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A Movie Musical About Ufos And Aliens!

From: Chris Rutkowski <rutkows.nul>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 14:33:03 -0600
Fwd Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 17:39:44 -0500
Subject: A Movie Musical About Ufos And Aliens!

17 March 2004

Yesterday, I was walking outside a small strip mall when I
passed a video store. Having a few minutes to kill, I went in
and browsed the racks. I soon realized that about half of the
titles in the store were East Indian movies, nearly all in Hindi
or Punjabi. This was a Bollywood goldmine, to be sure. I
casually surveyed the titles and then saw, exactly at eye level,
on the "New Titles" display, the DVD box titled "Koi...Mil

This was one movie I had to have! You see, Koi...Mil Gaya (which
means, apparently, something like "Now that I've found you") is
a Bollywood movie starring some of India's best and hottest
actors - and it's all about UFOs and aliens. ("All singing! All
dancing! All levitating!") I had heard about it several months
ago and discussed it in some forums, but never thought I'd ever
see a copy. I took out a membership in the little store and paid
my two dollars for the rental. I watched the movie later in the
evening when most of my family wasn't around so they weren't
forced to watch it too. I turned on the English subtitles,
although I realized soon into the movie that there was enough
English injected in the dialogue that it probably wasn't

It's hard to describe Koi...Mil Gaya. Imagine The Sound of Music
meets E.T., with the lead played by Jim Carrey or Jerry Lewis.
Yes, it's a musical, and this makes it the only UFO movie
musical I can think of. (Unless you count The Rocky Horror
Picture Show.) It's also a romantic comedy, an X-Files episode,
and a Nickelodeon-ish kids flick that delivers a message about
acceptance and an appreciation of life. The scenery and
cinematography are fanstastic, and the dance sequences are
choreographed well, even including special effects and actors on
a lot of wires, with tributes to Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire

But good grief, is it ever silly!

The story brings together bits of many other movies, borrowing
heavily from practically ever genre.

Follow this plot: a scientist (in Canada, of all places!) makes
contact with aliens using 1980s computer technology and CE3K-
like tones. His scientist colleagues, of course, don't beleive
him. Later, while driving along an isolated highway with his
pregnant wife, a UFO buzzes them and he crashes. He's killed and
his wife is injured, causing brain damage to her unborn child.
She moves to India and raises her son, Rohi, to manhood,
although he has the mind of a child. He hangs around with the
young kids in his grade 6 class and accidentally meets Nisha, a
gorgeous woman who just wants to party. The local jock/bully
intervenes and our boy loses his girl. But when they get
together again, he inadvertently contacts the aliens again with
a Commodore 64 and they arrive, much to the Keystone-Kop-like
antics and consternation of the local police and army officials.
One alien is left behind, a cute little ET named Jaadoo, who
resembles a blue Tele-Tubbie. He can cure injuries and levitate
people and stuff like that, like My Favorite Martian. There's
even an astoundingly silly basketball game in which the kids are
pitted againt the bullies, and the alien helps them out with
magical powers. Oh, and did I mention the musical dance number
with Jaadoo and the kids frolicking in the fields? Nisha falls
madly in love with Rohi, despite his mental disability. However,
Jaadoo "cures" Rohi's slowness and he is instantly transformed
into a genius, a super- athlete and a disco dance king. There's
a bicycle- and-alien-in- a-bag flying sequence that must surely
violate some kind of copyright. Rohi escapes a hail of bullets
and police as he rescues Jaadoo with his newfound superhuman
speed and agility. He saves Jaadoo from the bad guys and helps
him get back to his spaceship, but Jaadoo takes away his powers
when he leaves for space. (or does he?) Rohi is arrested because
he stole the alien from under the army's noses (in one scene,
almost literally). But in the end he is exonerated and the boy
and girl live happily ever after.

Its website is: www.koimilgayathefilm.com

Hoo-boy! Let's see Spielberg top that one!

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