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More Strange Sightings This Time In The Air

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Subject: More Strange Sightings This Time In The Air

Source: The Tahlequah Daily Press, Tahlequah, Oklahoma


March 4, 2004

More Strange Sightings, This Time In The Air

By Eddie Glenn, Press Staff Writer

Yesterday, when we ended our discussion of strange sightings in
Cherokee County, the topic was Bigfoot, that large hairy beast
who walks upright and allegedly digs through people's trash.

Today, we turn our eyes to the sky, to investigate sightings of
unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the northeastern Oklahoma

Keep in mind, however, that although many of us may immediately
think of little green men with large heads scampering from giant
whirring saucers, the term "UFO" is actually quite literal -
 it's anything in the sky that can't be identified.

A visit to the Web site www.ufocasebook.com turns up a report
from 1993 of a couple who were driving home to their house 10
miles north of Tahlequah, on State Highway 10. The couple saw a
glowing oval near Sparrowhawk Mountain (which, by the way, is
just across the Illinois River from Pumpkin Hollow, where our
last Bigfoot sighting occurred. This is mentioned not to imply
that Bigfoot flies around in UFOs, but simply to provide some
sort of continuity to the two stories.).

Anyway, as the couple reached the straight-away on the north
side of the mountain, where S.H. 10 runs through Ed Fite's
property, the UFO headed west. (Fite is mentioned, not to imply
that he might travel around in UFOs - although that may not be
difficult for many who know him to believe - but simply to
provide a more accurate description of where this particular UFO
sighting occurred.)

According to their report, the couple estimated the size of the
UFO to be about the size of two or three double-wide mobile
homes, and they said it may have been making a soft humming
noise. It was moving about 10 miles an hour and was about 150
feet off the ground. They described it as glowing gray, with a
red light on top, and blue and white lights near the center.

The report states: "The next day my wife called Sparrowhawk
village, a small community located on top of the mountain, and
asked if they had seen it. They said yes, and they were on top
of their cars welcoming it!"

Carol Parrish is pastor of Light of Christ Community Church, at
Sparrowhawk Village. According to her, such sightings aren't
uncommon in that area; in fact, they're associated with the very
features that inspired her to locate LCCC on top of Sparrowhawk

Parrish said the sanctuary of the church is built over the point
where five "leys" - lines of energy that run through the earth -
 converge. Many early spiritual sites, she said - especially
those revered by Celtic people - were built on such

"Wherever there are energy leys, and they cross each other, they
form energy centers," said Parrish. "Those energy centers help
people shift in levels of consciousness; that enhances
meditation, prayer, altered states of consciousness, inner
healing, and inner growth."

Visions of UFOs, and more, are quite common in and around the
Sparrowhawk community, she said.

"I would say the sightings vary from people being aware of an
angelic figure to being aware of something in the sky, whether
it be saucers or lights," Parrish said.

"'In my Father's house are many mansions,'" she quoted from the
biblical book of John (Chapter 14, verses 2-3), and then
continued, "How I look at it is, there are many dimensions to

Parrish said the concentrated energy on the mountain serves as
an amplifier of sorts, revealing - often depending on our
current state of mind - some of those other dimensions we don't
ordinarily see.

"Our own mood," she said, "makes a difference in what images
open up for us."

According to Dr. Bruce Cornet, deputy administrator for the
National Institute for Discovery Science, Cherokee County hasn't
had an unusually high number of reported UFO sightings. But he
added that probably 80 percent of all sightings are not

According to the NIDS UFO sighting database, 26 sightings in the
county have been reported since 1959.

"Most of those are from the 1970s and later," Cornet said. "The
greatest number have been from 1996 to now; in fact, there have
been 15 since 1999."

Cornet said the descriptions of the UFOs reported in Cherokee
County are typical - saucers, ovals, flashing lights, etc.

But one sighting that isn't in the NIDS database is one that,
according to Tahlequah artist Murv Jacob, was seen by an entire
football stadium full of people, sometime in the late 1980s.

"I was sitting in a football stadium at Locust Grove with about
100 other people when we saw it, so if I'm crazy, practically
everyone in Locust Grove is crazy, too," he said. "It was
perfectly circular, and it was bright green. Some people thought
it was at tree level, and other people thought it was way up in
the sky. I didn't think it was very big at first, but it's hard
to tell when it's up in the sky and you don't have a frame of

Jacob said he later talked to people who had been at the
Cherokee Heritage Center in Park Hill that night, and they saw
it as well.

Jacob said that if the UFO he saw that night had any occupants,
he can't imagine why they'd be hanging out here.

"We deserve to be here alone, the way we act," he said. "But I
guess they're interested in us, anyway."

Get involved

UFO sightings can be reported to the National Institute for
Discover Science by calling (702)-798-1700, or by visiting their
Web site at www.nidsci.org, where sightings can be reported


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