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02-04 Update From Rich Dolan

From: Richard Dolan <keyhole.nul>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 14:13:02 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 14:11:04 -0500
Subject: 02-04 Update From Rich Dolan

Greetings. In case you haven't noticed, I don't send out many of
these updates. The last one was several months ago.

The lack of frequent updates doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I
continue to research Volume Two of my study, UFOs and the
National Security State. This will take the history of the UFO
phenomenon and the US national security community from the early
1970s to the present day. Finally, I am able happily to report
that the research is proceeding well. During the past few years,
this was a stop and go situation, where a good month would be
followed by one or more slow months. However, momentum has
picked up since latter 2003, and I hope to continue riding this
nice wave. If I were to stop all research and write the book
based on my current notes, I imagine it would be about a 350
page book. However, I am planning for around 500 pages and
intend to spend the rest of 2004 gathering my data. I don't
consider it entirely unreasonable to have the book done by the
latter half of 2005.

A major reason for the slowdown is simply the existence of other
commitments. I continue to write and edit articles on UFOs and
related topics for Phenomena Magazine. Unlike articles I wrote
between 2001 and 2003, these are not yet available online. You
can click here to read about the magazine's current issue. My
article is on remote viewing, and in particular is an attempt to
understand just why and how it works. I was fortunate to have
the input of several leading remote viewers in the preparation
of this article.

I was pleased recently to speak at the International UFO
Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, earlier this month. My topic was
"The Greatest Show in the Quadrant: Humanity's Impending Flame-
Out." It is my growing belief that we as a civilization are
driving pedal to the metal toward a sheer cliff. There are a
number of possible culprits that could very easily send us over
the edge (ecological disaster, climate change, wars, terrorism,
etc.), but I focused my presentation on one possible cause with
special relevance to the UFO research field: the probability of
a major shortfall in fossil fuel energy production. North
America is already experiencing a serious crisis in the
production of natural gas =96 this is a permanent, long-term
situation. There is good reason to believe that global
production of petroleum is near its own peak level (indeed, we
have yet to reach the global production of 2000, so that peak
could well have already come and gone).

Aside from the obvious relevance to our civilization and indeed
our lives, the topic is relevant to the UFO phenomenon. At least
when considering the likelihood of exotic technologies that are
held at secret installations such as Area 51 and elsewhere. Are
there answers to the coming natural gas and petroleum crises
held in the deep-black world? Two decades of observational
evidence and insider leaks indicate the answer could well be

With each passing year, the U.S. media and its citizenry more
and more resemble Russian peasants in the days of the czar. The
attitude can be summed up as, "well, they'll let us run out of
oil, then introduce whatever secret replacement they've
developed." That is, when people think about this at all.
Personally, I'm not especially happy (or confident) about the
idea of our national security state bailing us out at the
eleventh hour.

This passivity is a grave threat to our freedom and possibly our
very survival. For instance, consider how the major media have
handled the existence of sightings of exotic craft in the last
twenty years. One example that comes to mind is that of the
great sightings of perfectly triangular craft over Belgium and
elsewhere in Europe at the end of 1989 and into 1990. This
involved an exceptional vehicle (or several vehicles) seen by
thousands of eyewitnesses and tracked on radar by the Belgian
Royal Air Force. Intercepting F-16 jets were thoroughly
outclassed by this vehicle that moved silently, swiftly, with
instant acceleration, and so on.

As many will recall, this incident elicited some mainstream
comment, mostly in the form of "well, it's probably some
experimental aircraft." In other words, if it's not "alien,"
it's not important.

Well, okay. So what IF it was one of "ours"? Isn't this
interesting? Isn't this important? After all, what makes it go?
What is its source of energy? Etc. etc. etc. This event was 15
years ago, and to this day there is no officially acknowledge
aircraft that can do the things that triangle could do.

The answer to that question is very important, and I don't see
people asking it. Certainly a total silence from our supposed
"watchdogs" in mainstream journalism. But we all know better
about them by now, don't we? Yes, I think we do.

I also must mention the upcoming X-Conference in Washington DC,
scheduled for April 17 and 18, and organized by Stephen Bassett.
Many of you probably know that Steve ran for Congress on the UFO
Disclosure issue and continues to work hard toward this goal.
The conference will focus on the governmental, political and
media aspects of 50+ years of UFO engagement and official
denial, and it shows all the signs of becoming an important
event in the history of international UFO politics. I am very
pleased and honored to be one of the speakers.

In addition to myself, other speakers will be: Stephen Bassett,
Dr. William Birnes, Grant Cameron (Canada), Philip Corso, Jr.,
Paul Davids, Ann Druffel, Stanton Friedman (Canada), Timothy
Good (United Kingdom), Dr. Steven Greer, William Hamilton, Terry
Hansen, Paola Harris (Italy), Richard Hoagland, Linda Moulton
Howe, Dr. C.B. Scott Jones, Jim Marrs, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Nick
Pope (United Kingdom), Peter Robbins, Dr. Michael Salla
(Australia), Dr. Richard Sauder, Dr. Robert Wood, Ryan Wood.

If you are able to attend this important conference, I urge you
to go. It promises to be a hell-raiser.

More information on this conference is available at

Later this year, I will also be speaking at the UFO & Abduction
Conference in Roswell, New Mexico during the Fourth of July
weekend. The full list of speakers so far is: Bill Alnor,
Stephen Bassett, Richard Dolan, Ann Druffel, David Flynn, John
Greenewald, Mike Heiser, Jim Hickman, Joe Jordan, Eve Lorgen,
Guy Malone, David Sereda, Chris Ward, and Jim Wilhelmsen.

For more information about this conference, see:

Finally, I will be appearing on the new radio-web show Dark
Matters, hosted by Don Ecker and Dwight Schultz this Saturday,
February 28. The show airs on a live feed 8 p.m. Pacific
Standard Time (11 p.m. EST). If you miss it, it's archived.
Check http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Dark_Matters/ to learn about
the show. To listen, go to http://www.realityradionetwork.com
and click on "Saturday 11 - 2"

As always, I am happy to conduct private correspondence via
email, but ask for your forgiveness if my reply is occasionally
not immediate. I always do my best.

Best regards,

Rich Dolan


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