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Re: The Illuminati - Boone

From: Greg Boone <Evolbaby.nul>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 14:20:32 EST
Fwd Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 18:40:10 -0500
Subject: Re: The Illuminati - Boone

=46rom the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Main Entry: il=B7lu=B7mi=B7na=B7ti
Pronunciation: i-"lu-m&-'na-tE
Function: noun plural
Etymology: Italian & New Latin; Italian, from New Latin,
from Latin, plural of illuminatus
Date: 1599
1 : capitalized : any of various groups claiming special

religious enlightenment
2 : persons who are or who claim to be unusually enlightened


Okay, back to basics here and the definition of 'illuminati'.

If you notice we have two. The first is common the second calls
for further scrutiny.

"Persons who-are or who-claim to be unusually enlightened."

Well now. Guess we could fill the bleachers with folks fitting
these profiles.

Einstein, Tesla, Hubbard, Chang, Brown... The list goes on
doesn't it?

Same could be said of abductees. As a singular and a collective
they've come up with some suprisingly enlightened data. Makes me
wonder if the original illuminati were abductees! Would answer
alot of questions.

That's what I was talking about when I first posted this topic.
Why? Because digging through the research I've been involved
with it's as clear as a bell to me that we indeed have some
pretty bright folks and organizations out there that are or
claim to be several steps ahead of the norm.

How do they acquire these enlightened abilities? Are they
genetic or learned? Breeding or reading? 

There are some incredibly smart people. Some with IQs in the
200+ range. Yet that doesn't mean they're emotionally stable nor
anywhere near sane nor compassionate.

Either way, it's becoming clear to me that these people and
their groups pass on this advantage in their respective ways
that the common fellow is unaware. 

Tantalizing to look at those private schools that churn out
those sharp cookies who quickly get jobs in the corporate sector
yet couldn't tell a salad fork from soup spoon.

We need to take a look at intelligence and it's applications.
It's true origins and the technologies involved in developing,
nurturing and unfortunately, controlling.

Oh I assure you, there are people out here with dynamic
intellects. Luckily history has spawned some who couple those
smarts with insight, foresight and compassion and understanding.
Those are the ladies and gentlemen whom history makes true
heroes of.

Survival strategies and solutions, covert or overt. They're

There is no critter in the woods that can't be tracked. Unless
it doesn't need to go into the woods in the first place.

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