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Filer's Files #08-2004

From: George A. Filer <Majorstar.nul>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 23:34:29 EST
Fwd Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 13:46:09 -0500
Subject: Filer's Files #08-2004

Filer's Files #08-2004 Skywatch Investigations.
George A. Filer, Director MUFON Eastern
February 18, 2004, Webmaster: Chuck Warren --

My website is at: www.georgefiler.com/

Possible Life in Space

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and
photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the
world and in space. Mars - Living Anomalies Discovered?
Abduction Investigation in Mullica Hill, UFO Approaches the
Space Station, Maine - An Explosion Of Light Under 3 Stars, New
Hampshire - Light Explodes Into a Green Light, Massachusetts -
Fighters Chase Cigar, Connecticut - Five Scattered Ball Lights,
New York - Scary Situation Over The Hudson and Flying Triangle,
New Jersey - Suspicious Low Moving Lights , Pennsylvania - Disk
Seen for Ninety Minutes, Virginia - Bright Object in the Sky,
South Carolina -Three Big Orange Lights, Georgia - Filmed Disk
UFOs, Objects, Florida - Pilot Sighting, Tennessee - Dark Oval
Object Photographed In Daytime, Ohio - Silver Metallic Wingless
UFO, Iowa - Fast Moving Bright Lights In The Sky, Missouri - We
Saw A Slow Moving Orange Sphere, Nebraska - Changing Multi-
Colored Lights, Arizona - Five Disk Shaped Ships, California - A
Bright Round Yellow Object and Low Flying Craft, Canada - Bright
Light Video, Alaska - Explosive Light Over Skies, Ireland -
 Flying Triangle With Three Red Lights, UK - UFOs Sighted, South
Africa - I Saw A UFO, and Australia - Three Big White Disks
Shoot Into Sky.

International UFO Congress

I just returned from speaking at the International UFO Congress
in Laughlin, Nevada. It was a fantastic conference with 27 top
international speakers. There were reports on hundreds of
sightings worldwide from the US, Turkey, the UK, Germany,
Brazil, Mexico, Israel, and Australia and dozens of impressive
videos and films were shown. Besides a great conference, I met
dozens of interesting people. I also took a couple days to visit
the Grand Canyon, that is one the seven natural wonders of the
world. The Flamingo Resort is a great place for a conference and
I suggest you plan on going next year. The only problem was that
I was unable to get last weeks Filer's Files from Laughlin, NV
or Bullhead, Arizona. I had to drive to Flagstaff, AZ to finally
get them out. I want to thank Teri and Bob Brown for a wonderful

One of the most interesting speakers was Dr. Norman Bergrun's a
former NASA scientist who showed Evidence of ET Intelligence
with a possible ET ship in the rings of Saturn.

A strange Light is at #1 with a possible cylindrical ship at the
end of Saturn ring. Point #2 allegedly shows electromatic lines.
Thanks to Dr. Norman Bergrun and Voyager Copyright photos.

UFO Approaches The Space Station

"The Russian-United States crew aboard the International Space
Station (ISS) has reported an unidentified object outside their
orbiting craft, said space officials on Tuesday," February 10,
2004. "U.S. astronaut Michael Foale and his Russian colleague
Alexander Kaleri last week observed a 20- centimeter (8-inch)
long strange object of soft material, which was floating in
space, said a NASA representative in Russia, Sergei Puzanov."
"For the moment, it's not clear what it is. U.S. and Russian
experts are studying photos sent by the (ISS) crew to Earth to
try and determine its origin, he said, adding that it posed no
danger to the station or its crew." "It could be a piece of the
station's insulation or a strap used to attach some technical
equipment to the outside of the station, according to Russian
experts quoted by the Interfax news agency." "It is possible we
will never manage to find out what it was, said a spokesman for
Russian mission control in Moscow, Valery Lyndin. According to
Lyndin, "there was a similar incident on the now-scrapped
Russian space station Mir." "The cosmonauts saw a shining object
which they filmed. (See the Interfax report for February 10,
2004, "Something's out there." Thanks to Jim Hickman

Mars - Living Anomalies Discovered?

