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FOIA Pay Dirt From FBI

From: Larry W. Bryant <overtci.nul>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 22:46:14 -0500
Fwd Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 11:03:23 -0500
Subject: FOIA Pay Dirt From FBI

Some (Long-delayed) FOIA Pay Dirt from the FBI: The Chuck
Hansen Dossier -- by Larry W. Bryant

After months and months of patiently waiting for the U. S.
Federal Bureau of Investigation to fulfill my FOIA request for
access to all Bureau records pertaining to the
writings/associations/activities of a (not-so-mere) technical
writer named Chuck Hansen (who died on March 26, 2003), I now
can report my recent receipt of some 61 heavily censored pages
from his FBI dossier, which represents part of the 145 pages
reviewed for possible release to me -- the remaining pages now
being referred to what the Bureau calls an "other government
agency (OGA)" (presumably the U. S. Defense Nuclear Agency --
 DNA, which figures prominently in the overall dossier).

The FBI redactions (including entire pages' worth of
information) center on the classified ("SECRET") nature of the
dossier. So, I'm expecting to receive not much releasable
information from any DNA FOIAphiles once they get around to
fulfilling my request.

Why so secret? Since 1971, Hansen had gained fame/(infamy?) for
his daring to research and write about various U. S. nuclear-
 weapons development/testing programs. Apparently, some time in
the spring of 1993 that daring took an alarming turn, resulting
in a counterintelligence investigation by the Bureau's
Washington Metropolitan Field Office -- as referred to by a WMFO
memo dated May 11, 1993, and titled "Possible Unauthorized
Disclosure of Classified Information to Chuck Hansen, et al., at
the Defense Nuclear Agency, WDC [Washington, D.C.]." The memo's
principal paragraphs state:

"Reference WMFO teletype dated 4/30/93 to the Bureau and San

"Per referenced teletype enclosed for the Bureau and San
Francisco [field office] are copies of xeroxed documents
provided by the interviewee, [FBI-redacted] of the Defense
Nuclear Agency."

Having been on the receiving end of FBI interest in my own
critical research into, and writings about, certain government
policies/practices (especially about the role of various
military and law-enforcement officials in the so-called UFO
cover-up), I examine such a dossier as Hansen's with intensity
and a keen sense of empathy. For example, I note that, in
responding (favorably) to the San Francisco office's request for
authorization to interview Hansen, the Bureau headquarters
produced the following background information on him:

"FBIHQ files indicated that a Peninsula Times Tribune article
dated December 11, 1980, mentioned that Charles Hansen was a
Mountain View, California, computer programmer, who used public
information entirely to compile hydrogen bomb descriptions.

"Chuck Hansen submitted a FOIAPA request to the FBI in 1988. He
was interested in obtaining a copy of the 'KGB and the Library
Target, 1962--present,' as mentioned in an Associated Press wire
service story printed in the San Francisco Chronicle, dated May
18, 1988.

"Bureau files also indicated that Chuck Hansen submitted a
FOIAPA request in 1988, to obtain any records pertaining to
himself from 1947-1988.

"Note: Instant [memo] forwards Los Angeles [field office] the
results of a Bureau indices search for captioned subject."

Do you perceive any red flags here? Well, I certainly do. Why
does the Bureau feel compelled to store within its "subject"
indices the identity of any person who happens to submit an
FOIA/Privacy Act request to a given FBI element? Do those
requesters whose inquiries concern controversial or sensitive
issues become automatically FBI-tagged as potential subversives,
worthy of permanent, priority notice within the (now cavernous)
files of the Bureau? Does such targeted record-keeping reflect
wise expenditure of taxpayer funds (not to mention reflecting
conscientious safeguarding of the public's right-to-know and the
Bureau's duty-to-tell)?

As you ponder those questions, consider the denouement of the
Hansen Affair. It comes in the following excerpt from a "SECRET"
Aug. 9, 1993, teletype message from the San Francisco FBI
division to the FBI director:

"Referenced BU airtel authorized SF to conduct interview of
Chuck Hansen in an effort to determine how Hansen was able to
submit freedom of information requests to the Defense Nuclear
Agency, seeking copies of classified historical reports with
such specificity as to request certain numbered pages contained
in each report. These requests would seem to indicate that
Hansen either already had access to the reports requested or was
being furnished information concerning these reports which could
indicate a possible compromise of classified information.

"Contact with Mr. Charles Robert (Chuck) Hansen at 1086 South
Bernardo Ave., Sunnyvale, Ca. 94087, to arrange for an
interview, resulted in Mr. Hansen stating that he wished to
contact his attorney prior to submitting to an interview by FBI

"On 8/6/93, attorney [deleted] with the law firm of [deleted],
CA., telephonically contacted SF case agent [deleted] in the
Palo Alto resident agency, to advise that he was representing
Mr. Chuck Hansen. Attorney [deleted] requested the nature of the
interview and was advised that this matter was referred by
another federal agency and that the question concerned Mr.
Hansen's ability to make requests for historical documents,
currently classified at the SECRET level, from the Defense
Nuclear Agency, with such specificity as to identify specific
page numbers requested within those reports. It was emphasized
to attorney [deleted] that the Bureau's interest did not concern
the fact that Mr. Hansen had submitted freedom of information
requests from the Defense Nuclear Agency. The Bureau's interest
concerned the possibility that Hansen might already have access
to information that is deemed classified. Attorney [deleted]
made arrangements for SF case agent to interview Chuck Hansen on
8/10/93 at 2:30 PM in the offices of [deleted] in [deleted],
CA., with attorney [deleted] present.

"On 8/9/93, Chuck Hansen left a recorded message on the
telephone answering machine of the Palo Alto resident agency
advising the case agent that 'I am canceling our meeting in San
Francisco on Tuesday afternoon' and that 'he (case agent) should
get back to the people who put him onto me and ask them to put
their questions in writing or have them get in touch with my
attorney in Washington, D.C., [deleted].' Hansen followed up
that call during normal business hours to insure that the case
agent received his message; however, he did not wish to speak
with the case agent.

"For information of WMFO, SF obtained a library copy of Chuck
Hansen's book titled 'U. S. Nuclear Weapons: The Secret
History,' published by Aerofax Inc. for Orion Books, 1988."

The SF memo goes on to discuss Hansen's acknowledged sources for
the book's content, and encourages WMFO "to obtain a copy of
Hansen's book for additional information that might be pertinent
to this investigation.

"SF will submit results of other investigation under separate

Finally, in a WMFO memo dated Oct. 20, 1993, the Bureau wraps up
its investigation by stating:

"On Wednesday, October 13, 1993, the case agent met with
[deleted], DNA, [deleted], Virginia. [Deleted] was given
[deleted]. [Deleted] advised that DNA [deleted]. Chuck Hansen
[deleted]. At this time, [deleted] advised that DNA [deleted].

"[Deleted] thanked the case agent for the FBI's assistance and
cooperation in this matter.

"Accordingly, WMFO is placing this matter in a closed status."

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