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FidoNet - Armen Victorian & Aviary

From: Terry W. Colvin <fortean1.nul>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 21:38:31 -0700
Fwd Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 09:18:34 -0500
Subject: FidoNet - Armen Victorian & Aviary

From the FidoNet UFO Conference: Fri 11 Mar 94 8:53a

By: Don Allen
To: All
Re: Aviary Expose
.nul: 1:3623/18.nul 2308c87e

 * Forwarded from "MUFON_PUBLIC"
 * Originally by Bob Dunn
 * Originally to All
 * Originally dated 8 Mar 1994, 22:07

I received the following file from George Hansen today with
instructions to release it immediately on the computer UFO


To: Those interested in government-UFO-parapsychology coverup

From: George P. Hansen
    Princeton Arms North 1, Apt. 59
    Cranbury, NJ 08512
     (609) 426-0927

Subject: Dr. Victorian exposes John Alexander of the Aviary

Date: 01 March 1994

Dr. Armen Victorian, the intrepid UFO investigator from
Nottingham, England has uncovered disturbing material regarding
the activities of Dr. John B. Alexander who now holds a high
position at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Alexander has
engaged in secret government work on parapsychology and UFOs. He
was officially involved with the U.S. Army's investigation of
the Cash-Landrum case (in which U.S. citizens received severe
radiation burns). He has admitted that the "Colonel Harold
Phillips" in Howard Blum's book, "Out There" was based on
himself. Alexander serves on the board of directors of Psi Tech,
a company formed by military intelligence personnel trained in
remote viewing.

Within the last year, Alexander has achieved national prominence
in the area of non-lethal warfare. His picture appeared on the
cover of the January 24, 1994, issue of Aviation Week and Space
Technology (as many of you know, UFO debunker Philip J. Klass
was an editor of AW&ST). The Wall Street Journal (January 4,
1993) and the Boston Globe (March 7, 1993) also gave Alexander
considerable coverage.

Victorian's discovery (the text follows) is exceptionally
important. He made an FOIA request to Los Alamos, which was
denied; he then made a second request for material related to
denial of his first request. He hit paydirt. As can be seen in
the attached pages, the CIA has taken action against those who
have attempted to uncover the truth. Also the threats directed
against U.S. citizen Martin Cannon should be of grave concern to
everyone. In addition, Alexander's implicating of Bruce Maccabee
should give everyone in ufology reason for worry.

The most extensive coverage of Alexander and the Aviary has been
published in the New Jersey periodical "Third Eyes Only."
Starting with Issue No. 1, Alexander's connection with C. B.
Scott Jones was discussed. Issue No. 3 covered Jones' warning
that the government may "destroy property and take lives" if it
became embarrassed about the UFO coverup. Nearly all following
issues have carried material on the coverup, including articles
by Victorian, Cannon, and myself.


Under the letterhead of Los Alamos National Laboratory the
following memorandum appeared, stamped "IN CONFIDENCE". At the
top was a handwritten note saying: "Delivered to Judy Rose
Archuleta, CRM-se on 9/28 by John Alexander."

To: Gilbert Ortiz, CRM-DO, MS A150
Date: 28 September 1993
From: John Alexander
Mail Stop/Telephone: C-983/5-3586
Symbol: IT-6

This is to provide you information pertaining to FOIA requests
submitted by "Dr. Victorian" from England.

First, the requester is falsely presenting himself. He is not a
"Dr." nor is he a "Victorian." His real name is Henry Azadehdel.
He is a convicted felon who has been involved in smuggling. His
exploits have been widely covered in the British press and I
have copies of such articles should you be interested in seeing
them. But, there is no reason for you to have suspected him
unless you were aware of his misrepresentation.

Azadehdel/Victorian has been attempting inappropriately to
elicit information on various topics for some time. At one point
he virtually threatened to attack me in writing if I did not
release information he believed to be classified. I have refused
to respond to any of his requests. Somehow, he illegally
obtained a copy of my military personnel files and has
distributed them. While the files are accurate and relatively
straight-forward, they are expessed lately prohibited from being
released. I filed my own FOIA request to determine how the files
got out.

In addition to my files, Azadehdel has been involved in writing
other material about me. Were it published in the United States,
and be reasonably available, I would have sued for libel.

Azadehdel has used his false credentials to obtain information
from many key people including ADM Bobby Inman, ex-director of
NSA. His normal approach is to refer to some key person he may
or may not have talked with, and then ask for relatively benign
information. Once he gets a piece of information, he keeps
expanding his demands, a classic psychological "foot in the
door" technique. He has conducted the same process with ex-CIA
official Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green, and another civilian
scientist with ties to the Government, Dr. Hal Puthoff. In both
cases he published papers that would be considered libelous.
Most recently he has been involved in a written attack against
Dr. Bruce Maccabee, U.S. Navy Surface Weapons Center.

Previously, I have discussed these matters with members of the
CIA and NSA. I considered going to the State Department and
having them ask the British Government to intervene. While the
requests you have received appear to be within legal bounds, he
has asserted he wants access to informaton he believes to be
classified. I have learned that the CIA has asked both British
Intelligence and the police to assist in resolving problems with
Azadehdel. They may have also brought in the Justice Department
as the requests were initiated under false names.

In direct response to your reply about near-death studies, the
answer was correct. Los Alamos has never been involved in near-
death or related studies. It is true that I personally, have
extensive experience in the field and consider it to be an
avocation. That does not translate to institutional interest.

Given the information above, and as Azadehdel is a foreign
national, I suggest a short reply be sent that states we are not
going to provide him information on these or any other topics.
The CIA may be able to provide other aliases which Azadehdel is
known to use. If a central database on FOIA is available you may
want to put all off (sic) those names in and not respond to any
of his requests, current or future.


