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More Fallout From Pombero Argentina Attack

From: Scott Corrales <lornis1.nul>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 09:54:29 -0500
Fwd Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 16:30:19 -0500
Subject: More Fallout From Pombero Argentina Attack

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
February 23, 2004

SOURCE: El Norte Edici=F3n Digital
DATE: February 23, 2004


SAENZ PENA (Agencia). From midnite on Saturday until two in the
morning on Sunday, residents of 31st Street and 0000 of Barrio
Santa Teresita were on the lookout, fearful that the strange
events that may have taken place last week would occur again.
These attacks were attributed to the work of a "pomberito" (imp,
goblin) and black magic.

However, yesterday morning was peaceful, as it had always been
in this neighborhood until the strange event shattered the
habitual calm. In the meantime, the 26 year old woman at the
center of the events is still hospitalized, claiming that she
was attacked by a creature standing less than 1 meter tall,
completely black, that struck her in the face and wanted to drag
her away by her feet. Neighbors armed with sticks, machetes and
daggers tried to defend her against something they couldn't see.

Even the police was alerted, and residents were told to call law
enforcement again should a repetition of the events occur.
Police officers reported to the scene on the evening of Thursday
and early Friday morning when the entire neighborhood was turned
on its ear by the alleged Pombero attack on the girl, and the
shower of stones that fell on the dwellings. They [police] were
also witnesesses--although armed with weapons they didn't know
where to point at--of the strange "brickbatting" of the homes,
according to the police report itself.

As these events occurred on Tuesday and Thursday, the fear was
that they would repeat on Saturday, following the logic of one
"off night" between events. But this was not the case, and
locals consulted by NORTE yesterday pointed out that this is due
to the visit of a holy man who prayed with them in their homes.

"I've come to give you some relief, not to increase your fear.
And your knowledge of God must be increased, and of the value of
the family itself," said deacon Dionisio Castagna of the San
Jose Parish, who visited the dwellings affected by these events
at the neighbors' own request. "They asked me to bless their
homes, and I thought it was a good thing. What's important is
not that I should go pour water at the homes, but to give them a
chance to speak with God," said the clergyman in a marked
Italian accent.

Mario Obregon, a neighbor of the young woman attacked by the
alleged Pombero, witnessed her falling to the ground and being
dragged along, screaming that someone was pulling her feet and
trying to drag her away. "She went into some shrubs were she was
beaten. All of the neighbors went out to check the site and
found nothing. In the meantime, from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m., the
shower of stones continued."

"My neighbor saw a shadow behind my house. The locals crowded
into the back of my property, and that's when something grabbed
this girl and threw her to the ground. When I saw that she was
prone, i went back and saw that something was dragging her
along. She screamed that it hurt, that [someone] should get it
off of her, that she saw a critter, or a man, something. We
could see nothing."

"I never saw this, nor did anything remotely similar ever happen
to me. The boy who lives next door says it could be the Pombero.
I don't know the Pombero, so I can't say, because I don't know.
We simply saw something  we can't describe, but it was
supernatural," he concluded.

According to tradition and the remarks of Maria Jaime, a
Corrientes native residing in Canada, the Pombero or
"Pomberito", as he is affectionately know, is the most popular
of the Corrientes goblins throught the ranch country of that
river basin. He also appears in conversation, songs, sayings and

He is short and squat, always covered by his large straw hat. He
is as lascivious as the "curup=ED", has hairy feet and walks
noiselessly--for this reason, he is dubbed "Pirague", a name
that has been used to describe indpendent or left-wing

It is said that the Pombero can be a faithful friend in whom one
can trust blindly in a time of need. An inveterate smoker, he
likes to chew tobacco, and cigarrettes or tobacco products must
be left out for him at night, by a window, on a barbed wire
post, etc. For this he is also known as mascadita ("Chewie").
Black tobacco is his favorite.

The Pombero is a protean imp. He can turn into a bird, a
floating log, anything. He has the gift of turning invisible and
penetrates ranches through any hole. He sings like a small
chicken when anouncing himslef, but can imitate all birds
perfectly. Out of fear of causing a manifestation, some only
name him in low voices, but he also has adepts who claim to have
dealings with him and hold conversations as well.

He sleeps in backfills and abandoned ovens. He mesmerizes the
girls he wants to seduce, which is why whenever there is a
suspicious birth in town and the father is unknown, people say:
"Surely it was the Pombero!"

In regard to the Pombero's preference for women, it is said in
Corrientes that he falls in love with pregnant women who are
carrying girl children. Women say that they know for sure if
they're giving birth to a girl, because they can feel, from the
very first months, that the Pombero is escorting them when they
walk at night, or when they are asleep.

Among the Araucan natives there is also a Pombero known as
Peuken who pursues women. He is also a short, lascivious dwarf
from the forested regions of Chile.


Translation (C) 2004 Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi

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