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Update On BLT Web Site Problem And XRD Study

From: Paul Anderson <paulanderson.nul>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 20:28:05 -0800
Fwd Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 09:11:39 -0500
Subject: Update On BLT Web Site Problem And XRD Study

Didn't intend on multiple posts today(!), but just received this
update from Nancy Talbott re. the problems with the BLT web site
and the XRD study.


Dear Crop Circle Enthusiasts:

1. On the night of March 10-11, at 1:31 a.m., an unknown
individual logged onto the BLT Domain Name manager and altered
our server name to "register.com." In order to do this they had
to know both our User I.D. and our password. There are only two
people who have this information, myself and a new web-site
designer. Neither of us are responsible. I have now contacted
the various people required to get this fixed and have changed
both the User I.D. and the password and am told that the BLT
web-site will be back up in a day or two. At the most, 72
hours. I have no idea what has happened here and regret the
inconvenience to all the people trying to access the site.
Please try again in a day or two.

2. I have been sent a copy of an email distributed by Colin
Andrews regarding the BLT XRD Study, in which he states his
opinion that the XRD Study somehow supports an idea he presented
some time ago that only 20% of reported crop circles (ones he
refers to as having "simple designs") are not man-made. The
data supporting this claim wa not made available when the
announcement was made, and I have seen no data subsequently, and
therefore cannot make any intelligent comment regarding this

However I must respond to this current assertion that the BLT
XRD Study somehow supports this notion that 80% of crop circles
(those of "complex" design) are all man-made and only 20%
(those with "simple designs") are not man-made. Please be aware
that the BLT study in no way deals with this question, as is
clear if one reads the "Study Objectives" and "Study Results,"
at the beginning of the XRD report. Perhaps Mr. Andrews has
misunderstood entirely the work reported in the BLT study,
mixing up somehow illite/smectites with "magnetic profiles." I
don't know. But the reader should be aware that there is no
scientific evidence provided by the XRD Study which can in any
way be construed as supporting (or contradicting) this 80/20

Additionally, it is not clear to me what Mr. Andrews means,
exactly, by "simple designs." The XRD Study Case at Edmonton,
Canada is a 7-circle event which looks a bit like a "mini-Triple
Julia," in reverse. Three of the other crop circles initially
evaluated consisted of (1) 2 circles connected by pathways and
with adjacent pathways at Logan Utah in 1966, (2) 3 various-
 sized circles connected by pathways at Acadia Valley, Alberta,
Canada in 1999, and (3) a large ring with long pathways (like an
"X") crossing thru it and with attendant additional pathways at
Whitefish, Montana in, I think, 1999. The soils in all of these
cases indicated the same crystalline changes were present... but
were rejected for the final study due to various sampling
problems (not enough samples/controls, unavailability of
samples/controls due to the farmer's swathing of the field, and
a misunderstanding of sampling protocol by the fieldworkers).
Are these all considered to be "simple designs"?

In science one must clarify terms, protocols, examination
techniques, etc. precisely, so that other professionals can
attempt replication of any results claimed. Anything less is
confabulation, or really BAD science. BLT is trying to offer the
interested public first-class, reliable, professional work, so
that we can all follow new facts as they emerge. Please don't
make the mistake, here, of mixing apples and oranges.

Thank you for your attention,

Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.

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