Dr. Victorian wrote a letter to Gilbert Ortiz responding to the
statements of John Alexander. The text:

Los Alamos National laboratory,        Dr. A. Victorian,
Mr. Gilbert Ortiz,                     P.O. Box: 99,
Information Practices,                 West PDO,
Mail Stop A150,                        Nottingham, NG8 3NT
Los Alamos, NM 87545                   England

Date: 14 FEB 1994

Ref: BN-294

Dear Mr. Ortiz,

I have received and studied a copy of John Alexander's
Memorandum IN CONFIDENCE, dated September 28, 1993, to you,
delivered by J. Alexander to Judy Rose.

Pertaining the slanderous allegations made by the named [J.
Alexander], I draw your attention to the following;

1. This is an open letter and is not written in confidence. You
may, if you so wish, provide a copy to John Alexander. I have no

2. I totally reject all and any allegations made by John
Alexander in his written Memorandum of September 28, 1993 - IN

3. My true identity is and has always been A. Victorian. I
strenuously reject any false allegations made by John Alexander
concerning my identity.

4. My article about him is based on fact, and IS published in
the USA, as well as a number of other countries worldwide. I
have also participated in numerous documentaries as a researcher
and continue to do so. I await with great anticipation Mr.
Alexander's legal action in this regard.

5. ALL of Mr. Alexander's military records, contrary to his
wrongful assertions, were obtained ABSOLUTELY legally. I invite
Mr. Alexander to take whatever legal action he may wish as proof
of his claims to the contrary.

6. Information concerning his research in the Near Death
expriences were given to me by his very close allies and quite
openly. Documentation to that effect is available, should John
Alexander wish to take any further action. In fact his "PhD
Thesis" [which I have studied] was written on the subject of
Near Death Experiences.

7. I have spoken to John Alexander only once. For the record,
and as investigative research the coversation was recorded.
Never, except that one occasion I have talked to him, neither, I
have issued any threats for any information. All of my research
activities are within the boundaries of the law, each carrying
proper references. Once more, I invite and challenge John
ALexander (sic) for the proof of his contentious remarks.

8. Mr. Alexander, upon his own personal admission, belongs to a
particular group of individuals, specialising in dissemination
of disinformation. He holds a bird's title. The group is
collectively known as the AVIARY. Mr. Alexander's title within
that group is the PENGUIN. I enclose a recent article in which
John Alexander openly admits his membership. My article is an
expose' on him and the group, and names the others in the same
group; Hal Puthoff - OWL, Christopher "Kit" Green - BLUEJAY,
Bruce Maccabee - Sea Gull, and others that he has not mentioned
in his memorandum. The title of these individuals, as named
here, are confirmed either by themselves, or their close friends
and associates in the same group [AVIARY], and are well
documented and further reconfirmed by the independent sources.

In closing, I would like to learn from Mr. Alexander why did he
issue a death threat to a Mr. Martin Cannon [a fellow
researcher] in California [thru his wife Victoria
Lacas/Alexander]? Mr. Cannon in fact broadcast Mr. Alexander's
threat, which was taped on the phone in a radio programme in US
last year [1993]. I possess evidence to that effect both from
Mr. Cannon and others concerning this matter.

I enclose herewith a relevant portion of Mr. Cannon's letter
[which was further confirmed by him in the course of a telephone
conversation]. Further written inquiries to Mrs. Alexander
addressing this issue and requesting for an explanation produced
no results [Mrs. Alexander had regular correspondence with me
both prior and after her marriage with John - records available
to that effect]. It seems obvious and peculiar that in any
occasion where Mr. Alexander's wishes are not met, he resorts to
issuing threats [as it is in my case with his memorandum].

Such attitude from the ethical point of view raises some serious
questions with regards to his qualification in discharging his
duties honourably, and without resorting to issuing threats. The
same ethics dictate that individuals exceeding their authority
should be prepared to face disciplinary action for the misuse of
authority bestowed upon them.


A. Victorian

Encl: Attached, as stated {not included in this transcription}

CC: To media and researchers, with the copy of John Alexander's
memorandum of 28 SEP 1993, IN CONFIDENCE. File.


I haven't had a chance to talk to Mr. Hansen about this file,
but his telephone number is included should anyone else wish to
contact him. I think that Alexander's alleged admission of being
the "Penguin" is contained in Victorian's "The Pentagon's
Penguin" article published in Lobster Press last year which is
available on file here at the Fortean Research Center at (402)
488-2587 as PENGUIN.ZIP. Victorian says that Alexander made this
admission in a taped telephone conversation with him and I'm not
sure if anyone else has heard this tape and confirmed this.

I have heard Martin Cannon's tape of Victoria Alexander (nee
Lacas) telling him that John had threatened to "sick Gordon
Novel" on him but since I've never spoken to Ms. Alexander
before I can't confirm if that was really her or how serious a
threat that was. For information on Mr. Novel and his alleged
ties to the CIA and the JFK assassination see the book "Coup
D'etat In America" by Alan J. Weberman and Michael Canfield.

One last thing I noticed, Victorian makes a big deal about
Alexander's interest in Near Death Experiences, but Alexander
never denied that he had (or has) an interest in such matters,
he only denied that there was any research going on in that area
at Los Alamos. Well those are my initial comments on the file,
anyone else care to join in?

Bob Dunn

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-- "Only a zit on the wart on the heinie of progress." Copyright
1992, Frank Rice

Terry W. Colvin
Sierra Vista
Arizona (USA)


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