it would take light-speed barrier, in traveling
here."  DiDomenica has come up with The DiDomenica Equation,
which goes as follows: 'Institutionalized absurdity by
credentialed scientists does not equal truth.'The reali=D8=F8 ty is
that not only do ET beings exist, but they are here visiting
Earth NOW. claudescommentary.nul

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