Norm Bryden writes, "These are sections of images released from
Opportunity of Sol 013 and I think that these formations may be
life forms. There are spherical and medallion shaped objects
that look like some kind of growth. They are on the surface and
are not covered with dust. They also appear to be growing out of
the bare rock faces. Some look like the spheres that appear from
spore colonies here on earth. There are also many coin or
medallion shaped objects all around that are similar in size.
These various objects look like a type of living growth. JPL
photo sent by Norman Bryden stonesnorm.nul

Abductions Investigation in New Jersey

MULLICA HILL - Investigator Evelyn Galson writes, "On February
5, 2004, George Filer and I went to talk to Ann Francis, and
investigate more about her experiences. She was open and
friendly and seemed very sincere. She revealed to us many things
that her family had been experiencing.

Ann Francis- 35 years old

James Francis- 40 years old

Steven Francis - 4 1/2 years old- son

Michele Francis 1 1/2 years old- daughter

Ann Francis has had some college, she was also a member of Mensa
for very high IQs. The society welcomes people from different
walks of life whose IQ is in the top 2% of the population. She
left college and ended her studies because she wanted to get
married, but is now planning to return and take classes in


When she was a young child she lived in Pennsville, N.J. on a
dead end road surrounded by woods and a swamp. She was told
never to go into the woods by her Mom. When she was three years
old, she was taken out through the window of her bedroom by two
beings. These beings looked like Pebbles and Bamm Bamm from the
cartoon called The Flintstones. She was taken high above the
trees, down below she saw a round ship on the ground with an
opened hatch. Standing in the open hatch she saw a tall Gray
with long arms and legs. She had, also, seen another ship just
above the ship that was on the ground, but high in the sky. As
she watched she saw trucks with canvas tops coming down the road
she lived on. The beings that had her changed their appearance,
they were now small Grays. They kept her just below tree level
moving her in and out as if to hide her, they didn't want her to
be seen.She doesn't know what happened in between this time
period, it is a little unclear. The next thing she remembers is
being dropped from above and falling onto her bed. (As an adult
she realized the trucks were military vehicles.)

When she was a young girl she had a game she played with her
sister. She had the ability to locate people if she concentrated
on them. Her sister would go in her room and Ann could tell her
exactly were she was in the room at different times. This really
made her sister nervous, because she couldn't understand how she
was doing it. Ann didn't know how she did it either, just that
she was able to do it.

Ann's grandparents lived in Glassboro, N.J. and she remembers
playing in the backyard with neighborhood children and seeing
small triangular shaped flying objects with lights and buttons
on them and two handles on the front. She remembers that the
children could fly and ride on them. They were young, so they
didn't question their ability to fly or where they came from.

NEW YORK - When Ann was older she was still having experiences
while living in New York, she was taken up into a ship and was
told by gray aliens to remember what she was seeing. Looking out
the window of their ship, she could see into the windows of a
huge craft that was right next to them and she could see people
and Grays. On another day, as she was walking in the city and
passed a store window with a photo of Whitley Strieber, the
author of "Communion", she became very upset because she knew
him, and remembers seeing him on one of the ships when she was
taken. She wrote to him and told him about it.

