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Blue Hare - Redux [was: 50 Years ago The

From: Max Burns <max.burns.nul>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 22:24:32 -0000
Fwd Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 17:20:27 -0500
Subject: Blue Hare - Redux [was: 50 Years ago The

>From: Joe McGonagle <joe.mcgonagle.nul>
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>Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 12:23:17 -0000
>Subject: Re: 50 Years ago The Coniston UFO Photograph

>>From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg.nul>
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>>Subject: Re: 50 Years ago The Coniston UFO Photograph

>>>From: Chris Parr <cparr.nul>
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>>>Subject: Re: 50 Years ago The Coniston UFO Photograph


>>"Prolonged and desperate," Mr. Parr, I think more accurately
>>describes a belligerent attempt by Mr. Roberts to recapture
>>credibility lost as a result of an arrogant admission he made
>>(while in his post conference cups, I understand) regarding
>>"blue hare", that he (and the good Doctor "C") had been hoaxing
>>around in Ufology "for years".

>Hmm... I don't recall Dave Clarke being implicated in the Blue
>Hare hoax/test/experiment/crime/blasphemous sin? Perhaps I
>missed something?

Alfred & Chris, EBK & Listers

Perhaps for those who miss things, I have supplied the full
detail of the Blue Hare attempted hoax against me. Which
includes the full admission of who was involved and in what.

Perhaps the reason that often people miss things is when they
are offered the evidence for free they refuse to even look at

The extract is taken from my article which appeared in NFB. The
full article is soon to go on line available to all interested
parties on line.

I will inform the List when this happens.

Paste from The Usual Suspects.

The Blue Hare game plan was to come forward after I
released bogus information as fact and thereby discredit
my investigation into the Sheffield case. When that failed,
the originators released the disinformation in such a way
as to look like they had pulled off some sort of intelligence
coup. The only thing it actually proved is I verify facts
before using them. Not the impression the disinformers
sought to convey. The title of the post announcing
BLUE HARE's debut on the UFO UpDates mailing list was
outrageous to say the least.

'Max Burns Hoax Exposed'.

Considering my only involvement in a hoax was to resist it,
this is rather rich. This was a last ditch attempt to close me
down and contaminate my research by confusing FACT
with FICTION. The very thing Roberts and Clarke
have accused me of throughout my investigation. When the
attempted 'Blue Hare' hoax landed on the UFO UpDates
mailing list in June 1999 Roberts wrote of it:

"You've got to laugh and admire at the gall of whoever was
behind this hoax (which takes several readings before the full
ramifications sink in). No doubt there will now be a flurry of
'outraged' decent Ufologists who are appalled at such a hoax
[attempted hoax: Max Burns] being perpetrated on the 'UFO
community'. They will be wrong. There is a long tradition of
hoaxing within Ufology and associated subjects, and careful hoax
experiments can only be helpful" [helpful to whom? MB] "However
unpalatable this may seem it is true. The Burns hoax is just one
in a long line of instructive exercises which we ignore at our
peril" Roberts continued. "As the hoaxer/s say: 'caveat lector'
(surely related to Hannibal Lector judging by the way Burns was
chewed up and spat out!)"

[** Andy Roberts 21/6/99 UFO UpDates mailing List].

The phrase 'Burns hoax' is highly significant. When I revealed
the truth of my dealings with 'Blue Hare' (aka Roberts Clarke
and troops) to UFO UpDates [** 10/7/99] Roberts quickly

He wrote:

"Firstly, most of what Max says is based in some truth. But note
the words 'most' and 'some'. Secondly, most of what Max says is
open to interpretation and his particular brand of paranoid
'spin doctoring'. To reply to each and every tedious allegation
would be time consuming and boring"

[** Andy Roberts 13/7/99 UFO UpDates].

The fact is if my post had been wrong Roberts would have been on
it straight away. To feign a brush off rather than provide a
proper answer is a standard tactic amongst this lot. Blue Hare's
message to UFO UpDates was certainly eye-catching.


