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Re: Excalibur Briefing - Novak

From: John Novak <john.nul>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 17:06:29 -0800
Fwd Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 08:51:12 -0500
Subject: Re: Excalibur Briefing - Novak

>From: John Rimmer <jrimmer.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 23:54:52 +0000
>Subject: Re: Excalibur Briefing

>>From: Tim Shell <tshell.nul>
>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 08:22:28 -0600
>>Subject: Re: Excalibur Briefing

>>No, man, you don't get it! The oil companies, working with the
>>Illuminati and the reptilian aliens would never let it come out
>>because it would mean the collapse of world government, the
>>Vatican, and eBay! They did the same thing with the 100-MPG
>>carburetor in the 1960's.

>>Don't be fooled. The Bush Family, Henry Kissigner, the Saudi
>>Arabian monarchy, Steven Spielberg, Carrot Top, and the Masons
>>are all working together to keep us slaves. And there ain't
>>nothin' any of us can do because of the chips implanted in our
>>heads that are controlled by subspace radio signals from a
>>secret black satellite at the L5 points between earth and the
>>moon. They hide in plain sight! That's what the Prozac is for!

>Hey, c'mon, be fair! What about evil the Magonian Pelicanists?
>What's the point of being in a hidden, super-secret, underground
>conspiracy if everyone doesn't know you're in it?

>John Rimmer
>Magonia Magazine

<LOL> Yeah... you guys are a riot! While you're at it, don't
forget this nutcase's research. Didn't know about Carot Top,
however. You'll have to clue me in better on that one so we can
do some follow up on it.

-John Novak

Source: http://www.supremalex.org/shock-n-ah.htm

By the way, there is/was a secret society/cult based on
Demeter/Ceres where rituals called the "Eleusinian Mysteries"
were performed on initiates for Illumination, or spiritual
enlightenment. I do not make judgments on these rituals as being
good or evil. However, I can say that at the Secret Society at
Yale called "Skull and Bones", there are rituals performed to a
"feminine god" that Father & Son Bush were required to go
through for their initiation into this group of "enlightened"

Source: http://www.4rie.com/rie%206.html

... The most likely potential member is from a Bones family, who
is energetic, resourceful, political and probably an amoral team

... Honors and financial rewards are guaranteed by the power of
The Order. But the price of these honors and rewards is
sacrifice to the common goal, the goal of The Order. Some,
perhaps many, have not been willing to pay this price.

The Old Line American families and their descendants involved in
the Skull & Bones are names such as: Whitney, Perkins, Stimson,
Taft, Wadsworth, Gilman, Payne, Davidson, Pillsbury, Sloane,
Weyerhaeuser, Harriman, Rockefeller, Lord, Brown, Bundy, Bush
and Phelps.

Most important, however, is this _fact_ about George W. Bush as
_originally_ reported by ABC News during the Presidential
Election (Click here for full original article)

Article since removed. Was at:


and to prove it, go here:


ABC News:

Do presidential candidates Al Gore and George W. Bush have royal
connections? Buckingham Palace politely declined to comment.
(Digital Stock)

By Tony Eufinger

LONDON, Oct. 25, 2000 - When it comes to picking the winner in
the American presidential race, Britain's leading chroniclers of
royal ancestors say they've never been wrong - not once in
almost 200 years.

Based on facts gleaned from the old scrolls and dusty archives
of Burke's Peerage - researchers of royal bloodlines since 1826
- the Brits wager it will be Texas Gov. George W. Bush.

"The presidential candidate with the most royal genes and
chromosomes has, up to now, always won the White House," say the
researchers at Burke's Peerage.

They say Bush's blue blood runs thicker than Vice President Al
Gore' s. In fact it trumps the royal ties of every other
president to date, including his father's. It seems George W.
has inherited his mother's deep blue blood-line.

His Royal Highness, King Dubya

Burke's publishing director, Harold Brooks-Baker says Bush's
royal connections are startling.

"[Bush] is closely related to every European Monarch both on and
off the throne," says Brooks-Baker.

Some of the governor's royal kin include Britain's Queen
Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother, Dutchess Sarah "Fergy" Ferguson
and even the late Princess Diana.

His most prominent ancestor may be England's King Charles II,
who shared the governor's vision of a strong military.

Going back nearly 1000 years, Brooks-Baker points out both the
Bush and Pierce families [Barbara Bush's maiden name is Pierce]
were high society.

"Not one member of his family was working class, middle class,
or even middle, middle class," he notes.

Why is this so important? Because of an ancient concept in the
mystery schools called the "Divine Right of Kings".

Black's Law Dictionary 6th edition defines it thusly:

Divine right of kings. The right of a king to rule as posited by
the patriarchal theory of government, especially under the
doctrine that no misconduct and no dispossession can forfeit the
right of a monarch or his heirs to the throne, and to the
obedience of the people. This theory was in its origin directed,
not against popular liberty, but against papal and
ecclesiastical claims to supremacy in temporal as well as
spiritual affairs.

In other words, George W. Bush (the Burning Bush) has now
declared his vision and actions to be the "ultimate authority
for humanity" as if spoken by the Supreme Creator of the
Universe! And all the monarchs of the world bow to his
"supremacy". Why? Because he has become "King of the World" and
has the bloodline to prove it backed by the mightiest military
force in known history to any who might oppose him!

Manifest Destiny: a term used to describe the belief in the
1840's in the inevitable territorial expansion of the United
States. People who believed in manifest destiny maintained that
the United States should rule all North America because of U.S.
economic and political superiority, because the U.S. population
was growing rapidly, and because it was God's will that the
United States should do so. --World Book Encyclopedia

"The liberty we prize is not America's gift to the world, it is
God's gift to humanity." ...
 -- G.W.B. State of the Union address

"This crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take a while."
 G.W.B. To reporters in Washington

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby
causing no more war!"
 -- George W. Bush (first Presidential debate)

"If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier...just
as long as I'm the dictator..."
 --Washington, DC, Dec 18, 2000, first trip to Washington as

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