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Center For Physical Trace Research Update 02-21-04

From: Ted Phillips - I.A.I. <archaeoanom.nul-linc.net>
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 11:10:09 -0600
Fwd Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 13:07:10 -0500
Subject: Center For Physical Trace Research Update 02-21-04

Center For Physical Trace Research
Information Update - February 21, 2004

As stated in 1998, the Center has no desire to infringe on or
take away information from any investigator in the field or in
his armchair. The purpose of this project remains the same:
gathering data on possible UFO landings and resulting physical
traces. I have no idea why these events take place, where the
objects might originate or the purpose of said objects.

This information will be emailed to a select list of serious and
unbiased researchers on a regular basis. If this information
offends any of the people on the List just let me know and you
will be quickly removed.

I am currently involved with three projects; the Slovakian Cave
Project, the Missouri Project, and a multiple witness, long
duration project involving orbs seen and photographed in
daylight and at night with daylight landing events. More
information on these projects in the next update.

Latest Reports:

02/10/04 - UK, Meanwood - Eight witnesses observed an object some
50 feet in diameter and 20 feet thick. It approached and landed
in a quarry with no sound. An hour later a check of the area
revealed three triangular depressions and damaged trees. The
depressions were 25 feet apart and each was pushed 8 inches into
the ground.

01/0003 - Australia, Wullagi, Northern Territories - Four-year-
old child tells her mother that late one night three "frogmen"
like figures came in through the bedroom window encased in a
mist. She tries to wake her mother that sleeps in the bed with
her but is unable to. The dog in the room does not react. The
mother heard noises, in the bushes outside the window, she was
unable to get up from the bed. A scorched area and burnt foliage
was found on the ground in the yard.

01/01/03 - Puerto Rico, Carolina - Matmari and Martin Rodriguez
C. saw an object approaching which crashed against the leaves of
a palm tree and burned about one meter of grass in their yard.
Officials for the Arecibo Observatory and the Environmental
Quality Board found radiation at the site.

01/26/03 - Argentina, San Andres de Giles - locals found a circle
some 23 feet in diameter with burned grass and a white ash-like
substance at its center. Around the perfect circle, soybean
plants were green and two feet high.

02/00/03 - England, Horsham, West Sussex - Witness reported
seeing a silver suited 7 foot tall man, which leapt across the
width of the road in one bound. There have been odd chemical
odors, apparent lack of oxygen, rapid changes in temperature in
the area. A bright blue light which, when approached was found
to be a 40 foot vertical flame in the middle of the woods.

02/21/03 - 2200 - Canada, Wellington - 5 witnesses, house lights
went out and the - two family dogs reacted. They saw a bright
light in the yard, like a camera flash in brightness. They could
then see three objects hovering for five minutes. They changed
shape and formation, and moved vertically making 90 degree
turns. A sixth witness tried to use her cell phone but it
wouldn't work properly. The lights climbed at high speed and the
house lights came back on. The witnesses found a melted area of
snow in a triangle with circles at each tip. The event lasted 25

02/23/03 - 0900 - Argentina, Las Pailas, Salta - 24-year-old
Milagros Linquin had gone to a rocky hillside to retrieve her
goats when she noticed a shiny object on the nearby hill. Close
to the summit she saw a metallic object, rectangular in shape
with numerous visible windows. She counted eight windows on the
object. Around the object she saw numerous shiny objects, square
in shape, some larger than others. She counted 14 of these
square metallic "covers." At this point, her father, 74-year-old
Don Linquin came up and also saw the shiny object. In the
meantime, Milagros had climbed a bit further and was now closer
to the object. At this point both witnesses noticed several
human-like figures wearing white garments and moving around the
object, apparently working on the shiny covers. There were five
figures in total. After about 30 minutes, Milagros climbed
higher in order to approach the object. The object disappears
leaving a deep rectangular track in the ground.

04/18/03 - 1817 - Russia, Kaliningrad - A large number of local
residents watched as a "flying wing" shaped object flew over at
high speed and plunged into Kaliningrad Harbor. The event was
caught on video by a local RTR Russian State Television news
crew, which was present on the naval base, filing a documentary
segment on the Russian Baltic Fleet. According to a Russian
Naval Commander, stated that object had been tracked on numerous
radar systems as it came in. The light colored gray device, with
no visible seams or rivet patterns, was estimated to be the size
of a small airliner, with no sound. - One Sovremini Class
Destroyer was slightly damaged by the ejected debris. Radiation
was reportedly detected and debris less than one meter in size
was recovered.

05/00/03 - Russia, Moscow region - Witness and her mother were
sitting on the porch when they saw a "cloud" of unusual form.
Thinking it was just a cloud they retired and late that night
they awoke with terrible headaches and an odd vibration. A
bright beam of light came through the window and moved across
the room. As soon as she was out of the light the headache
ceased. The witness went to the porch and saw a pear-shaped
"cloud" just like the one seen earlier. It was now much
brighter, with silvery, blue beams of light and a protrusion
resembling an antenna. The witness ran toward the object and
suddenly her body felt weightless and she seemed to float above
the ground. She floated quickly towards the bright object and
when she was less than 2 meters away she fell and lost
consciousness. She came to the next morning lying on the cold
ground. She had been there for over three hours. She and her
mother went to the spot where the object had been and found a
circular burnt patch on the potato bed. Nothing grew on the spot
for three months.

08/00/03 -  Canada, St. Laurent, Manitoba - During the last week
in August four witnesses were driving south of St. Laurent
towards the golf course road when they saw flashing light over
and above one of the buildings on the course. The lights were
hovering in one area and very low over the sheds. The witnesses
thought, after seeing a car pulled to one side of the road with
the lights flashing, that someone might be breaking into the
shed. Two of the men decided to sneak in to see if they could
catch someone causing damage. The other two went back home to
get their parents. As the two were half-way down to the area
they passed near a dugout and heard a loud, piercing scream.
They walked another 100 feet and a three-foot tall being ran in
front of them 25 feet away. Both men ran back towards the road.
Shortly after the two youths arrived with their parents. Unusual
holes found in the ground throughout the area.

08/11/03 - 0500 - Poland, Szcecinek - Mr Lech Hacinski going home
after work saw three figures standing under a nearby overpass.
One of the figures left the others and walked to the middle of
the road with one of its hands raised up. Hacinski was forced to
stop his car as the figure stood in the road. Witness claimed
the figure asked him questions about the car and how it operated
using telepathy. After something of a conversation the figures
floated to a nearby field where a huge dark round object rested
on the ground. The bottom of the device was surrounded by fog.
Beings disappeared into the object, which ascended to the west
at high speed. On the field where the object had landed a 50
meter wide circular area of flattened wheat.

12/15/03 -  MO, Louisburg - "On the night of 12/15/2003. As my
wife and I were pulling into our driveway after a dinner out, we
noticed a bright light back in our fields. We live on a farm and
our fields extend out for a mile behind our house. It was
raining and the air was thick as fog. But we could see this
bright light in the field. The light shoots straight up into the
sky, disappearing into the clouds. I didn't see anything but a
big ball of light. The next day we walked about half a mile and
found a ring10 feet in diameter. I never believed in UFOs before
and had never seen anything like this.