"We are a group of people, active in UFO hoaxing since the mid
80s, going under the collective name of Genius Loki. We believe
if are unable to determine that a case is hoaxed or not then
they should stick to watching sci-fi.

Stupidity within Ufology has reached new peaks of intensity
during the last two years. The latest example is how the so-
 called Sheffield Incident/Howden Moors UFO Crash has been
promoted by certain individuals".

I am not now claiming a UFO crashed, but initially gave credence
to this hypothesis, along with other suggestions. Even before
the Blue Hare hoax was being perpetrated I revised my findings
in response to new evidence. At that juncture I thought a
military jet had crashed. My updated research was in the public
domain, lecture contents definitely in Clarke/Roberts'
possession courtesy of Tim Matthews/Hepple. The truth of my
views or anybody else's of no interest to 'Blue Hare' crew,
except as something to misrepresent.

Though I did not use the bogus Blue Hare information in
my research Roberts/Clarke have tried to transform my
investigation into a hoax by claiming the entire 24/3/97
events a hoax.. Blue Hare was from start to finish a
distraction. As they themselves put it

"This is not the place to go into the specifics of the case.
Many will be familiar with it already and it has been widely
featured on UFO UpDates and UFO Magazine. Several websites have
also featured the case in depth. From our point of view it had
been satisfactorily solved. But there are those who will not see
reason and instead see saucers and conspiracy everywhere". I see
a conspiracy because Blue Hare was one in pure form: more than
three people acting against another. "As part of our hoaxing
experiments we decided to see just how good a researcher Burns
and his supporters were and devised a scenario which would test
their investigative powers. Burns was emailed from an anonymous
source on 20 March 1999. As time went on it became clear that
Burns was prepared to manipulate facts to promote his fanciful
version of the Sheffield Incident. According to Dr David Clark's
investigation of the Howden Moors/Sheffield Incident there was
no evidence to indicate either a Tornado had crashed or that a
UFO had been involved. Nor did Dr Clark find evidence of a
cover-up. As far as we could see, Clark's investigation was
comprehensive and exhaustive. The case was closed - but NOT
apparently for Max Burns".

[** 'Bluehare' UFO UpDates 20/6/99].

Although we pretty much knew Roberts Clarke & Matthews/Hepple
were behind it hard evidence was needed.

At the annual Fortean Times UnConvention in London 13-14/4/02.
In the bar after the first day Malcolm Robinson & Judith Jaafar
demanded to know why Roberts and Clarke had both tried to plant
false information into my research? As Roberts had been drinking
he was loose-lipped, and did not deny he and Clarke were behind
Blue Hare. Useful as this admission was, it was still relatively
private. The next day Roberts and Clarke were on the panel.
Matthew Williams dropped it on his toes in front of 500 people,
asking him to confirm or deny what was admitted the night
before. Flustered, Roberts again conceded involvement in the
Blue Hare hoax as another member of the panel, Judith Jaafar,
was present the night before when under the influence Roberts
let slip his and Dr Clarke's involvement. Clarke seemed
concerned about Roberts' admission, with good reason. Eight days
later (22/4/02) Roberts sent an email to Matthew Williams via
Judith Jaafar.

Dear Matthew,

I'd like to make a clear, unequivocal statement which you can
cut out and keep to show whoever you like - but which I'd like
you to always quote in full and not out of context. [Yet again,
Roberts demands a hearing in full and not to be misquoted.
Courtesies he and his fellow suspects deny critics]. "Dr Dave
Clarke, myself and others as yet unnamed were behind the Blue
Hare hoax (Tim Matthews came along for the ride but wasn't
actually 'involved'). * We are also behind several other UFO (as
yet unrevealed) hoaxes dating back to the late 1980s * These
have/are being carried out as controlled experiments to test: -
 how belief spreads - how easy it is to introduce new motifs
into the subject - how competent UFO investigators are - how
easily the media can be manipulated Results of some of these
experiments will be made public when the time is right. Others,
necessarily so, will remain embedded with the subject.

[** Private e-mail Roberts To Matthew Williams 22/4/02].

Extract taken from NFB issue five


Max Burns

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