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Argentine Woman Almost Battered To Death By 'Imp'

From: Scott Corrales <lornis1.nul>
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 15:47:57 -0500
Fwd Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 13:10:57 -0500
Subject: Argentine Woman Almost Battered To Death By 'Imp'

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
February 22, 2004

Source: El Norte Digital
Date: February 22, 2004


SAENZ PE=D1A (Agencia). While the generalized commotion over the
appearance of an Aguara Guaz=FA was still fresh in the public's
mind, after relating it to the legendary "Lobizon", a woman and
neighbors from Barrio Santa Teresita reported that a strange
being "short and black, like a dwarf" had appeared. It was
linked to the legendary "Pombero", but the possibility that it
could be a product of black magic was not dismissed out of hand,
according to the protagonists of this case.

The only person who managed to see this alleged "Pombero" is
Liliana Nieves, 26, who was allegedly assaulted by the entity.
She described it as small man, completely black, that "battered
her and wanted to drag her away". Until yesterday, this woman
was confined in the mental ward of the 4 de Junio Hospital.

The story gains credibility because over 10 eyewtinesses agree
on the events which commenced on Tuesday night, repeated on
Thursday and were expected to reocurr on Saturday night. And
they are all the more interesting because they occured in a
neighborhood considered tranquil by its residents.

According ot numerous statements collected by NORTE, the
beginning of the story must be traced to last Tuesday, when a
shower of stones fell over the home located at 31 and 0000
street in Santa Teresita. No one could see who was throwing
them. "She," --meaning Liliana Nieves -- "saw something ripping
out mandarin and tomato plants in the back yard. She said a
person ran out. This was on Tuesday. Her husband and another man
who was with her gave chase," said Norma Cordoba, Liliana's
sister in law, who lives on the same property as the battered

"While the two of us were alone, a brick hit the roof. She told
me come here, there's another one, and a shadow shot out toward
the back of the property. It kept throwing stones at the roof
until 4 in the morning, when I had a breakdown. They took me to
the hospital because I broke down."

Nothing happened on Wednesday evening. Just when the family
started to think Tuesday's ordeal was just a prank,  the events
repeated on Thursday night, but with more serious consequences.

"Liliana and her husband were sitting the patio and I was in
bed. Stones were hitting the roof again, and when I went out,
all of my neighbors were up, because they'd heard the ruckus.
The stones kept falling on my house and neighboring houses
alike. All the lights were on, all of the people were in the
back yard, and the stones kep falling."

The neighbors' houses are joined by a common patio filled with
trees whose branches reach teh ground. The alleged attack took
place in back of the dwellings, and residents claim that the
shower of stones came from the same area, but no assailant could
be seen. "She [Liliana] went back to see who was throwing the
stones. And she wouldn't come back. And we called out to her,
until another man found her spread on the ground with a blow to
her face, part of her eye and mouth. It's all broken [sic]."

"She says that it was a man this tall," the woman indicates the
height of her waistline, "who covered her mouth, dragged her to
the bushes and beat her. He let her go when he heard neighbors
calling her name, when they searched for her," said the battered
woman's sister in law.

"Later, when they brought her in, she fell to the floor. She
asked her brother and the neighbors to remove what ever was
grabbing on to her feet. They would stand her up and she would
fall down as if her feet were being pulled out from under her.
No one could see anything, and they rained machete-blows around
her. She was desperate saying that someone was there."

The woman remained in this frenzied state until the police
arrived to take her to the hospital where she remains in the
Psychiatric Ward.

"She said that [it] would come back every so often, saying it
wanted to take her away," according to Mario Obregon, the young
woman's brother. "I would stand in front of her and would try to
defend her as best I could, but I couldn't see "it", and she
would see it even more. Then a neighbor came with a crucifix to
pray, and the thing came back even more. Liliana said it would
grab her even more fiercely."

"This was the scene that impressed neighbors the most, because
it seemed that a strange and invisible force was pushing the
woman and tried to drag her away. She said it was a little man,
all black, that she could see and who looked like an imp. We
took her outside, because it said that it wanted to take her
away and beat her."

Midday yesterday, deacon Dionisio Castagna of the San Jos=E9
Parish visited the locals, spoke to them and prayed with them,
agreeing to bless their homes. The clergyman didn't question
whether the event was true or not, but asked them to strengthen
their faith in God and reaffirm family ties.

The police reported yesterday that around 02:00 on Friday--
curiously, at the same time that the Aguara Guazu appeared in
the downtown streets -- they received a report from neighbors
claiming that a woman had been the victim of a brick attack.
Police personnel reported there and "witnessed brick shards at
the site".

An hour later, the police returned to the site and underook an
operation led by deputy sheriff Aldo Fernandez, who found an
unusually large number of peolpe who claimed that the woman in
question "was lifted and thrown against the wall, but we could
not see who was throwing her. She was bruised and had to be


Translation (C) 2004 Scott Corrales IHU
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi

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