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UFOs 'The Little Red Hen' & Disney

From: Greg Boone <Evolbaby.nul>
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 21:20:38 EST
Fwd Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 08:16:41 -0500
Subject: UFOs 'The Little Red Hen' & Disney

Wow, have I had a day to remember!

You might ask from the heading to this post, "What the heck is
he trying to do now?"

Let me elaborate.

I work in comics and animation as I've stated before. For years
we in the animation community have been battling for our lives.
The biggest monster being the Walt Disney Co. itself and it's
head a man named Michael Eisner. I'm sure you're reading the
headlines and know where this is going. Yet it does have a lot
to do with the battles UFO researchers, experiencers undergo.

I was more fortunate than most animators who relied on Disney
for their bread and butter. I created books and properties, they
get picked up by studios and agents and the animators animate
them. I wanted to see what was going on when things started
getting shakey back in the mid 90s. To make a long story short,
a man who ran Disney named Frank Wells died in a mysterious
tragic accident leaving a man named Michael Eisner the boss of
all bosses.

Things started going downhill right then. All kinds of nonsense
and I watched as thousands of animators who had created the most
popular and profitable animated flicks get fired and paychecks
slashed to ribbons.

The fight was on and we fought for years. Things came to a head
last year when more animators got fired, Mr. Roy Disney left and
we all started a grassroots campaign to set things right. At
first no one would hear our pleas and only a rare few popular
papers and news sources would give us the time of day. Jeff
Rense was the only guy who would listen and had one of our
community leaders speak for several hours. That got something
started. Then the ball kept rolling and finally Mr. Disney
stepped up to the plate with his partner Stan Gold and really
put the heat on the Disney board of directors. The fight
escalated and now mainstream news got involved and focused on
the cause.

Jeff Rense again gave us a podium. The fight continued. Then the
big board meeting today and a record breaking 43% of the
shareholders dissented.

I got to see something rare nowadays and that is how when
educated, the public will stand up and fight. That brought me to
the subject of Ufology.

How could Ufology get it's message across? What was Ufology
lacking? It dawned on me that it was two things:

1.) Making the subject 'real' to the populace. 2.) Showing the
ramifications of 'not' doing something.

That's what Mr. Disney and my colleagues did. It worked.

We're not out of the woods yet, there's still some fussin' and
fightin' to go but the damage is done for the better in the long

The Disney debacle didn't hit full steam til Mr. Disney stood up
and showed the stockholders, public and press the damage the
board had done and the ramifications if they didn't take a
stand. That hit home and at the meeting which was webcast. There
were many times I thought it would come to blows!

That's what Ufology has to do. Not come to blows, but reassess
the presentation and get out there and make the real data, not
the proclamation, speculation, the real science and history so
that the public can see what's going on and digest it.

Many of you have been fighting this battle from the ground floor
up. That's one thing I always liked about Ufology, I saw people
who didn't give a darn what the press or other people said, I
saw people who truly believed there is an issue and stood up
come what may.

In the old days Ufologists were corralled to small publishers,
some press and lectures. Now there are radio shows, websites, tv
specials a veritable cornucopea of varied information. The
public knows there's something screwy going on, yet there's not
enough reality on what the coverups and character attacks mean.

That's where good science and presentation come in. The big
questions have to be addressed. Primarily: "What's all this UFO
stuff have to do with me and the price of bread? " See?

UFOs aren't interrupting the tv schedule nor the shipments of
bread and beer and cigarettes so there's no mad rush of support
by the public. Yet we that study Ufology have a far better look
at how control groups within and without our government have
engaged in dangerous actions that are long overdue the attention
of our lawmakers. We've seen thanks to the sharp scientists and
researchers in Ufology how the mechanics of disinformation work
and why.

So the lesson is like the story of  "The Little Red Hen"where a
hen wanted help to make a loaf of bread and the other farm
animals got lazy and wouldn't participate yet when the bread was
done they were denied any bread due to their apathetic conduct.
I saw that over the past several years in the animation, film,
TV and entertainment industry. People sat back and did nothing
when they knew damned well others were being subjected to
injustices. Now the tables have turned and guess what? You know.

Same with Ufology. Something is going on and in the long run
when the truth comes out the big question will be,

"What did you do about it?"



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