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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9 Number 12

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Subject: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 9 Number 12

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Volume 9, Number 12
March 24, 2004
Editor: Joseph Trainor

E-mail: Masinaigan.nul
Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      "Astronomers Monday," March 15, 2004, "revealed the
discovery of a frozen world, the most distant celestial
body ever found in the solar system."
      "Named Sedna after an Inuit (Eskimo) sea goddess who
is said to live at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, it is
the latest in a series of super-sized icy bodies detected
in recent years."
      "In its elongated orbit, Sedna is now 8 billion miles
(12 billion kilometers) from the sun, compared with
Earth's 93 million miles (148 million kilometers).  It is
smaller than our solar system's smallest planet; with a
diameter of about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers), Sedna is
about two-thirds the size of Pluto."
      "'Once you know these objects are out there, you
change how you see the solar system,' says astronomer Mike
Brown of the California Institute of Technology in
Pasadena, who headed the discovery team."
      "Found on November 14 (2003) with a 48-inch (120-
centimeter) telescope, Sedna is the first sighting of a
member of the Oort Cloud of comets, which circles the
solar system perhaps 200 billion to 2 trillion miles (320
billion to 3.2 trillion kilometers) from the sun, Brown
      "Sedna isn't a planet, Brown says, because it's too
small.  (Only half the size of Luna, Earth's moon--J.T.)
But it is still remarkable."
      "A year on Sedna lasts 10,500 (Earth) years as it
travels in an elongated orbit that takes it as far as 84
billion miles (134 billion kilometers) from the sun and
drops its temperature" to 440 degrees below zero on the
Fahrenheit scale.
      "As Sedna nears its closest approach to the sun, it
is summer there; the temperatures are at" 420 degrees
below zero.
      "Sedna is very red, 'quite shiny, quite a surprise,'
Brown says.  He says Sedna might have a small moon
(Yuggoth?--J.T.) circling in a 40-day orbit."
(Editor's Note: From that far out in space, the sun would
appear to a resident of Sedna the way Sirius looks to us--
like a very bright star in an eternally dark night sky.)
      "'It's an exciting discovery in what is really a
tantalizing part of the solar system,' says planetary
astronomer Will Grundy of the Lowell Observatory in
Flagstaff, Arizona, where scientists discovered Pluto in
1930.  Grundy, who wasn't a member of the Sedna discovery
team, doubts that Sedna is part of the mysterious Oort
Cloud--the solar system's freezer for comets flung into
deep space--because its orbit doesn't carry it far enough
away from the sun."
      "What scientists can call a planet is a bit
uncertain.  The International Astronomical Union has
agreed only to an upper limit on the size of a planet,
says astronomer Mordecai-Mark MacLow of the American
Museum of Natural History.  That leaves a lower size limit
open to interpretation."
      "'We have a continuum of orbiting objects now, from
Jupiter to the smallest asteroid you can name, and we'll
likely have to develop new terminology for them,' MacLow
      "When the solar system formed 4.5 billion years ago,
the gravity of a then-nearby star might have pulled Sedna
away, Brown says."
      "Other astronomers call that idea speculative."  (See
USA Today for March 16, 2004, "Far-away planetoid joins
neighborhood," page 9D.)
(Editor's Comment: Well, I guess now we know where H.P.
Lovecraft's body went after the aliens stole it from Swan
Point Cemetery in Providence, Rhode Island back in 1997.)


      "On Thursday, February 25, 2004, Mrs. Elba Rivera and
her husband, as well as several other people, spotted from
the parking lot at the Santa Maria Shopping Center,
located in Rio Piedras (metropolitan San Juan--J.M.),"
Puerto Rico, "a large sized shiny silver isoceles-
triangle-shaped UFO.  The triangle seemed to materialize
in the sky and, even though it appeared to be miles away,
they described its size as some three inches (7.5
centimeters) at arm's length.  This indicates it must have
been large in size.  It seemed to be suspended over the
region of the city of Bayamon."
      "The triangle remained motionless in the sky for
about a minute until a dark cloud from the east covered
it.  When the cloud moved away, the triangle disappeared
from sight."
      "On Thursday, March 4, 2004," Mrs. Rivera, "as well
as several other people, observed another UFO, this time
it was a shiny, large, silvery, cylinder-shaped object.
She described its size as 'was almost 6 feet long,' again
seen from a distance of several miles away.  The object
flew from west to east and disappeared from sight in a
matter of seconds.  In this occasion, the UFO was sighted
by residents of College Park and Altamesa, in Rio Piedras,
P.R.  On both occasions, the sightings occurred around 5
to 6 p.m."  (Muchas gracias a Jorge Martin, director de la
revista Enigmas, para estas noticias.)