She said that she has seen humans on ships and they were working
with the aliens. She remembers being taken to a desert like
place in a valley, with Pueblo Indian type buildings. On the
inside there were four sets of four cubic areas, the walls could
close, but there was no ceiling on top of these cubic areas.
There was a bed and a sink and a place to put things. She was
shown a dining hall and bathrooms for men and another for women.
The complex appeared to be a training base where people were
being taught by the aliens. She remembers sitting at a curved
panel, it had lights and small knobs on it. There was an oval
object in the panel which she would place her hand on and move
it around apparently learning to fly their craft. She knew this
place was a Training Camp, and she was being trained as were the
others but she didn't know exactly what she was being trained
for. She remembers hearing in her mind a comment by a Gray, that
"They are training well." The Investigation Continues. Thanks to
Evelyn Galson

Maine - An Explosion of Light Under Three Stars

OGUNQUIT - The witness went out on January 27, 2004, at 10 PM,
to look at the stars on a clear night and saw what seemed to be
an explosion of light under the three stars in Orion's Belt. One
particularly bright star with a pulsing circle moved in a
strange way. The witness states, "I turned away to clear my eyes
to make sure it wasn't an illusion and when I looked back the
star was defiantly moving in a zigzag way." I watched for a
moment and went in the houses to get my daughter so she could
tell me I wasn't seeing things, but the star was gone. Tonight
about 1:30 am my husband came in from smoking a cigarette and
said he saw something, too. Towards the west was a zig zag
moving star. I can't honestly say I saw a UFO, but I am making
sure my doors and windows are locked and I am afraid to go out
and look up. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

New Hampshire -Bright Light Explodes Into a Green Light

COLEBROOK - A bright white light was observed on the western
horizon just south of Mount Monadnock, on February 1, 2004, that
at first was thought to be Venus about 7 PM. An hour later, the
observer noticed the light appeared to be moving slowly towards
his location as he drove south bound on US Route 3. He thought
maybe it was a border patrol helicopter because of its movements
and location. By 7:30 PM, it was very obvious the object was
moving towards my location. The witness states, "I continued to
look occasionally at the bright light when suddenly it exploded
into a green light that illuminated the Connecticut River Valley
on both the NH and VT sides. It had small tendrils coming down
to ground as it exploded. My passenger with me was very scared
and insisted that we go home. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Massachusetts - Fighters Chase Cigar

WOBURN -- At 11:30 PM, on January 29, 2004, 8: PM, several
fighter jets were heard in the area, apparently they were
chasing an object that was originally seen in Westport, Ct area
about 60 minutes earlier. The object was silent and had long
probe like extension and several bright lights all in a
white/blue color. Fighter jets were heard in the area for about
an hour then all became silent. No stories appeared in the
morning papers and no accounts where broadcasted on any of the
news stations. Weather conditions were clear and cold with great
visibility from soft crescent shaped moonlight. Thanks to Peter
Davenport UFOcenter

Connecticut - Five Scattered Ball Lights

MIDDLEBURY - On February 1, 2004, two friends were driving in
two cars following each other at 9 PM, when the girlfriend
called on the cell phone to her boyfriend's car ahead. He said,
"Look at all those strange lights on left that look like cell
phone towers?" If you use the lights as a guide to the top of
the tower they were all uneven and very bright. They were not
blinking and they were hovering way lower than planes. I
insisted they were towers, but he told me they weren't. Fifteen
minutes later, he went back by the spot and the lights were
gone. I decided to return a couple days later and I can confirm
there were no towers in the area so there was nothing there that
can produce those lights. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

New York - Flying Triangle and Scary Situation

NEW YORK CITY - A medical student reports seeing a large
triangle shaped UFO on January 25, 2004, at 4 AM, that hung over
the Hudson River for about two minutes. It seemed to be
searching for something, because there was a light-blue beam
coming from the middle of it. When I went to pull out my camera,
it slowly lowered itself into the water. Many people saw this
object besides me. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

BROOKLYN - The observer was walking and looking west and saw a
green light in the sky moving very fast and then disappearing on
January 28, 2004,at 8:55 PM. The observer states, "The object
flew west over my head with a light on it, but it was hard to
tell in the dark." This is a brownstone neighborhood; the light
looked much lower than planes or helicopters, which sometimes-
fly overhead. I thought I was nuts until I heard a teenager
nearby telling his friend about seeing it, too. We compared
notes and he saw pretty much exactly what I saw.. Thanks to
Peter Davenport UFOcenter

