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Re: Last Night's 'Strange Days... Indeed' Program

From: John <johnvelez.aic.nul>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 01:43:49 -0500
Fwd Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 13:27:19 -0500
Subject: Re: Last Night's 'Strange Days... Indeed' Program

>From: Greg Boone <Evolbaby.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 11:32:49 EST
>Subject: Last Night's 'Strange Days... Indeed' Program

>Saturday night is a big night for the paranormal.

>I tuned into Errol Bruce-Knapp's 'Strange Days... Indeed' and
>was treated to a jam-packed, edge of the seat thrill ride.

>I had a ball! Mr. Ted Phillips was on, noted for his extensive
>UFO trace cases research. Found out he was a musician and a
>generally jovial gentleman of the kind of down-to-earth ( no pun
>intended ) character so rare in the limelight.

>He spun a very funny tale about singer Andy Williams a favorite
>of my family. We got to learn also about the great state of
>Missouri. Quite the music launchpad for countless stars and art
>forms! ( I know, one of our ministers is from St. Louis and he
>won't shut up about it.)

Hi Greg, All,

Pardon this 'long one' but I need to speak about something very
important that threatens the integrity of the List in a very
fundamental way. Read on and it'll all become clear.

Greg wrote:

>Also on was John Velez who talked about this List.

I've earned the right to sound off about this List when I need
to. At the invitation of the moderator, I have been an active
member of this List, almost since its inception in the mid-
nineties. With each post I have always strived to make an
informative or meaningful contribution. Some times I hit the
mark, sometimes I miss, but my intentions are always honest and
from the heart.

This List, its moderator and many of its members mean a lot to
me. Aside from some truly wonderful friendships I've formed,
there is a lot of 'me' invested in this List. Because of the
reason 'why' I am here, I have always been candid, with everyone
and kept myself as open and available as any human being can be
given the circumstances. All in hopes of maybe raising the
awareness of the readers of UFO UpDates and hopefully to help
out one or two folks who may find themselves in the same
impossible situation myself and my family find ourselves in.

I am a hard working family man. The time of my life that I give
to this List is taken from them. Time spent here has to be
meaningfully spent. I'm not here to sell anybody anything, no
books, no 'take' or belief systems about 'aliens' or 'UFOs', nor
am I here promoting myself or my 'theories.'

I'm here to do my level headed best to make the best
contribution I can to something I firmly believe is the most
important issue facing mankind today. Hopefully to enjoy the
ride as well. However, when it becomes frustrating, hurtful and
mean-spirited, it drains all the life-force out of it. Worse
yet, it threatens the integrity of the List.

Greg, you wrote:

>John, you spoke of issues I've had to deal with on a daily basis
>when working for the old 'Parascope' forum on America Online.

Then you will be sure to understand the corrosive nature of what
I am about to share. Read the following message from Nick
Balaskas addressed to Amy Hebert and tell me if it sets off any
of your internal 'alarms.'

Nick writes to Amy off-List:

>Hi Amy!

>Thanks to James Neff, we now have a name/acronym for this class
>of blurred or odd UFO-like images that were never seen by the
>photographer or noticed by others that may have been present.

>It is BLURFO!

>Since such unwitnessed blurred or odd UFO-like images will no
>longer be classed as "UFOs", we can now publicly argue over any
>such "BLURFO" without making us look foolish or confusing the
>public about current state of ufology and the true nature of

>As for other things that people also report seeing in the sky
>that are also of much concern to them - such as "jet contrails"
>and "chemtrails" - we should finally retire the more sinister
>sounding latter name since there is nothing physical or chemical
>ever proven to justify a distinction between jet contrails and

>Nick Balaskas

Why are some members of this List deciding on which 'labels' and
'explanations' to use to debunk (in the future) when a photo
turns up of - quote - "blurred or odd UFO-like images that were
never seen by the photographer or noticed by others that may
have been present."

Isn't that the same kind of cheap, thoughtless 'stock answer'
debunking that CSICOP does? Does this sound like 'collusion' to
debunk and dismiss future offerings with pre-approved and agreed
upon 'labels'? Does it not attempt to exercise an insidious kind
of 'control?'  I think it does.

These little 'behind the scenes' agreements among those who will
monopolize and control the discussion for the sake of increasing
the value of their own stock, is arrogant and egocentric. It
also explains why I can no longer post to this List without
being -systematically- defamed and insulted.

>As John observed on the program, the often unprofessional and
>disrespectful attacks on Lists, members etc., I had to deal with
>on a daily basis.

What gets me by the ya-ya's is how they will jab at you with
demeaning insults and then accuse you of making noise and
'attacking_them' when you dare to hit back. I'm not much for
'turning my cheek' so I'm an easy mark for them. But no more.
Now I'm wise to the fact that (maybe more than most,) I
represent a very _threat_ to these individuals. Maybe to the
'turf' they are trying to stake out for themselves. I don't
know. But It would explain the vehemence and ferocity of their
negative almost obsessive attention towards me.

>We often would have tag teams of people who would appear, just
>to invalidate the viewpoints of others. Many times we'd have to
>set the hounds on them, and soon discovered they were part of
>gangs whose agendas were threatened by any viewpoint they felt
>uncomfortable with.

As  much denial as will follow my publication of the note above
from Nick to Amy, the tone and 'intention' of it is clear.

>What was even funnier was, one day one of these jokers sent out
>an email to his cronies detailing their next attack. What the
>guy failed to realize is that he had included my email address
>in his address window. I sat there for 2 days reading how these
>knuckleheads were plotting and what they'd done in the past.

That is _exactly_ the situation we have here! I find myself
being sent copies of this Mickey Mouse Club's conspiratorial
crap for reasons unknown to me. I just want to see them exposed
and hanging by their own words for all the _unearned_ grief
they've caused me.

>Suprised me what groups they were working for! Then I sprang it
>on them. Red faces all that day! Suddenly, for about a year,
>there was calm in ye old "Grassy Knoll" Chat Room.

Hopefully myself and others who dare to use terms like, "flying
saucer" on a UFO List will not be set upon by these control

>When a person resorts to insults they immediately admit they've
>run out of facts. The truth needs no anger, nor condescending
>rhetoric to make its point. It's the truth.

Ahem, Mr. Stanford, are ya listenin'?

>So John Velez, don't let em' get ya' down.

No sir. I do business here with the confidence and inner
strength of a man who has the truth on his side.  ;)

>When people act like
>that toward you and conspire against you, it only means they're
>upset because you've proven yourself better than they, and they
>can't stand it.

I don't pretend to know why some people do some of the things
they do. But when it starts to affect me, or something I care
about, _adversely_ that's where I draw a line in the sand that
none may pass.

Thanks for the note Greg. It was timely and something I needed
to hear right now.

For the benefit of the List...


John Velez

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