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Re: 'The Truth' According To Greer - Gates

From: Robert Gates <RGates8254.nul>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 01:22:30 EST
Fwd Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 17:08:07 -0500
Subject: Re: 'The Truth' According To Greer - Gates

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>Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 4:15 PM
>Subject: 'The Truth' According To Greer

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So if the power elites don't want you to know why did they talk
to Greer who instantly blathered about in disclosure? The more
plausable explaination is Disclosure is being used by people to
promote certain agendas.

>You are invited to spend 5 days with Dr. Greer at his farm in
>Virginia to hear what he has learned after 14 years of

Well we are all not actually invited because only 15 hand picked
people will be allowed to come.

>Start Date/Time: Sunday April 18, 2004 6 pm

>End Date/Time: Thursday, April 22, 2004 midnight

>Limited to 15 people, this unique event will be an oral
>presentation of the unvarnished truth. Designed to be the core
>of Dr. Greer's next book, at these presentations you will be
>privy to what really happens behind the scenes and to how the
>world's evolution has been hijacked for nearly a century by
>craven power interests.

So essentially the lucky participants will get the whole Greer
theory about how ET's are benovelent, how the evil governments
are really the ones behind abductions, how a fake ET invasion is
in the work, how the government is working on ET craft etc etc.
The evils of SDI, how free energy is being covered up blah blah
blah. Gee, I didn't need to even attend the event to know that

>The event will be an informal gathering where Dr. Greer will
>present his first hand accounts and personal experiences, dating
>from childhood, regarding:

>+ The nature of reality and the experience of higher states of

>+ What extraterrestrial contact is really about

If you are an abductee, its called getting a probe stuffed up
some bodily orifice.  Not the behavior of benovelent ET's whose
only goal is to help humanity and earth move to the next level
of consciousness.

>+ What the religious elites don't want you to know about
>spirituality and why the priesthood is obsolete

Jesus is an ET? Or better yet religion is all some kind of big
ET stroke job, or its an establishment stroke job to cover up ET
blah blah blah....we have heard these theories all before from
different people.

>+ Who runs the shadowy secret government - and why
>+ The people, the corporations, facilities and agencies hiding
>the biggest secrets in history

All the usuall suspects.

>+ Who has stolen the free energy technologies - and why

>+ Disclosure - The inside look at 14 years of Dr. Greer meeting
>with the World's Power Elites - and what they know (and don't

I thought the power elites were all knowing and were the ones
keeping the secrets.

>+ The next 500,000 years: Blueprint of the golden age of

>+ And more ...

>Dinners will be provided at the Farm and sessions will go from
>1:30 pm to around midnight each evening.

What about Breakfest and Lunch???

>All sessions will be recorded.

>Weather permitting, we will gather under the stars each evening.

>Fee: A minimum $600 donation to The Disclosure Project (more is

9 Grand is not a bad minimum donation.


>+ This event requires a minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 people.
>We will make a decision on March 28th on whether it is a "GO",
>depending on how many people have signed up. Please wait for
>notification before booking flights.

So essentially if they don't get 15 pigeons, the Greer farm
disclosure event for 2004 is over...nah somehow it will come up

>+ We reserve the right to select the 15 people from the list of

I would hope that they would screen the applicants alot better
then the disclosure witnesses.

>+ Everyone will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Gee, Greer is going to unload the secret of the century but he
expects the participants to keep it secret.

>+ Anyone who has not attended a CSETI training will be required
>to fill out an application.

Is this what people on the List have called flash light waving?

>+ Everyone attending must stay the whole time, except if an
>emergency comes up at the last minute.

What if you have to go to the bathroom?????



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