New Jersey - Suspicious Moving Lights and Disk Spotted

PENNSAUKEN - Witnesses saw six lights on January 29, 2004, at
9:30 PM, two separate UFOs very close to each other holding
steady in the air with no movement as if they were watching
something. Suddenly one of them turned off its lights for three
seconds and then turned then back on three seconds later. Both
started moving very slow getting lost. The witness writes, "I
told my friend Junior to stop his truck and we jumped to the
ground and saw these craft and sat down and discussed what we
really saw and concluded that those things couldn't be planes or
helicopters because of their very close proximity to the ground.
Also there was no sound at all. I knew from the beginning when I
saw the lights that they were not normal. Thanks to Peter

CLIFTON - A disk tears through the skies silently and at
lightning speed and is observed by two witnesses on February 2,
2004 at 12:30 PM. The witness reports, "I was in the car with my
cousin (non-believer) and he pointed out the object to me. He
said jokingly, "Is that a UFO?" and laughed at me (believer) I
rolled down all of the windows in the car to listen and there
was no sound. Any aircraft that was so close to our car would
have made some noise. It flew past us and it was out of our
vision in under ten seconds, but I got a good look at it for
five seconds. Due to the winter's sun glare I couldn't see
anything very good other than a very bright shiny disk. Thanks
to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Pennsylvania - Disk Seen for Ninety Minutes

READING - The observer spotted a disk with blue and red lights,
stationary in the southeast for 90 minutes. It disappeared when
aircraft approached on January 29, 2004, at 6 PM. The disk was
very bright with blue and red lights, that sat stationary in the
southeastern sky for around 90 minutes. Disappeared when
aircraft finally approached. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Virginia - Bright Object in the Sky

RICHMOND - The witness was walking his dogs, when a bright
object was seen in the northeast sky on January 28, 2004, at
6:35 PM. He states, "I'm guessing it was at about 10,000 feet in
the clear night sky and pulsed a metallic and steel blue light,
as I write this at 7:30 it is still in the sky and has not moved
an inch...I called the local CBS affiliate here in Richmond and
simply told them what I saw in the sky, I, also, had my wife and
stepson take turns outside looking at it through my binoculars
and they had no idea what it was either. Thanks to Peter
Davenport UFOcenter

South Carolina -Three Big Orange Lights Sat In The Sky

MYRTLE BEACH - The observer was driving down Highway 31 towards
501 on January 29, 2004, 1:46 PM, when he spotted the first two
big orange lights, and then another. One was higher up than the
other, about as high up as the smaller planes fly in the area,
but they couldn't have been planes because they disappeared.
These big orange lights sat in the sky motionless for a moment
before vanishing. I have never seen anything like this. Thanks
to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Georgia - Filmed Disk Unidentified Flying Objects

COHUTTA - The photographer bought a new Cannon ES8600, 8mm
camcorder and within 24 hours recorded about 30 minutes of
"unidentified flying objects", on February 2, 2004, between
around 12 noon. Shooting at the sky and blocking the sun out
with the eve of my house and only seeing the rays of the sun, I
filmed about 30 minutes of "unidentified flying objects". I
started off by having the roof of my house in the lower portion
of the filming, for reference points and for focus. While
getting my house in the lower portion of the video, and looking
up from the view finder, I noticed a light shadow coming up from
behind my house. I luckily caught a dark disk shaped UFO going
straight overhead. It was about the size of a pea at arm's
length. There are at least three or four disks in the film that
seem to blend in with the rays of the sun, but if you shoot away
from the sun, you can catch them on film. You see the saucer
shapes as they move at the correct angle and the sun reflects
off them, they look like a white spot going across the sky.
Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Florida - Pilot Sighting Report

My first sighting happened in 1961, on a trip from Tampa, Fla.
to Atlanta, Ga. It was a night flight and we had leveled off at
our assigned altitude and were approximately 40 miles north of
Tampa. We suddenly observed a flight of four star-like objects
heading south, high above us and to the east, going very fast.
They were in tandem and were surrounded by a bluish-white haze
or glow. We called on Miami Center frequency and asked if anyone
else was seeing these objects. Immediately, an Areo Commander
aircraft crew said, "Yes, we are over Vero Beach and we have
them in sight." Miami Center switched us over to Jacksonville
Center at this time.

