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Re: The Illuminati - Kaeser

From: Steven Kaeser <steve.nul>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 13:57:54 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 16:16:44 -0500
Subject: Re: The Illuminati - Kaeser

>From: Frank Warren <frank-warren.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 07:57:05 -0800
>Subject: Re: The Illuminati


>>'Ufology' is responsible for its failures, and not 'the powers
>>that be'. It is an 'easy out' to plead for 'disclosure', seeking
>>a political solution, but science is not done that way. Those
>>who blame their failures on others seldom succeed in anything
>>really important.

>Au contraire mes ami! There is a phenomenon unto itself Ray,
>that occurred from years of "debunking UFO sightings," an "after
>effect" or "side-effect" if you will, that IMHO has been
>responsible, for the most part, for the "current mindset" of
>mainstream science (as well as public opinion) in regards to
>Ufology. This phenomenon has crossed generations and in a sense
>is a form of "mind control." Now I don't mean that in a
>"diabolical sense," however; the end result is the same--"cause
>and effect!"

>Think about it, had our government embraced the UFO phenomenon
>"publicly" instead of debunking the subject and ridiculing
>witnesses and evidence, (for decades) we would have a much
>different scenario today. Quite frankly, we might even have
>members of the list who are from places much farther then


There are many factors that have brought ufology to where it is
today, and we could debate the strengths and weaknesses of them
forever. Probably the turning point for respectability was the
Colorado Project, which was used by Dr. Condon to gather and
formalize evidence that supported his pre-existing beliefs about
the subject. The debate wasn't all that different prior to the
Condon Report, but this provided the Air Force with the excuse
they needed to shut down Project Blue Book, which wasn't going
anywhere, and also provided an (albeit flawed) scientific
conclusion that there was little of importance to the study with
regard to UFOs. To this day, many scientists view this as the
official scientific study on the subject and believe that
further research isn't justified. In addition, it is very
difficult to secure research funds for a subject that has been
dismissed by the "official" scientific community.

But when you talk of public acceptance and beliefs, there are
many subtle factors involved. One of those is the little
understood effect of memes, which can help to form our beliefs
through symbols that cross language and ethnic barriers. I would
suggest that there are a number of symbols related to ufology
that evoke feelings and beliefs by many, which has given those
symbols a special standing.

I've often been told of the "Good 'ol Days" when the phone at
the NICAP office would ring off the hook when sightings took
place, and reporters would walk in daily to get the latest
reports and see if they could use them. But nothing remains the
same, and ufology will probably resemble something different a
decade from now.


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