      On Thursday, March 18, 2004, 9:45 p.m., Rob P. was
sitting on his patio in Danville, Kentucky (population
15,477) when he saw a strange object in the sky
approaching from the south.
      "A boomerang-shaped object caught my eye as I was
outside on my back patio smoking a cigarette," Rob
reported, "It was faint and hard to see.  I could not tell
if it was low enough to be picking up ambient lighting
from the city streets here where I live, or if it was
emitting a faint glow of its own."
      "Well, it's hard to describe how it appeared...it
looked like a made (manufactured) object, not an animal
flying.  It took a very straight path in the sky and
traversed the whole sky in around 15 seconds.  No sound.
So, if it was some kind of craft or plane, and it had
conventional earthly engines we are used to, it was way
too high for me to hear, meaning that it was indeed flying
at some crazy speed close to 2,000 miles per hour (3,200
kilometers per hour).  Weird!"
      "I have never seen anything like this before.  The
fastness (speed--J.T.) of the object made it even eerier.
I am dumbfounded.  The object traveled in what looked like
a perfect northerly heading.  Forty-five seconds after
this, as I scanned the sky wanting to catch sight of this
object again, a second object came into view."
      "It came from the direction (north) that this object
was headed towards. At first I really thought it was a
shooting star.  I noticed the coincidence of it happening
right after me seeing the first object."
      "The second object seemed to move at the same speed
as the first, which was really fast.  The way it faded
into view really lended to my thinking that it was a
shooting star coming into the atmosphere.  The object
looked like" the first one "for about two seconds.  But
then, as it got overhead of me, it turned red in color and
changed course with what looked like a 90-degree turn
towards the east.  It then continued east for about one
second and then faded quickly from view."
      "I have never, ever seen a meteor make a turn before.
I have seen them come into the atmosphere and slow down,
turn colors, explode leaving trails of sparkles, but
never, ever change course, especially a 90-degree turn."
      Rob said the UFO was "larger than a normal aircraft,
about six times as large as a passenger aircraft
(jetliner) flying at 35,000 feet (10,500 meters)."  (Email
Form Report)


      On Thursday, February 19, 2004, at 9:40 p.m., Alison
Devereaux was outdoors at Kings Norton, near Birmingham,
in the West Midlands of UK when she saw a UFO approach
from the east.
      "Sitting outside, I noticed a coloured shape slightly
larger than a star," Alison reported.  "Small ball of
light.  It looked like a star at first, moving across the
sky at a consistent pace.  No tail of light.  Then it
started to jump and move slightly while moving in the same
direction--south.  It seemed to move quite fast, and then
increased its speed again, as though it were coming
through the atmosphere.  No trace of burning up.  Colour
and shape were consistent the whole time."  (Email Form


      On Saturday, March 20, 2004, at 1:30 a.m., E.P. was
outdoors in Grose Vale, New South Wales, Australia, not
far from Sydney, when she saw a slightly luminous object
approaching from the Blue Mountains to the west.
      "Sitting outside, I noticed a coloured shape slightly
larger than a star," she reported, "Very bright and milky
yellow in colour.  It moved with irregular movements, back
and forth horizontally and vertically, sometimes looking
like it was rotating.  Don't know what it was.  Yellow
with just a hint of orange, sometimes white."  (Email Form


      "In Derry (Northern Ireland) this week, a discovery
was made in the greater Shantallow area of two large
circular markings in a field along the west bank of the
river Foyle."
      "Crop marks or 'rings' that appear in a field are
usually associated with programmes such as The X-Files or
extraterrestrial investigation that typically occurs in
heartland America."
      "However, the find seems to be of archaeological
importance rather than an extraterrestrial-related
      "During a recent field survey, local archaeologists
Ian Leitch and Thomas Gallagher identified a site near
Ballynagalliagh with unique markings."
      "The largest of these crop marks measures 70 metres
(231 feet) in diameter, and the site lies in an internal
hollow, which holds water in wet weather."
      "Because of this and the fact that there are no
visible remains above ground level, Ian Leitch suggested
that the site may have had an archaeological importance."
      "'The crop marks may be the result of natural
drainage around the highlands, and it's possible that they
encountered an in-filled ditch around some form of
enclosure, which may have occupied the hill,' Ian said."
      Padraich O'Hearne, UFO Roundup correspondent in
Ireland, said he thinks the Ballynagalliagh site may
indeed by some heretofore-unknown prehistoric
      "Mr. Leitch's suggested enclosure might be of truly
fabulous age," Padraich said, "It may date back to that
remote period when Ireland was a part of the European
mainland.  Indeed, this site might be an outpost of
Atlantis here in Ireland."  (See the Irish Times for March
12, 2004, "Crop rings in Derry field."  Many thanks to
Robert Fischer and Padraich O'Hearne for this newspaper

      Well, that's it for this week.  Join us next time for
more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the
planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home-
-UFO Roundup."  See you in seven days.

UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 2004 by Masinaigan Productions, all
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