After our initial call into Jacksonville Center, we asked if the
controller had been getting any reports of UFOs. He replied that
he had numerous reports and that the Air Force had scrambled jet
fighters to attempt to catch them, but had failed to get close
to them. He also mentioned that there had been many sightings
all along the east coast of the U.S. from as far north as
Richmond,Va. My estimate of their speed was something over 2000
mph and their altitude above 35,000 ft. We observed them about
30-45 seconds. After completing the trip and driving home, I
turned on the radio to hear the latest news. The announcer said
that according to a U.S. Air Force report, the mysterious
objects seen in the eastern and southern states tonight, were
meteors. I say, "Meteors, they were NOT". I knew I had seen my
first UFOs and what a thrill it was. Thanks to Brian Vike,
Director HBCC UFO Research hbccufo.nul Website:

Tennessee - Daytime Dark Oval Object Photographed

BRISTOL - The witness was driving home from getting a
preliminary site photo for another investigation on January 30,
2004, 3 PM, when I spotted a dark oval object near my home in
the sky. I snapped one photo and hurried home to get the object
on video, but it was no longer visible. Thanks to Peter
Davenport UFOcenter

Ohio - Silver Metallic Wingless UFO

LYNDHURST - The witness was driving north on Brainard Road east
of Cleveland and noticed a long silver object to left center in
the sunlight at 8:22 AM on February 11, 2004. It was about 50
degrees above the horizon. The object had no wings or tail
assembly. It was 1/2 inch in length at arm's length with high
reflectivity. There was one dark spot midway on the body. The
object kept a constant side on view, rapidly receded away to the
north in less than five seconds and disappeared. Thanks to Peter
Davenport UFOcenter

Editor's Notes: The object looks similar to a UFO videotaped by
George Ritter 125 miles away in Findlay, Ohio several years ago.

Iowa - Fast Moving Bright Lights In The Sky

VINTON - The witness reports, "I was driving down a gravel road
near our home on January 27, 2004, 11:20 PM, and out of nowhere
I saw two bright white lights in the sky ahead of me." One was
to my right and one to my left. The lights were similar to a
large aircraft you would see flying very low, but the speed and
agility could only be described as similar to a helicopter. They
both moved at the exact speed coming towards each other meeting
directly in front of me, but still at a distance from me and
then immediately with the exact speed started descending down.
At that point I stopped my truck and said to myself, what are
they going to do? Land on the highway? I was a little nervous to
see what "they" were, but again they started moving forward and
I soon realized that they had vanished. They were gone just as
fast as they appeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Missouri - We Saw A Slow Moving Orange Sphere

WILLARD -- The witnesses were a 23-year-old pastor, his 23-year-
old wife, and a 22-year-old friend who were driving home on
state highway AB on January 31, 2004, at 9:30 PM, when they saw
an orange glowing sphere moving through the sky very slowly.
They pulled over at a closed gas station to watch it and see if
it had any navigational beacons. The witness states, "My uncle
is a pilot, and has taught me about aircraft recognition and
there were no navigational beacons or flashing lights." It was a
constantly glowing orange sphere moving backwards and forwards
across the sky very slowly. "It passed overhead and then
disappeared completely," he stated. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Nebraska - Changing Multicolored Lights

KENT COUNTY -- A bright object, with multicolored lights was
seen in the southern sky, just above the trees, then it rose up
and traveled north on January 30, 2004, at 8 PM. It began to
rise after a while, then it proceeded to travel in a northern
direction. No apparent shape could be determined. There were
very bright colored lights for twenty minutes. Thanks to Peter
Davenport UFOcenter

