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PRG Update - March 4, 2004

From: Stephen Bassett <Disclosure2003.nul>
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 02:24:35 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 08:55:55 -0500
Subject: PRG Update - March 4, 2004

Paradigm Research Group
PRG Update - March 4, 2004

FYI Re: Bloomberg News Article


[extended version]

Jan. 21, 2004
Extraterrestrial edge helps the balance sheet
By A. Craig Copetas

Craig Copetas interviewed Stephen Bassett for about 15 minutes
for this story. Craig was provided many quotes with political
grounding regarding the significance and context for the World
Economic Forum ET seminar. Some of these quotes only appeared in
a few extended versions of the article. Craig asked good
questions with a serious tone and seemed interested in the
issue. The article does not fully reflect this. It must be
remembered, however, that reporters don't write to please
themselves - they write to please their editors. [Clarification:
The "30 percent confident" quote was not in reference to
"contractual relationships with major corporations." Rather, it
was in reference to ET involvement with government "on the
ground" as opposed to their presence about the planet (100
percent confident).]

Popular Mechanics Article

If you talk with any magazine publisher, one thing you might
learn is that magazine covers are taken very seriously by
publishers. Articles can sometimes go poorly. Internal artwork
may be so-so. But covers are another matter. Most importantly
they are critical to rack sales. A bad cover can significantly
reduce sales for a single issue. Secondly, the cover, unlike the
inside material, is the public image of the magazine. A bad
cover hangs around for a long time.

So it is worth noting that once again the very mainstream,
established Popular Mechanic Magazine has used a UFO theme for
its cover artwork and lead story. The Feb, 2004 issue, Vol. 181,
No. 2, shows a large disc in support of the article, "When UFOs
Arrive: What Will You Do?" PM has done this before. The article
itself is a bit of a tease and somewhat enigmatic. No matter.
The target audience is not the rural, uneducated bumpkins that
the skeptics and disinformationists claim to be the progenitors
of silly and bogus ET mythology. It is the college educated,
high tech male middle class. The process of indoctrination


After five months of development, the X-Conference website is
nearly complete. The Lecture/Workshop schedule has been plotted,
but is subject to change. All programs, save for three, have
been posted. Over 100 websites have generously added conference
banner links. Interview requests are coming in for speakers. For
those living on the East Coast within driving distance, a quick
reminder, there is unlimited free parking and a full day of
lectures is just $38 advance purchase.

More info at: www.x-conference.com

Other Conferences

In addition to the X-Conference there are now 20 others listed
in the conference section for 2004 at the PRG website at:
www.paradigmclock.com/conferences.html. More will be added each
month. Recently added: UFO/ET Congress of 2004 in Bordentown,
March 27- 28. See:


Immediately upcoming are the Aztec UFO Conference, March 19-21,
Aztec, NM


and the 15th Annual Ozark UFO Conference, AR April 9-11, Eureka
Springs, AR


These conferences need the support of every citizen who believes
the truth regarding an extraterrestrial presence must no longer
be kept form the American people. They are more than just
lectures and PowerPoint presentations - they are celebrations of
the 1st Amendment in the shadow of the "Secret Empire." These
conferences are the leading edge of a paradigmatic tsunami. Grab
a surfboard because "surf's up!"

Paradigm Clock

The Paradigm Clock is about to be reset. Check the Paradigm
Research Group website after March 7 to find out which way the
minute hand is going to be moved and why.


UFO Magazine (US)

Beginning with the next issue, Stephen Bassett will begin a new
regular column titled, "Exopolitics." An effort is underway to
syndicate this column to a limited group of mainstream
publications. Should that happen, it will be the first
syndicated opinion column focused on issues surrounding
extraterrestrial-related phenomena (it is possible Gabriel Green
had the first such syndicated column in the 1970's, but this has
not been confirmed).


There are a number of magazines devoted to alternative science
and news, but it is safe to say the leading U.S. mass market
publication centered on extraterrestrial-related phenomena is
UFO Magazine. All of these publications need the support of
Americans who know they can no longer rely on the nightly TV
news and their daily newspaper to learn about the world.
Mainstream advertisers are generally still caught in the
government's propaganda trap. Consequently, the ability of the
alternative press to publish is solely dependent upon
subscribers. And, of course, this is true for UFO Magazine. When
you subscribe you keep the faith and spread the word. Without
your support the propagandists win. This FYI does not have an
economic motive. (Bassett is not paid for his column.) Sure,
Time Magazine or U.S. News and World Report are a bit less
expensive, but the ideas in UFO Magazine and others in the genre
are going to change your world - soon. Every subscriber to an
alternative press is an activist in the truth process.


Paradigm Research Group
E-mail: ParadigmRG.nul
URL: www.paradigmclock.com
Cell: 202-431-2459
4938 Hampden Lane, #161
Bethesda, MD 20814

1st Annual Exopolitics Expo - The X-Conference
Hilton Washington DC North/Gaithersburg - April 16-18, 2004

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