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We Need To Talk 'Intelligence'

From: Greg Boone <Evolbaby.nul>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 10:58:03 EST
Fwd Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 09:38:51 -0500
Subject: We Need To Talk 'Intelligence'

In this field, UFO research we often marvel at how such craft
could be constructed and perform.

Apotheosis not withstanding, such feats might be considered
paranormal or coming from 'the gods' or some such.

We need to talk 'intelligence'. We need to research just how
smart a person can be, how smart they can get and from my
viewpoint, how smart people have been.

I recall in anthropology class 20 years ago when the professor
placed progressive hominid skulls on her desk. They went from
small to larger ending off at the Cro Magnon state. I remember
giggling when the series of skulls only took up a portion of her
desk and we students kidded each other that there was room after
Cro Magnon for more. Jokers as we were we looked at each other
and made with the wisecracks noting our various head shapes
teasing one another that 'we' were that next step forward or

Looking at our history as a species there are so many errors and
misconceptions that what I learned in college 20+ years ago had
to be tossed out as new discoveries radically changed the
conclusions then.

I remember how one kid said that history was written by the guy
who didn't want to get beaten up.

The more we dig, the more we find. The more we find the older
things get. When did modern man first appear? We're still
dealing with guestimates. How smart was modern man then as
compared to now? We don't know. Are we the top of the
evolutionary ladder or did something break off long ago of such
intellect and resourcefulness that we look like kinders to them?

How high can an IQ go?

We make the error of assuming an intelligent group would have
high tech gizmos whose remains we could dig up. Magnificent
sprawling cities etc. That's what 'we' might do. We've got to
stop judging by 'we'. We need more research. More digs.

But basically ( pardon starting a paragraph with 'but' ), we've
got to take a look at intelligence and do the best to qualify
and quantify.

The smartest guy isn't the guy with the most toys and money, to
me it's the guy who can go fishing when he wants to and where he
wants to. The guy who before he marries her is smart enough to
say, " Hey I wanna get a look at your mom first."

It would be wise to look at how much control over a group and
en- -vironment a super intelligent being can achieve. Would a
super intelligent being 'need' to? If we could achieve these
states of higher awareness and intellect what are we doing now
to arrest it?

Better yet, is there super intelligence or are we in general
arrested by some means ( i.e. dietary).

There are big pieces of the human puzzle here. This UFO stuff
falls right in to it. Until we take a better look at ourselves
and are willing to confront that what we really are may not fit
the comfortable or controlling viewpoints often thrust upon us
in youth, we'll still be digging around in the dark.



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