Arizona - Five Disk Shaped Ships

TUCSON - The witness reports, "On February 14, 2004, I lay there
enjoying my spa's pulsating water on my back at 7:45 PM, and saw
something that I have never seen before." As I looked up into
the southern sky and noticed about eight randomly spaced, light
flashes that would flash on and off? They looked like miniature
fireworks as they had bright centers and little flashes or beams
that emanated from the center. The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show
did have fireworks that weekend to celebrate 50 years}, but
unlike fireworks that usually have embers drifting down, these
light flashes had no embers etc. At first I figured them to be
planes, then helicopters as Davis Montham Air Force base is in
that direction. There was no sound that I could hear. They
flashed on, then off for about 20 seconds, then one by one
blinked off and did not reappear for the time I was in my spa.
Interesting I thought to myself." Email report.

California - A Bright Round Yellow Object and Low Flying Craft

SAN FRANCISCO - A small unidentifiable aircraft was observed on
January 26, 2004, at 11:03 PM, flying at a very low speed
without making any sound without FAA registration
identification. From my vantage point in my apartment at 1960
Fulton St., it flew northeast at an altitude of 600 feet (in
reference to Transamerica Building comparison). I lost visual
aircraft contact at the level with Gillson Hall on the USF
campus. This is an unusually low trajectory over a crowded
metropolitan area. It morphed from single engine aircraft to
irregular lighting pattern with two to three different colored
lights (red/white). The witness reports, "At first this aircraft
was identifiable to me as a small single engine Cessna-type
aircraft, however, it flew in a rather low trajectory with an
alternating red and white flashing light.

ANTIOCH - The witness reports seeing a bright glowing round
yellow/orange pulsing object that moved slowly and silently
almost overhead on January 30, 2004, at 4:20 AM. It was moving
 northeast pulsing and dipping a little over the river and
started to descend towards the Delta Islands for ten minutes. I
drove down to the river attempting to locate it again but
couldn't do so. The object had a bright pulsing intensity from
all angles. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Oregon - Brightly Lit Cylindrical Object Rises Slowly

TILLAMOOK -- The witness spotted a bright cylinder shaped light
approximately 500 feet above the south end of Tillamook Bay at
7:30 PM, on February 2, 2004. He observed the bright light
through binoculars and saw a fully illuminated cylinder that was
rising slowly in a northwesterly direction. The cylinder entered
a broken cloud cover and illuminated the clouds as it continued
to rise and then disappeared after five minutes. Several minutes
after the cylinder disappeared, jet fighter aircraft were heard
above the Bay City area. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Canada - Bright Light Video

HOUSTON, BC - On February 4, 2004, Brian Vike investigated a
sighting that took place west of town high above the Bulkley
Valley. At 7:06 AM, the wife gave a call for her husband to come
and have a look at a moon sized object. It's circular color was
very bright, and the top of the object was domed shaped. It was
still dark outside and the object was seen moving in between a
row of trees. It just dropped down slowly and "stopped"! She
grabbed her video camera and started to shoot some film of the
bright, shining object. She went outside to shoot but the object
disappeared. Returning inside the object was again visible.
Brian states, "Why the witness could not see it when she went
outdoors is a mystery to me, there was nothing to block out this
large orange glowing object. I could see clearly through the
first set of trees to the second row. So why the light
disappeared has me baffled. I was, also, given a copy of the
tape to have it looked at. Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO

Alaska - Explosive Light Over Skies

KETCHIKAN -- Many people have seen unexplained flashing red and
blue, bright lights numerous times that move like a UFO, but
tonight on January 30, 2004, 8: PM, topped them all. The witness
states, "While standing on the patio, I saw an extremely bright
object flying in a downward motion with lights that looked like
explosions that were so bright, they shone through the clouds."
I've seen falling stars and meteors; and this was definitely a
UFO. I remember I saw a documentary once that showed pictures
from the atmosphere of spaceships flying around Earth and then
what looked like gunfire from Earth towards them, like we were
shooting at them. This is exactly what it looked like for about
four seconds and they were gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Ireland - Flying Triangle With Three Red Lights

PORTLAOISE - The student was out walking his dog, Roxy on
January 27, 2004, at 10 PM, when he noticed strange lights in
the sky that hovered over them for at least a minute. He states,
"There were three bright red lights that were definitely not an
airplane and I have never seen any other aircraft that looked
like this." There was no sound and then it shot off at an
incredible speed. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

UK - UFOs Sighted

BRISTOL -- On Sunday, February 8, 2004, just after midnight, Tim
Lock was outdoors in the woods at Wraxall and Failand when
"approaching from the northwest came a white light with a red
tinge piloting above the trees, moving sharply about but
hovering over the same area, as if it had lost something. It
moved up, down, forward, backward, up, down, forward and so on.
 Tim says, "We, also, saw three smaller shooting-star objects
shoot about under it from the left at about 15 minute
intervals." Tim and his companions kept the strange object in
view until 2 AM, until he fell asleep . "I filmed it on my
camcorder, and my mother and girl friend, also, observed it. It
was real white with a halo around it that was fuzzy.

LEEDS --On Tuesday, February 10, 2004, Raymond Mulhall, 17,
spotted a UFO over Meanwood in the UK. "This sighting was
witnessed by 8 people, two of whom were policemen. The object
was about 50 feet (15 meters) across and 20 feet (6 meters)
high. It moved across the sky without a single noise. It
appeared to land in an area nicknamed the Witches Quarry." "An
hour later," Ray reported, "I arrived at the Witches Quarry and
found damaged trees and three triangular depressions in the
ground. These were 25 feet (7.7 meters) apart and depressed
into the ground to a depth of 8 inches (20 centimeters). There
was a strange heat emanating from the ground that I found rather
creepy, so I left and returned home." Thanks to Editor: Joseph
Trainor, UFO Roundup Vol. 9, # 7 Feb.18, 2004 E-mail:
Masinaigan.nul Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/

South Africa - I Saw a UFO and an Orange Ball

TRICHARDT -- I looked outside my window and saw the UFO on
January 27, 2004, at 10:30 PM, coming closer as if to land. It
had bright colorful lights and it got brighter as it came
closer. I ran outside and it was gone. Thanks to Peter

CAPE TOWN - On February 2, 2004, an orange "ball" was seen
hovering and moving short distances at high speed by three
witnesses. It appeared to be dancing, flickering, and had one
red navigation light, which appeared intermittently. The witness
reports, "The moon was almost full and the object was clearly
visible, but it was hard to know at what distance it was
relative to my position." My friend thought it could be a
helicopter, but there was no sound and it was too high up. I
just felt it was unnatural when I observed it. I can only say
that it was not an aircraft, satellite, or anything that I have
seen before. Perhaps there is a scientific explanation, but for
me this is an "UFO". Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Australia - Three Big White Disks Shoot Into Sky

MELBOURNE - The witness was walking home from the shopping
center on February 2, 2004, at about 6:30PM, when he saw three
white disks floating about three feet above an empty field.
 Each disk was about 30 meters in diameter and floating next to
each other. At first, the witness thought they were some sort
of water tank device. He states, "I approached and after I took
the first couple of steps all three of them shot up into the air
about 500 meters as fast as a sling shot and then in a neck
snapping move, they jolted off at a 90 degree angle and were out
of sight within a few seconds." I study physics at UNI and I
know that they must have broken the sound barrier or gotten
close within four seconds from take off. The way they sped up
from take off at about 200 mph and continued to speed up as they
made a 90 degree turn from vertical to horizontal at an even
higher speed, then sped up so fast that they were out of sight
within a few seconds on a clear blue sky day was amazing. I have
not slept since then. It was completely silent. I have never
told anybody except my girlfriend and never will. Thanks to
Peter Davenport UFOcenter


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